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300th Episode: Reject the Premise to Unleash Creativity with Christopher Lochhead

December 09, 2022

300th Episode: Reject the Premise to Unleash Creativity with Christopher Lochhead
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Announcing The Radcast’s 300th episode, featuring the notorious Christopher Lochhead! We’ve invited this icon of marketing brilliance back to celebrate our milestone with us — and make no mistake, it’s gonna be legendary. Mr. Legend himself is here to unleash some major badassery on conventional wisdom; come challenge your thinking around what’s normal & possible as we mark this momentous occasion together!

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Key notes from the episode:

  • Christopher shares what he and his team are currently working on (02:11)
  • The profound implications of being native analogs versus native digitals in marketing (04:00)
  • Peter Drucker delineates two types of thinking, reflexive and reflective - how it affects people’s thinking. Christopher sights some examples for each type of thinking (06:02)
  • Discussion about Democrats and Republicans. One of the keys to thinking is language. Words matter (17:05)
  • Languaging is the strategic use of language to change thinking - don’t market your product, market your problem (22:02)
  • Lazy use of language does not make us different from anyone else (25:06)
  • Christopher’s mission for people to meet on their common ground or agree to disagree (29:07)
  • Another core tenant for category design is reject the premise (35:38)
  • Play digital to meet the native digitals. Be present in their world (42:28)
  • For native digital marketing, the number one form of marketing is be the word of mouth - putting the right words in the right mouth (51:06)
  • The content is the marketing (54:40)
  • Launching of Pirate Sauce Bourbon (59:33)

This episode is packed with energy, knowledge, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

To keep up with Christopher, follow him on Instagram @lochhead or LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherlochhead/ or website www.lochhead.com

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