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Alexa D'Agostino: Founder and CEO of THYNK Consulting Group

October 25, 2022

Alexa D'Agostino: Founder and CEO of THYNK Consulting Group
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Welcome back to another episode of The Radcast! This weeks guest is founder and CEO of THYNK Consulting Group Dr. Alexa D'Agostino.

Alexa is an award-winning serial 8-figure entrepreneur, marketer, business coach, consultant, and investor. She helps entrepreneurs and small businesses skyrocket their business through strategy, marketing, sales, media, and leadership. She is the owner of 15 businesses 6, 7, and 8-figure brands, and she has been part of 5 successful exits. Over 300+ case studies and businesses scaled to 6, 7, 8, and 9 figures. . .  Demonstrated achievements in strategy, digital marketing, communications, social media, data analytics, and website/app development. Has grown brands in almost every single industry from ed-tech, fin-tech, finance, crypto, marketing/PR, banking, hospitality, healthcare, education, massage, beauty, gaming, fitness, pet, communication, real estate, and more. (https://profiles.forbes.com/members/comm/profile/Alexa-Dagostino-CEO-Thynktank-Coaching-Thynkfuel-Media-Thynktank-Coaching/c34b82bf-57e2-4ef9-a67f-da84ddd6bc49)


To connect with Alexa you can follow her on Instagram @dralexadagostino, on Twitter @alexadagostino and checkout her website https://www.alexadagostino.com/


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