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Best Business Advice on the Planet with Guests Marc Randolph, Alex Morton, Richard “RB” Botto, Will Ahmed, and Brad Lea

January 17, 2023

Best Business Advice on the Planet with Guests Marc Randolph, Alex Morton, Richard “RB” Botto, Will Ahmed, and Brad Lea
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Get ready for the bombshell of business advice that will unlock the unlimited potential of your business, and will catapult your success, and delve into the mysterious power that lies within world-class entrepreneurs with The Radcast!

Hear straight from five rad entrepreneurial superstars—Will Ahmed, Marc Randolph, Brad Lea, RB Botto and Alex Morton and experience their renegade success by tapping into their serious knowledge and wisdom. Join Ryan Alford for a journey through mastery in entrepreneurship; smash ceilings and create an unimaginable future awaiting you! Listen and learn.

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Key notes from the episode:

  • Will Ahmed, founder and CEO of Whoop, shares about how he built his company at a young age and what it takes to be a great leader (00:15)
  • Richard “RB” Motto, founder and CEO of Stage 32, shares what led him to build his own platform to film television and digital content creators dedicated to business world-wide (01:30)
  • Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, shares how he proved everyone wrong, how his crazy ideas became reality, and how he started his own podcast and authored a book entitled ‘That Will Never Work’.  (02:28)
  • Alex Morton, best selling author and speaker, shares his roller coaster entrepreneurial journey and major financial and physician struggles before making it to the top (04:00)
  • Brad Lea, an author, podcaster, CEO of LightSpeed VT, shares how creating and building connections and relationships helped him grow his career and knowledge (06:30)
  • Be raw and real when helping people so they can become the best versions of themselves (08:09)
  • Comparing yourself to other successful entrepreneurs won’t do you good. Focus on working on yourself (09:00)
  • Having a predisposition to act and execute is one of the major keys to success (12:43)
  • Voice out your ideas and act on them (13:32)
  • Identify and build your audience, make sure you bring value to them (16:38)
  • Law of attraction and manifestation (18:35)
  • Instead of being a salesperson, be a help person. Have empathy (20:35)
  • Learn the fundraising process, build relationships, and get investors (22:07)
  • Be super clear about what you want and knowing your vision, and finding the right vehicle and mentors (26:54)
  • “If you love starting something, figuring things out, and sitting around the table with super smart people solving problems - it’s the best career” (28:36)

This episode is packed with energy, wisdom, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

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