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Best Business & Marketing Podcasts (That Don't Suck) in 2022


5 of the Best Business & Marketing Podcasts in 2022

Let's face it. Most business and marketing podcasts are bland, boring, and rehash a lot of the same themes and trends. You may pick up a tip or two but you have to be willing to struggle through thirty minutes of eye-gouging monologue to get there. 

At The Radcast we wanted to compile some of our go-to business and marketing podcasts that break the mold and provide truly radical insights. These shows and hosts aren't afraid to let their hair down and tell you like it is. Buckle up, here are our best business and marketing podcasts that don't suck for 2022!

Lochhead on Marketing

First on the list is Ryan's favorite business and marketing podcast from the legendary Christopher Lochhead. Lochhead on Marketing is equal parts insightful and actionable. Christopher explains trends and patterns in ways that listeners can take action on them while also posing bigger questions for the future of business.

The great thing about this marketing podcast is that Christopher never veers from his overall ethos that category creation is the way businesses should start and truly be legendary. And as Christopher says repeatedly "Categories make brands, brands don't make categories." In other words, the best brands don't always win coming into an established category, but if you create the category and stimulate new demand then you will win, and win big. 

We would put Lochhead on Marketing at the top of your podcast list in 2022 - we think you will thank us later!

Dropping Bombs with The Real Brad Lea

Brad Lea is a vibe and if you don't follow him on Instagram you should start now. And his Dropping Bombs podcast flows right in line with his persona and approach to business, marketing, and sales training. Brad interviews guests from around the globe that are primarily entrepreneurs and no topic is off the table.

The great thing about Brad is that he isn't just asking stale questions, he actually interacts and adds conversation and value throughout the interview. The central theme on Dropping Bombs is "getting knowledge from people who have it to the people that need it" and I think that is what makes this podcast worth a listen. We learn something every time we listen and Brad makes it entertaining by interjecting his bold personality and hot takes throughout.  

The Ed Mylett Show

The Ed Mylett Show is categorized as a business podcast but we would call it equal parts business and personal improvement. Ed is a natural on the mic and his voice alone makes for a pleasant listen but he takes it to another level with the quality of his guests and his ability to get great insights from them.

Ed is that guy you would love to have a beer with and his podcast is a reflection of his own personal development and success. The diversity of guests is as good as any business podcast in the world and we take as much from Ed's commentary as we do the guests. And we are talking some heavy-hitter guest names in the last year alone -Megyn Kelly, Vivica A. Fox, Joel Osteen, Kurt Warner, and many other A-listers and successful entrepreneurs.

Ed is a great follow on social media as well!

School of Greatness

Lewis Howes calls himself the "awkward boy from Ohio" but he is now one of the most well-known podcasters and high-performance business coaches. Lewis has a very relatable style that endears the audience to his approach and his way of talking with people. The School of Greatness podcast shares inspiring interviews from some of the most successful people on the planet. 

After listening to his podcast the last year it has been amazing how Lewis brings the central themes from his book into play on the show and out of his guests. The notion that greatness lies in all of us in some way is told through his interviews and interactions. 


The Radcast

We couldn't have a list of the best marketing and business podcasts (that don't suck) and leave off our own show, right? Look, we know there are endless choices for business podcasts but few offer the depth and breadth of guests The Radcast has along with our topical and (sometimes) humorous Friday news segments.

Ryan has spent 22 years in the marketing and ad agency business and his experience brings both a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience that brings value to listeners. Our show is both practical and entertaining which we find to be a rare combination in the marketing podcast space. 

Our guest list in 2022 is on fire and starts with a bang with Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone as the first 2 guests. To our knowledge, we are the first show to have them back to back as guests on any business podcast. Future guests include reality TV star Heidi Montag, country music writer and artist Jaren Johnston, Triple Digit Flip star Pace Morby, and many more big names!

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We hope this list fills up your playlist in 2022 and beyond. These are our best business and marketing podcasts (that don't suck) in 2022.