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Empowerment for Proper Nutrition with Brooke Andler-Womack - a Think Billions Experience Guest

December 20, 2022

Empowerment for Proper Nutrition with Brooke Andler-Womack - a Think Billions Experience Guest
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In today’s episode, The Radcast is on the road at “The Castle” in Palm Desert California, the home of Billion Dollar Brand builder Howard Panes as part of the Think Billions Experience series.

Ryan welcomes Brooke Andler-Womack, the founder of www.brookeandler.com, a very bold and passionate mom and entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate. Ryan talks with Brooke about her mission to support and empower moms through a community app and revolutionary product that will help women feed their babies and access the nutritional health benefits of breastmilk - the liquid gold! She’s very excited to grow the startup with the vision of fighting hunger and malnutrition for babies globally.

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Key points from the episode:

  • Brooke’s mission is to create a community to help mothers and their malnourished babies who need access to breastmilk by buying mothers’ milk and dehydrating it and giving it to them. (01:16)
  • Ryan shares his story with his son who is allergic to cow’s milk protein. (02:31)
  • Cow’s milk is unnatural for humans to drink and could even cause death. Brooke’s advocacy to educate people about this and revolutionize healthcare.  (03:37)
  • How Brooke’s life adversities made her grow from it and she decided to make a difference in the world. (06:10)
  • Ryan and Brooke share their own love and marriage - you don’t figure it out until you get through it. (11:58)
  • The early phase of Booba App - a well tech app providing moms with reliable education and expert advice through a community platform; helping babies get the very best nutritional start in life https://www.brookeandler.com/booba-app. And launching a well-tech app with GPS tracking for moms in general to create partnerships. (13:42)

This episode is packed with great advice and we know you will get a ton of value from the Think Billions Experience Guest lineup. 

The Think Billions Experience was developed by Howard Panes who assembled a group of the most notable multi-million and billion-dollar brand builders in the business, making the Think Billions Experience one of the highest net worth events of 2022. 

Learn more about future events at https://events.thinkbillions.com/ or follow Howard on Instagram - https://instagram.com/howardpanes

To keep up with Brooke, follow her on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/brookeandler or Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/the_warrior_1_1/?hl=en

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