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Welcome to The Radcast! Ready to level up like some of today's most influential entrepreneurs and businesswomen? Ryan Alford has you covered! Tune in for this inspiring episode featuring Tracy Duhs, Heidi Montag, Cristina Ferrare, Heidi Cortez and Raquel Pennington—all leaders who have achieved success across various industries.

Get ready to learn from the best on how these ladies maintain a work-life balance that helps them reach their goals — don't miss out on this incredible episode. Let's get motivated together—this is a must-hear show!

Key notes from the episode:

  • First part:
    • Heidi Cortez, a bestselling author and branding expert, shares how she started her own business at the age of 12 and what motivated her to continue growing her career (02:08)
    • Tracy Duhs, an author and modern wellness advocate, shares how she made her dreams come true through connecting with people and to God. (04:06)
    • Raquel Pennington, an American Mixed Martial Artist, shares how her being sporty as a kid brought her to being a professional athlete (05:21)
    • Cristina Ferrare, the NY Times bestselling author author, TV host, and entrepreneur, shares how she started her modeling career at the age of 15 and grew her career from there (06:14)
    • Heidi Montag, a singer, reality TV personality, and entrepreneur, shares how she started her career with the help of Lauren Conrad and how she met Spencer Pratt (07:10)
  • Second part:
    • Heidi Cortez shares her biggest struggle being a teenage single mom and how she was able to manage making things happen despite people's doubts (08:33)
    • Cristina believes that it is important to be independent in order to have freedom and what beauty truly is (09:31)
    • Raquel believes that true beauty comes from a combination of physical and mental effort (10:51)
    • Heidi Montag and Spencer faces difficult challenges involving finances (12:29)
  • Third part:
    • Heidi Cortez shares how she chose an unconventional path in life that was supported by both herself and her conservative family (13:49)
    • Tracy wanted to have a lifestyle similar to those in Hollywood, but also help people (14:53)
  • Fourth part:
    • They share where they get their inspiration from (16:51-20:28)
  • Fifth part:
    • They share their biggest learning lessons and how did they get so successful today (20:30-26:11)

This episode is packed with energy, knowledge, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

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