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Indiana Jones 5 to Use VFX to De-Age Harrison Ford to Original Trilogy Days: Weekly Marketing News 11.25.22

November 25, 2022

Indiana Jones 5 to Use VFX to De-Age Harrison Ford to Original Trilogy Days: Weekly Marketing News 11.25.22
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Welcome back to The Radcast! This week Ryan and Nick give you the latest news in marketing and social media, and share more about Thanksgiving.

We can never do it without you, and so we hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving--and a good healthful year full of good times!

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  • Introduction:
    • Ryan and Nick talk about Thanksgiving and their special menus (01:00)
  • Rad News:
    • Last week - Creative Design for Innovation - a Think Billions Experience Guest, Mario Mirabella, the CEO and founder of MSM Digital (02:40)
    • Next week - Mo Hamilton from Think Billions Series, Founder and CEO of Infinavate (03:11)
    • Episode 300 coming quick (03:47)
  • Small talk:
    • ‘Indiana Jones 5’ to use VFX to de-age Harrison Ford to Original Trilogy Days - He is now 80 years old (04:25) bit.ly/3EIFs8O
    • Twitter alternative Hive hits 1 million users after surge of sign-ups (05:21) bit.ly/3AHI7OJ
    • Domino’s pizza delivery goes electric with Chevy Bolts (06:55) bit.ly/3EEgKGv
    • 14 Strange Thanksgiving Traditions That Everyone Pretends Aren't Weird (08:50) bit.ly/3UkVADf
  • Social Media Holidays:
    • Friday, November 25, 2022 - Black Friday #blackfriday (17:50)
    • Saturday, November 26, 2022 - National Cake Day #NationalCakeDay (17:57)
    • Sunday, November 27, 2022 - Small Business Saturday/Sunday #ShopSmall (18:22)
    • Monday, November 28, 2022 - Cyber Monday #cybermonday (18:45)
  • Social Media News:
    • American Express partners with TikTok for small business accelerator to launch the #ShopSmall Accelerator ahead of Small Business Saturday Nov. 26. The tie-up also includes an $100 TikTok advertising credit offer. (19:32) bit.ly/3gyXPEZ
  • Marketing News:
    • Smirnoff promotes safe holiday drinking with animated ‘Drops of Advice’. Smirnoff, a vodka label owned by Diageo, launched a new holiday campaign to promote smart and safe drinking (23:14) bit.ly/3tW8qgr
  • Sponsors: (24:38)
    • Branded Bills: Fall essentials and a holiday gift guide
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