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We hope you enjoy this special rerelease episode with Marc Randolph!

Welcome to another episode of The Radcast! In this episode on The Radcast, host Ryan Alford talks with Marc Randolph, Netflix Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Investor.

In this episode of The Radcast, Marc discusses his experiences as the co-founder and the first CEO of Netflix. He talks about the most important lessons he has learned, and how his life changed after he left Netflix. Marc also shares how his path to mentorship started and dissected how to reconcile the fact that not everyone can be the boss to his mentees. Marc also shares the ingredients or ‘growth formula’ for companies to truly grow and discusses his book, "That Will Never Work", his motivation to write it, and more...

Marc also has a quick take on RAD or FAD trending topics;

  1. TikTok
  2. Online Coaching
  3. Tom Brady
  4. The Matrix 4

Learn more about Marc Randolph: https://marcrandolph.com/ . Follow Marc on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/marcrandolph ; Instagram @thatwillneverwork and Twitter: @mbrandolph

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