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Organic Conversions Across Platforms with Kenda Laney

March 14, 2023

Organic Conversions Across Platforms with Kenda Laney
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Get ready for an inspirational and informative episode of the Radcast. Ryan Alford is joined by Kenda Laney, founder & CEO of Laney Media - a badass with expertise in viral organic content, buyer psychology, and short-form content on TikTok! You won't want to miss this as they dive into her amazing story: despite being born with eye cancer at 2% survival rate; she has gone on to build one successful business after another.

Tune in now as these two pros take you through the tactics behind understanding buyer's psyches and leveraging authenticity & connection to make killer online marketing campaigns that are sure to deliver conversions! We're talking surefire ways for YOU (yes you!) up your game online -- so don't miss out!

Key notes from this episode:

  • Kenda faced her health struggles in her youth but this didn’t stop her from pursuing a career in social media while still in highschool and eventually created Laney Media (00:59)
  • How to stand out on TikTok and how algorithm works (04:40)
  • How Tiktok is an outreach platform and Instagram is a nurturing platform, and how content plan works (13:02)
  • Three types of content in a sales psychology framework and how problem awareness helps customers connect with their actual problems, providing them solution (25:35)
  • Starting March 1st, Kenda will be launching the Social Media Millionaire podcast, focusing on organic content, cross-platform traffic, cell psychology, insights into mistakes they have made, and all aspects of social media business (32:31)
  • Why proper regulation is needed in the coaching space as there are people claiming to be experts with only one viral video (36:49)


This episode is packed with energy, wisdom, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

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