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Platform for Higher Understanding with David Caldwell - a Think Billions Experience Guest

December 06, 2022

Platform for Higher Understanding with David Caldwell - a Think Billions Experience Guest
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In today’s episode, The Radcast is on the road at “The Castle” in Palm Desert California, the home of Billion Dollar Brand builder Howard Panes as part of the Think Billions Experience series.

Ryan welcomes David Caldwell, former NFL running back, NFL Alumni Association associate and Founder of OHGI - Out Here Gettin’ It. Ryan talks with David about his time in the league and his entrepreneurial journey.

Ryan and David get super transparent about that transition from the NFL and how ex-players need representation and support. It is a fascinating discussion you don’t want to miss!

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Key notes from the episode:

  • David talks about his background from childhood up to being an NBA, MLB, and NFL player, then to  transitioning to medical device field and started his own business, a development consulting - OHGI (01:50)
  • OHGI’s mission to take others lives to the next level - figuring out how to maximize potential (03:57)
  • Ryan and David talk about being with the NFL Player association versus being with the NFL alumni association. (05:45)
  • David being competitive and the first all the time - in school and in sports, and the power of building relationships (08:37)
  • How David was molded in going to different schools developing different skills and improving his character (10:57)
  • OHGI getting on like Netflix (13:34)

This episode is packed with great advice and we know you will get a ton of value from the Think Billions Experience Guest lineup. 

The Think Billions Experience was developed by Howard Panes who assembled a group of the most notable multi-million and billion-dollar brand builders in the business, making the Think Billions Experience one of the highest net worth events of 2022. 

Learn more about future events at https://events.thinkbillions.com/ or follow Howard on Instagram https://instagram.com/howardpanes

To keep up with David, follow him on Instagram @ohgi_bigfish @bigfishpodcast or website https://www.ohgi.com/

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