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Raise the Bar for Your PR with Jen Gottlieb - Named the #2 Entrepreneur in the World by Maxim Magazine

January 03, 2023

Raise the Bar for Your PR with Jen Gottlieb - Named the #2 Entrepreneur in the World by Maxim Magazine
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Get ready for the wildest ride of your life this new year with The Radcast!

We bring Jen Gottlieb, the co-founder of Superconnector Media, named the #2 Entrepreneur in The World and a PR expert, on board to give you a once in a lifetime chance at understanding how media outlets leverage skill sets and build powerful relationships. Tap into her knowledge store to take that clout & influence you have and turn it up one helluva notch - so get pumped cos' soon yall gonna be flexing those badges like there ain't no tomorrow!

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Keynotes from the episode:

  • Jen talks about how it was like being featured on Maxim magazine as the #2 entrepreneur in the world and how she did it (01:50)
  • Jen started with VH1 and she shares how being her authentic self got the role she wanted (04:29)
  • Ryan and Jen talk about imposter syndrome and being original (08:25)
  • Jen transitions from being on stage (her dream) to being a businesswoman (and helping people) (13:03)
  • How resilience and persistence helped Jen overcome the rejection as an actress and as a businesswoman  - which framed her entrepreneurial journey (15:31)
  • Jen shares her PR journey - How she re-aligned her brand, pursued her passion while helping people (20:17)
  • You need to have Credibility-Influence-Authority (CIA) and Fear-Of-Missed-Opportunity FOMO (28:07)
  • Authority is like a flashy badge - amplify your wins (32:14)
  • Event about building your brand with big celebrity speakers in May 2023 (33:51)

This episode is packed with energy, wisdom, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

To keep up with Jen, follow her on Instagram@jen_gottlieb or linktree https://linktr.ee/jengottlieb

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