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Great Show

Definitely it is one of my favorite podcast.

Best podcast

He has the best podcast .He speaks truth and truly motivates his listeners. He lives what he speaks and motivates people to be the best version of themselves.


His teachings are life changinng.I love this podcast.

Amazing Show

I agree with the review that wants to listen to him.I just skip the podcast if he is not there.


Thank you for all the work that goes into making this podcast.


Thanks for an amazing show!I have learned so much from you guys and can not get enough.

Really great

I love everything about it.It's quick,imformative,interesting and such preat positive delivery.

Great show

This podcast has been life changing.Every episode i learn something new about myself after listening to this podcast

thank you

I can only say good things about you.you're the man and i am grateful for your existence.

love this podcast

Thank yu for being real!I know having a never quit attitude will make my vision come true.

Awesome episode

It was great to hear you say sometimes you feel like you hate what youdo and some days are harder fr you then others.

Great show

Best podcast there is .Business or intreview style all gold.

Good podcast

I am a young gentelman just fetting started in this world,and my dream is to run my own business one day.

Awesome Show

This is my first episode of this podcast that i have listened to.I t make perfect sense.

great job

I have an inclination that I'm figuring out how to improve my life on such a significant number of more levels.

Really this episode is appraciated..

What does it mean to be a man? In this episode,He is joined by Ryan Michler of Order of Man, and the two of them answer that question.

Good Show

This is the great podcast.We should follow him.

Great Show

I understand that a healthy mindset creates a healthy and happy life!

Be a man!

This podcast has gave me great information and guidance on protecting and leading my family. Waking up every day learning new things. Taking life head on. Running my game. Thanks guys

Good job

Thank you Robert for putting your wisdom and knowledge out into the world! Sound quality is awesome too (I really appreciate that!

New Listener

I'm new listener to this podcast and I’m really enjoying the content! Anything that will help us get better is great in my book. Love this podcast!

Engagement and Social Selling in LinkedIn

Engagement and Social Selling in LinkedIn such a great episode, Though there are a lot of great episodes are in this podcast. Love this Podcast!

Great podcast

listeing on driving time.

Great host!!

Ryan is one of the best hosts and all his episodes are loaded with tons of knowledge not only for beginners but also for experienced marketer as well. If you are looking for top notch guests, content, and ideas, look no further than this show. Incredible value, thank you!

Thank you Ryan!

I really appreciate all the hard work you do to help us to geting marketing results better!

Great Content!

Rayon I'm mean this podcast helped me out a lot! Espreially being new to markting.


I have gained so much self-awareness since I started listening to this podcast.


Especially since I’m really good at sabotaging myself when it comes to money and relationship.

Good job

I love how he explains difficult concepts and how everything relates to the higher spiritual truth.

Awesom Show

Very practical and logical, even though he deep dives into the world of the unconscious emotions.