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Ryan Alford and Noah Sims: Authenticity in Branding and Social Media Presence

May 11, 2021

Ryan Alford and Noah Sims: Authenticity in Branding and Social Media Presence
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During this episode, Ryan and Noah talk about the importance of serving your community. This episode is recorded live in The Radcast's home studio in Greenville, South Carolina, during Noah's visit to speak with the Greenville Hustle Community.

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In this episode on The Radcast, host Ryan Alford brings back professional Chef Noah Sims, to discuss authenticity within your community, your brand, and your social media presence.

During this episode, Ryan and Noah talk about the importance of serving your community. This episode is recorded live in The Radcast's home studio in Greenville, South Carolina, during Noah's visit to speak with the Greenville Hustle Community.

Ryan and Noah evaluate why brands should be more concerned with transparency in their marketing and branding strategies.

Buckle-up for another incredible conversation with Ryan Alford and Noah Sims.

To follow along with Noah, follow him on Instagram @mountain_man_sims 

You can find us at www.theradcast.com or follow us on Instagram @the.rad.cast @ryanalford


It has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?

 Hey Guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of The Radcast. 

Ryan Alford[00:00:23]Hey, guys, what's up? It's Ryan Alford. Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. I am here, as always, in the studios of Radical and the Radcast, the home of the baddest, coolest, motherfucking greatest ad agency on the planet. And I'm joined by; I'm just going to call you a brother from another. And it's Noah Sims. 

Noah Sims[00:00:47]Hey, man, it is such a pleasure being here. You said it so elegantly. I agree 100 percent. Every single person that I've met that is involved or associated with you is a top-tier professional, with great juju, good energy. It's an honor to be up here and for why we're up here. 

Ryan Alford[00:01:04]Exactly. Well, we appreciate Noah. We have Noah live and I'm so thrilled because we had so many live guests before the beast that was covid, and it is still here but it is on the back burner. And great to have live in-person get-togethers again and we've got you up here for a good cause at that. But Noah has been on before. He was one of the finalists on MasterChef season ten, kicking ass. He won't call himself a damn chef even though the fucker knows more about food than I will ever know. What is that about? Is it too pretentious to you or something? 

Noah Sims[00:01:48] Are you ready for me to blow your mind? OK, here we go again. It's because you hadn't asked this question? OK, so for me, going to culinary school, the definition of a Chef was someone that was formally educated, someone that got their stripes in multiple ways. And then you'd get paperwork, executive chefs, chefs cuisine, all these things, your levels, your tears or whatever. But now and in the way that we're living, every person just throws the term chef around. So this is such an epic answer, can you tell me another profession? Or you're just like, oh, look, it's radio dude Ryan. Oh, look, it's cameraman Larry. Oh, look, it's Mike the bartender. Oh, look, it's basketball player Michael Jordan. What is it that I need to throw the chef term out? I have thousands of chefs and into each of their own. I'm just telling you my perspective on it. For me, I am so much better at a lot of other things than Chef, so why do you want to call me? I'm much better at conversations, so it could be conversationalist Noah or wordsmith Sims over here or whatever it is. So for me, I consider myself the level of professionalism, upper echelon chef. I will try. Do I have the skill? No. But do I act? Do I represent myself? Do I carry myself as best I possibly can? Absolutely. Am I humble enough to know what I know and what I don't know and try to learn every day? Yes. So for me, the chef term is like you can call me a chef and I do it back and forth because I know you're just like God, just say that. But for a lot of people, they just want to like box me in is like, oh, that's a chef Noah


Ryan Alford[00:03:30]That's what I was getting at. So it's less about being pretentious and more about limiting? It's limiting all that is Noah Sims. Don’t put me in a box! 

Noah Simms[00:03:41] Don't put me in a box. Don't put Baby in a corner. You never put Baby in a corner. 

Ryan Alford[00:03:42]Well we are not going to put  Baby in the corner. We got him front and center here he is up. You're going to be listening to this and the event's going to be long gone because you might be in year twenty twenty-three. That's the great thing about podcasting. You never know where, when or how you might be listening, but Noah is up. We've become good friends and he is doing well. He came up. We're doing an event tonight, GVL Hustle and given back to the project host here locally that feeds the hungry and among a lot of other things. And Noah is going to be cooking and sharing perspectives. And we're just going to try to keep up with you. I appreciate you coming up. And it plays to the bigger story on a couple of topics we wanted to talk about on the podcast, and that's connections, that's networking, and the power of social media in twenty, twenty-one. We had the pleasure of having Noah on before, we met and we stayed in contact. And I know this is heavy in your tool kit, whether naturally, whether planned or just because you're fucking brilliant.  I don't know because of how you lived your life but it's right in your DNA, brother. 

Noah Sims[00:04:54] I mean, to unpack all the compliments, you said that you're going to shelf this episode possibly for a couple of years, like an eighty-two Bardou and just hold the good stuff until you need a hammer. And listen, we're doing well. How can we even get better? It's like we've got this eighty-two Bardou shelved stuff here. Throw it, throw it to Sims, we're going to keep it on the shelf.

 Ryan Alford[00:05:18] And we do keep a couple in the tank in case something goes wrong. 

Noah Simms[00:05:20]I love this idea, I love that man. I believe that so many people get with communication and locking into a community, too many people get focused on just verbal communication and that is so small in the whole grand scheme of things. And I believe that setting a great conversation and having great conversation starts with having self-awareness, understanding who you are and what you are. So what you're representing is real. And whenever you're real, the fluidity of conversation is beautiful. It's an incredible thing when you get two people that are so real, just talking because it's real. It becomes tangible. You can see it. You can feel it. You can feel the energy. And when I'm forming a community, when I'm trying to establish guidelines, there's never any money talks. There's nothing that's blinding me because if you have Benjamins in front of your face, you can't see what's there. And of course, you've got to make money, but not when you're establishing a community. It's the antithesis of what you want to do. You're wanting to get down to the bare bones so you can start pouring the foundation and you want to have that foundation because, without the foundation, you have nothing. You can't build a structure on that. So like how we started back and forth, back and forth talking. This is what I'm about. This is what you're about. Establishing this person is very similar to me putting this back and forth. And now this guy's a brother from another mother. There's never a money talk. There's never a talk about what? Why the hell would we talk about that? Like this morning I was talking with all of your associates, five of them. And I was explaining to them about the marketing strategy and about how so many of these influencers have no concept of how ridiculous they sound when they come up to a business and imagine friends,  take yourself out of a business and imagine I just met you and I was like, hey, listen, we can be friends for like a thousand dollars and I can give you an unquantifiable result that I have no idea of what it is, but if you do this and pay me, then I can do this. Then you do that to a business and say that to me is, hey, listen I know you don't know me from Adam, but for a thousand dollars, because I have these numbers, I can give you another unquantifiable thing that is a great ROI. It's like you're never going to establish a foundation for that company. They're going to look at you being like, what's going on? Well, some companies pay. Yeah, thousands of companies pay tons and tons, but they're pulling back away from that. And I got news for people. Not a lot of people are talking about this, but like influencers and all the stuff, that money is going to start to get drawn back because you got people like me, you got people like you, people like the Constellation Union that will get to see you later. I would like to see you later. But understanding that you can get more of a substantial ROI better with real deal people. Why do you want to pay somebody that is not invested in your company to get an incredible result?  You can't tell me the results. I don't care if you have a problem with them. There's probably something wrong with you. And I'm a Falcons fan, so we're not going to talk about twenty-eight, three, I'm not going to go there, OK, I went there, but we're not going to go there. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. If he picked up a golf club, I can't think of a better person you could have as a marketer than Tom Brady.  If he picked up a golf club we probably would see a lot of golf clubs being sold.  But if Tom Brady picked up a football though then he is going to sell a heck of a lot more. So if Tom Brady can't quantify how many golf clubs he sells, how the hell are you going to quantify anything else? Because you are not Tom Brady and he can't tell you how many golf clubs he's going to sell. Well, on this football thing that I sell all the time, my jersey sales are this and this is this. I can tell you what I'm doing because I'm the best at this. With golf clubs, well, it's Tom Brady and if he's going to pick up golf, obviously a lot more will sell, but we have no earthly idea what amount. And all these influencers are doing that. And you're not establishing a community. All you're establishing is cash exchanging. And it's like having that currency exchange and not establishing social currency is such a short game.  I am OK with you doing that because I'm long game.  I see that I'm going to be able to make all of this wealth. I am going to be able to have an extremely positive impact. Right now, knowing my location as we talked about, you have to know your location so you can get to your destination. I am very self-aware of exactly where I'm at. I know exactly where I'm at and I know where I'm going. I know what I have to do to get to Segway step after step. Instead of just looking at this giant daunting task,  I have it where it's plateaued. So I just saw this. I step up, I move up to the next one. I see that plateau, I move to the next one. So I don't know literally how long that is right now, but I know I'm moving in the right direction. And once it clicks, once everything lines up and you get that community-built, everything lays out, everything becomes easier. Whenever you're on top of the mountain and you're needing some water,  you just establish 15 steps back the helicopter pilot that's going to deliver you some water at the top of the mountain. He's going to bring you down from the top of the mountain now because you were real with that person and started with being real and setting that foundation of I am what I am as we talked about earlier. I suffer from immense depression. I have anxiety time after time. I had suicidal thoughts. I've had all this. And I'm OK with admitting that because I got through it, I fought through it. It made me a stronger person and it made me understand my blessings better. It made me want to help other people that suffer from these problems. Did I get paid? Would I want to get paid for that? No, it defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do, which is everyday to move society forward. And I think if you're trying to do that when you're greedy, it's the antithesis of what you're doing. 

Ryan Alford[00:11:12]There was a lot to unpack there and once you've keyed in, I'm going to give one word. I condense things.  But it's less about verbal and how many words I could say. The clients come to me all the time and they pay me to unpack a problem and to condense it. But one word; AUTHENTICITY is exactly what you just described. It's the missing component in business influencers and marketing in general, because like you said, everything is transactional, everything is short-term. We live in the modern world of short-termism. It's a term that I preach about a lot. Everyone is living in the short term,  its, what can I get for this today? Because they think that the dollars or success is the destination of where they are going, but the journey is everything.  And if you don't take the journey through a lens of authenticity, whether you're an influencer, a brand, a person, it all falls flat and it all becomes very short term indeed because you fall right on your fucking face. 

Noah Sims[00:12:19]You nailed it. That's one hundred percent what I've told people multiple times. That's so true on so many points. I tell people my life is like the movie Slumdog Millionaire.  I've done all of these ridiculous things in my life, and God has blessed me with a great memory. It is my greatest blessing to be able to retain information that I care about. And the thought of a zero mind of like what? But remember the most ridiculous thing and then it comes back to everything that has a purpose. So the thought of a zero mind that too has got to have a purpose. You may have thought of this stupid thing that chained reaction into another thing and so it's like that's something deep and that is for another podcast because that's a whole other thing. But the fact of the matter is that you have that authentic mindset, like that movie is of that guy who is just living his life and things are happening. Then at that moment, he is sitting in that chair. And because he had so much on this authenticity and every emotion, every movement that he did, doing everything, not of greed and just being real at the moment, knowing his location, knowing that all that added up to right at the moment of everything when he needed it. For him being able to stick to his guns and his gut instinct, having that Jiminy Cricket inside, telling him what he needs to do, not looking at the mayor, and not believing. That movie is one of the greatest movies that have ever been made because of just the giant humongous Sistine Chapel of the holy moment of just being real, that's what he was. And because he was real, he got the ultimate reward. And because he recognized every moment because he was living for that day, he was rewarded. And if everyone can see the long game at that, that's what God preaches about. God talks about that throughout the whole Bible on giving and giving and fighting greed. Don't look at short term go long game like you're building a community. That's all the Bible talks about. The Koran talks about that. I mean, every book, every holy book talks about literally helping the community, and building community is a long game, so you have a long life. They don't talk about short life words. Where in the Bible does it say anything about getting short life long life? It's always a long life, it's just like Methuselah, he was Nine hundred and sixty-three years old. Dude, do you think that guy's long game was great? Yeah, he was the oldest guy that ever lived. His long game was fantastic. It talks about, in the Bible, one of my favorite things in the Bible talks about honoring my father and mother and you'll have eternal long life. My grandpa had Parkinson's for thirty-seven years,  he had malaria twice in World War Two and Guadalcanal broke his back. This dude lived to be 94 years old and we asked him how all the time. He's like, I honor my father and mother and that is all he ever said. He says there was never a time, never a qualm, nothing. And you are not talking about a short life. So if God's talking about this all the time, it must mean that time is the most important thing and seizing the moment, it's these short game people are the least short game of anybody because they don't recognize the moment, the second that you could have a three-second sunrise that could change your whole life because an idea pops in your head, because God gives you that glory right in front of you. And because you ain't living right there, buddy, because you're on your phone, you're doing something else to get that fifteen hundred dollars freaking free Jaco shake or whatever, you lost that moment that could transform your life because you're so short game, but not a short game. 

Ryan Alford[00:15:56]Hey, there's another rule that I live by, the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If we all live by that moniker, I think the world would be a better place in all regards. Talking to you, Republicans and Democrats out there. Yes, Jesus, we are not going to go down that rabbit hole. I'm a proud independent these days. 

Noah Sims[00:16:19]One hundred percent brother, preach about that. But that's just an American patriot. 

Ryan Alford[00:16:23]Actually, I think it is. Yes, you have to be, because I don't think you can be a patriot if you're deep on either side. 

Noah Sims[00:16:30]There's the thing on that do and I tell people this all the time because people are always trying to, again, put me in the box. If you're too far left or too far right, you can't see what's right in front of you and don't make a blanket statement about everything, and it is OK to say things against your party, but people just get so caught up with it.

 Ryan Alford[00:16:48]It's just not authentic. So let's talk a little bit about the Constellation stuff, which, I'm going to tee that up, just through the power of what we've been talking, having authentic connections, you and I had that it was manifesting with you coming up here and supporting this event that we having been manifesting through connecting a lot of like-minded people. I think that's where it's back to the long game of these connections. And that's what we're trying to do on the Radcast. I have guests on and I'm having CEOs and but I'm just having people, I just want the people that I want to have a conversation with not because I'm trying to pull a dollar out of their pocket, but because I want to just feel the same thing as to why we do GVL Hustle. It's like the sum of the quality of the people that you're talking around is the sum of the quality of your own life. And so to that end, let's talk about what you're doing and how you're leveraging social media connections and on all of those things. 

Noah Sims[00:17:55]. I love what you said about leveraging. It is understanding again where you're at. Am I big enough to be able to put this bar on here and lift this thing? If you don't have the confidence, if you don't think you're big enough, you're just going to fall flat. You have got to be able to understand where you're at. And if you're not big enough, that's fine. Again, you have the self-awareness to know maybe I should do this and try that. And for me,  we'll talk about the constellations. The Constellation Union is a group that I'm working on right now that I formed that is just superstar world-changing people that are very like-minded; greed is no good. You have all political spectrums, all religious backgrounds, every type of color in this group. And what this group is formed and based on is connecting and allocating resources properly. So being able to do what's happening like this is exactly what the Constellation is about. Recognizing Ryan as a world-changing superstar and not ever looking for a dollar because it is all about what Ryan is about is what I'm about is what the constellation is. So having that connection so he can just call and say; hey, listen, I've got this charity event coming up are you free?  Well, let me see here. Nothing. I'll come up. OK, great. So what are we going to do? Well, we're going to grill. OK, so I need some grills. OK, so then I get on the phone and I talk with Mr. David about smoke grills. And then I talked to John of Spart grills and magically they just deliver all these grills free of charge, the day before I come up here with all the fuel I need and all the briquettes. I am then able to take all of these grills, bring them up here, not a dollar has exchanged hands, literally. We're up here. We're going to be slinging, making thousands of dollars for the homeless shelter. We're looking at some gas cost, a little lodging cost, but that is just peanuts compared to the impact of what's happening because the community was formed, communication was formed, the understanding was there and the understanding of where we're going. We understand each other's location and we know where we're going. So the constellation is something like, and here is a  prime example; One of the members is one of my dear friends Dylan Lamey. You probably know who Dylan Lamey is if you are on Twitter, Tik Tok or if you're on Instagram, you know who he is, he's a megastar making ice cream cakes. 

Ryan Alford[00:20:25]Oh, yeah. I mean, I've never wanted ice cream any more than watching him, so good luck to him and I think I've put on five pounds from just watching him. 

Noah Sims[00:20:32] It is what he does and then he goes around to the smaller businesses and helps the mom and pops. This man is one of the most selfless people I've ever had the honor of talking with.  And we're going to be doing some incredible projects together. But Dylan is so giving and he never expects anything in return. I met Dylan when he wasn't this big superstar. He had twenty-something thousand on Instagram. And I immediately saw one of his videos, and I'm like, dude, this is an OG this guy is the real deal. I saw this at Coldstone. I used to be a Coldstone manager and I wanted to help out, I wanted to do whatever. I was always trying to do things with Dylan, trying to help him out, never wanting anything because I saw that he is the same. So I wanted to help him as much as I could. What has Dylan done? Dylan has 10 million followers on Tik Tok now and he's gone all over Florida reviving the ice cream scene for Coldstone, he's made Coldstone millions of dollars. No question he's made Coldstone so relevant. He's been able to connect with some of the most brilliant minds. He's able to connect with Gary V, who I think is one of the most brilliant people that has ever been around. My buddy Zane. Zane, if you're watching us, I love you, buddy. All of these people, because this guy understands the long game. He treats people with respect. He doesn't care what color you are, doesn't care what sexual orientation. He's just a real guy. And that whole group is full of people. My buddy H Woo is one of the most brilliant people I've ever seen. He just hopped on Tik-Tok and Instagram started talking, his passion is real, he always wants to help people. Max, the meat guy. All of these people are superstars. I went up and hung out with Max and Sophia, his sister. His mom came by and they are just an incredible family. And all they want to do is help people. And it's like these people are superstars. They can make, will make, they'll make Butkus of money and they know that. But they're so humble in the process of helping people and moving people forward. And you've got, my master butt groups where, you got Shary and Sube and, Sam Haas and Evon Tessnia and  Nick DeGeovani and all these people that are in our little group that we're always about building community, always moving forward, not looking for that dollar. And that constellation union is something that is going to grow into a whole different spectrum. And we have to go over a lot of this but you can have something. One of the best companies I've ever been associated with in my life is John Boose Block. My dear friend Mandy Cook is a world changer. She makes world-class products. She runs the operations and I can't talk about her products because I told her I wouldn't. But we're going to get back to you on what she's making. She's making some incredible stuff that is separate from Boose Block. They believed in what I was doing, where I'm starting to cook at the food pantry, where we auction a cook for forty-one hundred dollars for an eight-person dinner. Forty-one-hundred dollars and Boost Block gave a block away. They gave me a giant prep table and they gave me all these things. I gave Dylan a table, and Max got a table too because they understand the ROI that these people are going to sell these organically. People are going to want the tables that these pros are using because it's an incredible product. And if I present this to this group, they know that I vetted it. So they know it's good. So you keep that good energy when you have that trust from good communication, that’s when beautiful things start happening. Let's take the grill, I am going to be sending one of those grills up here. Do you not think that every person that comes by and sees that is going to be like, where did you get this thing? I've never even seen this thing. 

Ryan Alford[00:23:59] I will be cooking on it right there on that porch all summer. Everyone is going to go, where did this come from? We are going to sell hundreds of those. 

Noah Sims[00:24:02] Exactly. And have we exchanged money? No, it's real work. And do you not think God is up there being, yes, my kids are working together? I have been telling them all about this greed thing. They're not listening to that. They're just loving each other and understanding that this is way stronger than this. You can't pull this apart. You can do whatever you want when you're an individual. And it's like understanding the allocation of resources. Andrew Grool, out in California, you talk about a man that is a saint, he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for restaurants. The dude will say whatever he wants. He is a boss. And if he called me and said, Noah, I need you to come out here to California, we're doing a charity event. I'm going to do it because I know that this guy is a boss and that he just does what he does. He's real, he's a family man and he's got a lot of kids. It's him and his wife and they are Olympians. They have so many trophies between them. They also have a lot of kids and I love the amount of energy and love and passion you see. Then you are looking at Antonio Bashour down in Miami, one of the best pastry chefs on the planet. That guy educates, he talks to anybody, he helps anybody,  he shows the art, shows the craft. You also have Christian Rodriguez, who is the Head executive chef, that guy is a real chef at the Four Seasons in Abu Dhabi. That dude is building up culture. He is the proudest Mexican chef that I know. I mean, he is just all about literal fusion, all about educating. And he has two beautiful kids. All of these people have something in common, they're very authentic. They're very real. And whenever you do that, I can trust you. I know that I could say the relationship that we had, that giant frickin steel bridge that we formed together, that I can trust this thing with my life.  I could tell you, listen, here are ten thousand dollars,  I need you to go down here and do this. And I know that I could trust you with that in such a short period. Why waste time trying to figure out somebody if it's going to work and you're going to feel it or not? If you're real, it should be instantaneous. Like if someone's real, God gives you I think that; yep, that's real. You just know it. And so if you're working on it, then tell me how those work out. Tell me how those relationships in 20 years are working out or not. My Jiminy Cricket is saying to Danger Will Robinson, I don't know what to do. And that's that. So I think it makes it so much easier though and it makes no sense why people are not like that. Why people are often going to go. So it's proven it's science and  Matthew McCaughey asks is that real? Like what you put out in the world comes back to you. That's a scientific fact and I believe that wholeheartedly. The confusing part is am I doing all this good and stuff comes back or am I legitimately real enough to know I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do and I want to do it. That's the key. If people are just doing things that you can, then that's not being real, that's what's so important about being real and you get recognized so quickly and you can do so much more with real people if you know, again, allocation of resources. If, you know, I got a real Oji sitting over here, that is a different mindset than this guy Wayfair. So you build the Constellation Union, you're able to set up, say, Constellation, Leo, all Leo is these tech companies, podcasters, whatever it is, you're like, hey, listen, I need to get this going. I got a charity going. You toss in and you jump into this other constellation. You go from Libra, you go over here to Leo and you hop in and be like, hey, guys, listen, I got this, this, this, and one of these guys down here has a shop four miles down the road that you didn't know about. And he has all the equipment that you need. And you're going to go down there. He's going to give you that. And all of a sudden he made one hundred thousand dollars on a charity because you're able to hop in Constellation. That's going to happen, bro, and we're catching up to it. It's already happened and we are just catching up, like real-world impact. We're like, hey, listen, the situation in India is happening. I made a call. I hop into the aviation Gemini constellation. Listen, I need this, this, this. What can we do? Well, I have connections with this person. We can get X, Y, and Z. We can ship it out of Maryland or have it there, OK, let's make it shake. Now we're going over to India bringing oxygen tanks. Those are the things that the Constellation will be able to do. And the amount of wealth that is going to be accruing without having to do that is going to be there because these people are movers and shakers. These people understand that we are going to be moving out and people like, well, that sounds like that's just back and forth. Being a real person doesn't mean you can't make great wealth. You've just have to be true to yourself as you're making great wealth and trust the process. As Nick Saban says, I am a Georgia fan and so it's hard for me, but Nick Saban is the greatest college coach of all time, no one can do what he does in today's day and age where we have with the athletes and for him to be able to do what he does. So in him saying trust the process, you just gotta trust the process and you have got to keep being like real and you are always going to be staying real if you're not fake. So you have to even when you're getting your head taken off, even when you do this giant charity and you don't make a lot of money, you got to stay the damn course. My dad always says keep it between the ditches. You might have that dang thing, rooster tail and outside swinging around and just keep it between the ditches. If you're making progress getting down the road, just keep it between the ditches. 

Ryan Alford[00:29:41]I think one of the things that you outline is some of the failures of some of the social media that's out now, and look, I'm in the business, but it's very easy to get superficial and too broad with, hey, you got ten thousand friends or followers or whatever. It's followers and not friends and not groups of like-minded people in the smaller connections that you can build within those to find your people and your tribe. I think that's what we're talking about here, is where the power lies.  I think so many people get caught up in the vanity metrics of it that they miss the opportunity to take it down to slim and meaningful. And that's exactly what you're doing with Constellation. And I'm thrilled and just blessed to be a part of it to ride that train. I mean, I just see so much potential and I think that's back to leveraging the power of these things, but putting it to use has a broader impact. 

Noah Sims[00:30:58]That is so well set as literally being able to focus all that energy and let the cream rise to the top so they can have that. And let's say that there's somebody in the Constellation Union in the year and say, we'll go to Dylan because that's an easy one to do. But it's like, hey, listen, I have this giant event going on and this company said they'd pay one hundred thousand dollars if we were able to get a world-class ice cream cake, and they're going to donate one hundred thousand dollars to something, I go, all hold on one second, pop in there. Hey, Dylan, listen, do you want to make one hundred thousand dollars and donate a hundred thousand dollars? Well,  Dylan would be like, I'll take like ten thousand and you give one hundred and ninety thousand like, oh, that's fine. And having that allocation of knowing that you have this resource with this person is reliable, trustworthy, and you can help them because you know this stuff is going to be coming right back. That's the great part about being in a real group. It's what it is. And I mean, that's what's exciting about coming up here with you, because it's the proof in the pudding with this. This is the proof of what I'm talking about and it is doing charity, doing this. This is exactly what it's about. 

Ryan Alford[00:32:10]But to bring it back to the practicality of marketing and business, we're going to film this whole thing. We're going to have hundreds of people here. We're going to raise a shit ton of money for charity, which I'm going to be matching and will be doubling up whatever we make that. And we're going to film the brands that contributed to your stuff, they are going to get some tight shots on their grills that are making thousands of dollars for a local charity that you are involved in, and with the quality people, that content's going to be shared and seen and amplified with zero money changing hands. That's charity. 

Noah Sims[00:32:49]Yes that's it, all the money is getting to the right spot. All the money's all the dolls drawing knives that they send me which Abbi,  I love you Abbi so much and Emery for sending that, and they believe in that a hundred percent and that's why they're part of that. It's what you're starting is such a no-brainer. Why would anyone do that? It's like it's on you and that's why I told you this morning.

 Ryan Alford[00:33:09]Because it's so short-term driven. I'm having an event and I've got to sell these tickets and I have to make this money to recoup that money.  Go and ask my team how many times I talked about the budget this week, once because I wanted to make sure I knew how much we were giving to charity. How much are we leveraging all the partnerships we have? Because if they're smart, we have a lot of great sponsors. We have Southern Culture Group, we have Maker's Mark, we have Southern Brewery down the southern side of it. I'm excited about it and all these guys see the big picture and they understand that they're getting involved with something that may not sell something tomorrow, but it is coming back to them through the greater good. 

Noah Sims[00:33:52]Yes, and that's what's exciting. And I tell people if you're living just as a transactional relationship that is so boring and selfish and it is so ridiculous. I do get this and there are millions of people like that. And they're like, oh, what a jerk. It's like we're all one so why not unify and try to move each other forward. If you have an egg and I have this, let's have bacon and eggs. Let's not just have you have an egg and I have bacon, let's have a better breakfast together.  I tell people about unifying through food. One of my favorite things about food is I can unify people and you could get two warlords that hate each other and give me them and some guards and we literally can have a meal and just talk about things and settle things down. So many people just get over the smallest little thing and everything gets blown out of proportion. It goes back to the focusing of things. I believe food focuses things, you're right here, this is it that right here, great food, and talking and people are just frickin going to town because they're focused on it. And it's like having communication with you, having communication with your team. There's something very similar. Everyone's real here. You got great people around you. And it's like, well if we got great people around here, real people, do you think we're going to be able to kick a real good product out? Very simple. Real simple. It's like, oh, I walk into Mr. Chef Iranis in Asheville's restaurant and as soon as I walk in, I immediately go, you have an incredible staff here. I'm just telling you right now, I can tell. I mean, it's like, oh, they're incredible. And so he's like, I got two guys here who have been here over thirteen years. You could feel it. You could see it immediately. I'm like, how the hell did you get a staff like this. I can't staff a restaurant in Blue Ridge because I know I cannot get the staff and I live there and then I can't do things like this, brother. And it's this is it starts with the communication and understanding and this and this is like preaching about this. This is exactly what we're talking about. It's just understanding, establishing trust, building that connection, and focusing. 

Ryan Alford[00:36:05] And there's a saying I didn't come up with it, but it's one of my favorites. I say it all the time. It's part of the foundation of why we started GVL Hustle. I started GVL Hustle when it was me and the co-workspace that I now owned, by the way, me and a little block. And it was two of us. And I'm like, let's do an event where we bring everyone together, networking, and we'll give all the proceeds back to charity. It was two of us, three years ago and now we're the fastest-growing Agency in South Carolina. Well, let me throw some of the biggest networking events. But you know why? The high tide raises all ships. It's just that's what happens. You raise the community, the community comes up, you come up with it, they come up with you. It is the summation of everything that we're talking about, I believe. 

Noah Sims[00:36:50]But, dude, you're dead on. I mean, that is brilliant because that's what I tell people about, like the rich people with the tax cuts and stuff like that. Do you understand that if you put more money into this country and lift better, you're only as good as your weakest links? And the roads that you drive on with your five hundred thousand dollar car, your million dollar car, those suck. If you gave just a little back and everybody does, our infrastructure would be better and all the things that keep you safe and all that, that's better. And it's lifting the whole country. It's not being greedy. that's the whole. What you said is what we're having a problem with right now in America. If you look at any good society, it doesn't matter, any good village, I think everyone's the same. Everybody in a good village that's not messed with or we've messed up, everyone's the same, it's just everyone's chilling out. Do you think those people suffer from anxiety and stuff now? Not at all. It's like having a level and understanding because the community is completely lifted. You're not having a neighbor have one cow and this guy has no beef. They're going to have the same amount of beef. They're going to be he knows that he's going to have a better life because his buddy is eating better, is going to be stronger. Maybe tomorrow we're going to cut wood because I gave you that beef yesterday, maybe even come help me. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I got some energy today. Let's go get some wood. It's that elementary. 

Ryan Alford[00:38:17]But we've got to empower people too and not just give it to them. It's raising it. That is the one caveat I would say is, I believe in capitalism, though, and I think we all need to share the wealth. But let's empower people to be able to go take care of themselves and to do things because then we can all help each other. 

Noah Sims[00:38:36]God, this is great, look at exactly how we're doing the cook today. What am I doing today? I am telling people to take accountability for their palate. I'm going to have that setup. And you can dibble dabble and you can test and find and figure out. And you're doing that and taking accountability for the flavor that you're going to have at the end. And you're going to recognize that you're either going to like it because you're balancing and understanding or you're not. But it's on you. And I am all from the, it's better to teach a man how to fish than feed a man a fish.  I go biblical on it and I One hundred percent believe in that. I do not believe in handouts. But being real lets you be able to recognize the real people that need your help. So then because the thing is if you only have one hundred percent to give and you're allocating ten percent to the wrong people, fifty percent of the wrong people, just because you're just giving and not doing a case for case thing, you're going to screw percentages. You're not going to allocate the resource properly and it's not going to work. And that's why handouts never work. You're not teaching anything. You're just saying A to B. There's no kind of education or anything of how we're going to get these people out. How are we going to do this? I couldn't agree with you more on that. 

Ryan Alford[00:39:50]We could go for days, brother, and we're just going to have you on I guess at least quarterly. 

Noah Sims[00:39:55]I am only two hours and thirty-five minutes away. 

Ryan Alford[00:39:58]I may even get on the road and bring the mikes with me. Who knows?. 

Noah Sims[00:40:01]I've got that TV show that's going to be coming out. We'll be talking about maybe next time there's going to be a whole studio in my house. 

Ryan Alford[00:40:07]Oh hit the button. I'll be down there one hundred percent, fishing for some trout and doing who knows what. 

Noah Sims[00:40:14]The Trout capital in the state of Georgia. Blue Ridge, trout. If you want good trout. Blue Ridge, Georgia. 

Ryan Alford[00:40:19]I love it, man. Well, where can everybody keep up with all things Noah Sims? 

Noah sims[00:40:23]OK, the Instagram handle would be Mountain_ Mansims, Mountain Mansims, and then on Facebook. Richard Noah Sims. I do not have any other social. I think that's all I have. 

Ryan Alford[00:40:40]Yeah, the Gramm is easy. I don't know why, but I love it too.  

Noah Sims[00:40:47]I'm not a tik toker. I am not the type for Tik Tok. 

Ryan Alford[00:40:50]I appreciate Noah coming up, my brother from another. We're going to raise some money tonight for the local community and keep keeping it real. There's one takeaway today, folks and it is to be authentic, be real. It doesn't matter what your story is. We all have highs. We all have lows. We all have flaws. We all have that. I have to tell myself that sometimes and just this was a great reminder for me, and I hope it helps you out there. You know where to find us. The Radcast.com. All the content, all the highlights, all the snippets, videos, audios, hit that search button.  If you search for Noah Sims, you're going to find unlimited content. 

Noah sims[00:41:26]There's a lot of content and when that starts tieing into the content of Suban May, then you're just adding a whole different level. 

Ryan Alford[00:41:33] And thenwe're on Instagram at the.rad.cast and you know where to find me at. Ryan Alford everywhere and anywhere there is social media. And we'll see you next time on the Radcast

Noah Sims

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