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Southern Comfort Releases Drinking Pants For Thanksgiving: Weekly News 11.11.22

November 11, 2022

Southern Comfort Releases Drinking Pants For Thanksgiving: Weekly News 11.11.22
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Ryan and Nick are back with the latest in social media and marketing news! They'll give you an update on all of your favorite online trends, including why it's more important than ever to be maintaining a strong presence on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Tune into this news episode for answers (and maybe even some opinions) about how marketers can use these new strategies at their disposal - trust us when we say there is nothing worse than being left behind.

Key points from this news episode:

  • Small Talk:
    • Jennifer Aniston lamented on Hollywood’s fading glamor during recent Allure Magazine cover story that there are no more movie stars and criticized social media, saying she hates it and finds it torture. http://bit.ly/3Tmt2bS (03:15)
    • Social Media is a playing field - don’t hate the player, play the game. Watch out for announcements about new coaching programs on Instagram. (03:34)
    • Elon Musk has outlined his plans for Twitter. He wants to use it as a way of processing payments with an emphasis on video content creation. (06:25)
  • Rad News:
    • Last Tuesday’s Episode: Michael Newell, Founder and CEO of Standard Land Development and MJ Newell Homes, talked about his entrepreneurial journey and the real-estate investment opportunity. (07:40)
    • Next Tuesday’s Episode:Chris Hansen, Co-founder and partner of Genesis Reference Labs, Vacay, The Refinery Med Spa, and Boss Blood Kennels. In this Think Billions Series, he’ll be talking about a badass lab of a diamond venture in the US. (08:20)
  • Sponsors:
    • Branded Bills www.brandedbills.com - fall essentials and a holiday gift guide (10:16)
    • Use code RADCAST20: 20% off on the entire purchase
  • Social Media Holidays:
    • November 11: Veterans Day #VeteransDay (12:13)
    • November 13: World Kindness Day #WKD (12:51)
    • November 15: Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day #CleanOutYourRefrigeratorDay (14:50)
    • November 16: National Entrepreneurs Day (16:03)
  • Social Media News:
    • Instagram’s Rolling Out its New In-App Post Scheduling Tools to Professional Accounts (16:43)
    • Elon Musk Says Twitter Usage is at All-Time Highs as He Continues to Throw Around New Ideas for the App (18:18)
  • Marketing News:
    • Anheuser-Busch buys Major League Pickleball team as sport booms (20:19)
      • The buy-in grants the company a founding partnership with the MLP league, control over one of the league’s extension teams as well as over aspects such as who the team drafts and who can become a sponsor.
      • This past week, Vizzy became the official hard seltzer of Pickleball. The partnership comes just a few weeks after Molson Coors-owned company introduced its new product line and saw increased demand for this refreshing beverage among sports fans across North America who enjoy an ice cold pickle ball drink at any time during game play! http://bit.ly/3fU5lKc
    • Southern Comfort creates shot glass pants for Thanksgiving (24:55)
      • The shot glass unisex pants are perfect for any SC fan. They have a pocket big enough to carry around my shot glass and I can also wear them inside out if you prefer a fancy pants option. http://bit.ly/3E1VQk3
    • Burger King teams with Call of Duty for expansive international promo (26:45)
      • BK will offer players special in-game rewards for their Call of Duty game loyalty with a Burger Town themed skin and an hour worth double XP. The first reward is available through purchasing any Whopper Meal which can be found at restaurant chains within both CoD games or other third party sources such as Amazon Prime. The second part comes directly from BK themselves: "In addition," they say, “you'll also receive access to nationwide online content including Double Kevlar vest repair kits!". http://bit.ly/3X6367B
    • Miller Lite taps into the holidays with Tree Keg Stand (29:40)
      • Miller Lite has released its newest addition to the brand's holiday merchandise lineup, according to a press release. The Keg Stand is large enough for one quarter barrel keg and features clever design that makes it look as if you're pouring beer out of an artificial tree! These creative branded items follow last year’s success with "Beernaments" which also came in prop form but served their purpose just fine during this time period where people are drinking more than usual before Christmas arrives - so don't miss them when they go live on sale starting November 10th at $49.99/ Each. http://bit.ly/3E0x3wO

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