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The HUGE Real Estate Investment Opportunity No One is Talking About with Michael Newell

November 08, 2022

The HUGE Real Estate Investment Opportunity No One is Talking About with Michael Newell
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Ryan welcomes Michael Newell, Founder and CEO of Standard Land Development and MJ Newell Homes to The Radcast. Ryan talks with Michael about his entrepreneurial journey and path to success. Michael shares the real data behind the housing market and the golden opportunity for investors hiding in plain sight!

Michael is super down-to-earth and approachable and this comes across in the interview. Listen and learn!

Key points from this episode:

  • Building a self-starter mentality plays a big role in your success just like how it played in Michael’s early entrepreneurial journey and in his dedication to his goals. (04:25)
  • Real estate is one of the most stable industries out there, and if you play your cards right, it can be an incredible source of passive income. (08:38)
  • Explore some of the key points that you need to take into account if you're thinking about getting into a business like a construction business, real estate investments, etc. Specifically, about the importance of due diligence, scaling, the value of mentorship, and using your successes (and failures) as stepping stones to reach your ultimate goals. (13:03)
  • Inspect what you expect: Make sure whatever you are putting out there, there’s a need for it and you got the financial backing to continue to produce the product. (34:50)

Whether you're just dipping your toe in the water or you're already waist-deep in the Real Estate game, or whether you want to create a business of your own or you just want a better take on life, this episode will help you see things clearly and evaluate how you perceive challenges, and turn them into great opportunities that can turn your life around. Thanks for listening! 

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