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The Week of April 14, 2023 Marketing and Business News: FanDuel Deepfakes Young Charles Barkley into New Spot

April 14, 2023

The Week of April 14, 2023 Marketing and Business News: FanDuel Deepfakes Young Charles Barkley into New Spot
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Welcome to another episode of The Radcast with Ryan and Christina! This week, we have some exciting developments in the world of social media and marketing that will give you the edge you need to succeed. Tune in for some game-changing knowledge bombs as we discuss the use of Deepfake tech in FanDuel's Charles Barkley spot and Dove's mission to protect kids' self-esteem online by pushing for new legislation. We'll also share some savvy marketing news tailor-made for entrepreneurs like yourself. Listen now to get ahead of the competition and unlock the insights you need to succeed in today's market. The Radcast with Ryan Alford starts now!

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What's up, Radcasters! Our favorite duo, Ryan and Christina are back with another episode of The Radcast! The week of April 14, 2023, was filled with exciting developments in the social media and marketing world that are sure to up your game. So listen up, because we're about to drop some knowledge bombs that'll have you slaying the competition.

This week we’re discussing FanDuel using Deepfake tech for a Charles Barkley spot that already has people buzzing plus Dove's mission to protect kids' self esteem from online platforms by pushing for new legislations, and more! - plus even more savvy marketing news so you can stay ahead of your competition. Tune in now to get all this intel and unlock those insights into today's market strategy specifically tailored towards entrepreneurs like yourself!

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Alford.

Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, April 14th, 2023. Our weekly marketing, advertising and business news of the week. Christina Yassi, what's up? You're in the flesh. Wearing a hat. I saw you're on the ones and twos. Also wearing a hat. Yes.

One day you're not. I know. I do wear a hat a lot and didn't. I was on the podcast. I was a guest earlier and I wanted to look, you know, respectable. Right. Right. Understood. It's a tough task. But yes, I did. So good Friday here. Not good. Every day is a good Friday. Last Friday was a good Friday, but a good Friday nonetheless. Yeah, the weather's been great. I feel like my seasonal depression has been cured.

had a lot of rain and washed away the pollen and, you know, everyone had a great Easter and celebrated, you know, whatever your beliefs are. You know, it was a good weekend with family and friends. Indeed. Yeah. Is a week's been good? Yeah. It's been a big deal because McDonald's released a new McFlurry flavor.

Yes. So on Wednesday, if you're listening to this on Friday, depending on whenever it is, it might've already gone out if you listening too far in advance. But assuming it is listening topically in order, strawberry shortcake McFlurry and hopefully the McFlurry machines don't start going down. There is an app for that. It takes a lot of machines, which ice cream machines work and which ones don't, which get on a McDonald's fix it. You know, we talked about this on the news, like,

that supposedly the company, there's one company that makes them and they do a software thing that makes them go down. Supposedly they're like a conspiracy theory around the whole thing. Oh, interesting. And I'm like, I think Burger King put this out or something. But I can see, you know, hotcake Fridays are now gonna become McFlurry Fridays. Don't you think I, look, I am an equal opportunity, like food person. Like as long as it's available, I will eat it.

Like, you know, yeah, pizza in the morning. OK, yeah, that's cool. I mean, there's certain things that I don't know that I want to make steak potatoes on every morning. Living alone is a humbling experience when it comes to when and what I'm willing to. Oh, yeah, it was in full effect for me. Nicole and the kids have been to the lake for a couple of days this week, and it's been total bachelor pad between the sinks and the dishes are the dishes in the sink for the slip. The.

That would be true bachelor living. It's been interesting. I just creative. I don't know. Like you feel it's not that I wouldn't like I the code aren't like watching or we what we want, but there's always snacks around and stuff like that. But I feel like I'm kind of.

You're not dabbling more than normal. Don't feel like anyone's watching you. Yeah. They're going, or Nicole going, those are the kids' pop tarts, or whatever. Right. Not this weekend. This weekend, they're mine. Yeah. So it's been good. Batcheloring it up, but staying up too late watching the Lakers. Did you see any fun, some fun ads while you were watching the Lakers? I did. Charles Barkley, going back. From the 90s? Yes. And I knew when I was, I had not seen the article list for this week's news episode, but I.

totally picked up that this was a deep fake, whatever you want to call it. And it, but because he looked fake, it was just obviously Charles Marcus in there next to himself, you know, 30 years. Right. One of them is fake. Yeah. One of them was fake. Which one is it? Right. Uh, it's both entertaining and scary at the same time. It's still that uncanny valley thing for me where it doesn't look quite.

Like you want it to. And look, this is all a talk like a couple of the gurus online. Yeah, they're doing like a lot of scare tactics. Let's talk about where A.I. is going in. Like they were showing like a news broadcast from Ukraine or somewhere where it was a total. It was an A.I. person do, you know, doing the news like a total created like nonperson. Right. And her lips weren't completely aligned with what she was saying, but it was

eerily close and it was just talking about that. He was making the notice that, you know, newscasters make anywhere from like, you know, on the low end, like 40 grand to 100, 200 grand to millions. If it's like Fox News, NBC, major, major stuff. And it was like cost for any company, you know, 70 percent is employees. Yeah. So if they can create a person that broadcasts that is like more inexpensive.

Like I feel like at some point it's not going to be any cheaper. I don't know. But nor do I. But I think it isn't today, but five years from now, you might could generate a person for like a one time 10 grand cost or something. Yeah. Versus hiring. And I mean, like, yeah, like an attractive male or female news host or like, yeah, it's blurring some lines was the point. And I agree.

I just think like, how do we? I think that in real life engagement points for these people, like the community involved in all that, I just think. I hope that we're just aren't at that point. Yeah. And I wonder if there will be like skill sets that will be lost because of this. Like, and this is going to sound dumb, but people don't learn handwriting the way they used to, because we type everything now, like, are you going to lose that? Customer service quality.

Yeah. With how much we're moving forward in this AI talk to a robot. I just think, you know, like in our field, the skills and it's changed, though, like. And I saw this company coming when I started Radical, like, OK, we don't need seven creative directors. We need seven videographers. Yeah, we don't need six of these. We need two graphic designers. Like.

You know, it wasn't because we didn't need ideas, but I could just see the world changing where outputs were more outputs and Testing them. Yeah versus spending four months on quality for sure and it and and less There wouldn't be quality but right at a certain level quality was good enough to test it Let the market tell you totally like you couldn't do that when you were doing a TV ad

you're spending a million dollars to produce and five million dollars on the media, you had to get it to what you thought was the furthest along as possible. That was always successful. We could debate the Super Bowl ads, prove that out. But now, it's iteration a little bit more. I still think the big idea needs to be there, but it just got to get to it quicker. And then, so I think our jobs as marketers and what we do,

We're gonna, people and businesses are gonna still need these new tools done for them on some level. It's not gonna just push one button, everything's done. I just think the jobs will change and transform to different things. And as long as you embrace the new thing and learning it, I think you'll always have a place.

But it's interesting, like it's just that fine line of the reality versus not. I read a really interesting article on the AI stuff, which is like, when we get to a world. If we don't think the news is real and we don't know what to trust, yeah, it becomes anarchy, because then. Who what do you believe in in that world? When that coin totally flips.

And in some points, we're there now a little bit with the whole right and left spin between CNN and Fox News and all that shit. Yeah. But like it gets to a scary place if you don't trust. Reality. Yeah, reality. That and that's kind of what it is. Like, what is what's reality and what's not? Right. Go touch some grass. Like because you use the example of like a world leader or no, it was a company, a company CEO.

a deep fake went out there that said the CEO had lost faith, like he'd made some bad investments or whatever. And so the market got wind of that and immediately tanked the stock and everything else around news that wasn't real. It wasn't like something like, okay, you know, like warring companies. It went down the company path of like...

showing like a guy having a sticker, you know, I've kind of been selling a little bit of stock because, you know, I've made some bad bets and the company's kind of in a bad place. Show them having like a private conversation like a deep fake. They're playing that out, that, which wasn't a real thing. Right, right, right. And what that would lead to. And then once those dominoes started falling, the company could be bankrupt. Right, that's when it becomes real. And it wasn't real. Like there was no reality in it. But if everyone, like if you own...

a million shares of McDonald's stock and you heard something like that and then everyone started selling it, it would go, you could bankrupt the company. And when it wasn't based in true financial factor data. And so, I don't like that. Yeah, I know. It's like, that's icky. But and I think it just shows that we've got to get the safeguards right around this stuff.

It's going to be no different than the criminals are always going to, you know, one step ahead. But everyone thought, you know, our credit cards or anything else were going to get stolen data and all. And I'm in real issues, but the security stuff has gotten better. Yeah. To alleviate that, we're not having right. Your account stolen every day. Right. I think the tools with which to manage this stuff are going to have to keep up accordingly. So and that's a good segue into the next article we have here, which is about.

Dove, the soap company, and their push for legislation to protect young people and protect their self-esteem specifically from social media, which I know is a conversation you and I have had about how do you raise kids in such a social media forward world where you need to be cognizant of it, but not necessarily afraid of it, but still wise with how it's introduced. Yeah, I just think.

I don't know. It's almost like a like, you know, when I grew up, whether it was right or wrong or different, you couldn't go see an R rated movie. Yeah. Unless you're a certain age, you had PG, PG 13. You had these rating things that exist. And like we still use them with our kids like our kids aren't, you know, I have a 13 year old, the oldest. He's getting closer to this. And our two oldest are very mature for their age. So we, you know, parent accordingly. Yeah. But we're not throwing them in front of R rated movies every day. Right. You know. And so.

They shouldn't be running in front of R-rated social media content. And R-rated may not be just curse words and nudity. It might be, is this appropriate level content? Right. Is this too heavy? Is this even necessary?

you know, protecting innocence to a point. And that's hey, there's a good use of AI, like in AI and this stuff filter through content and determine age appropriate. Yeah. There's a positive use of technology. We had a you might know this is clear play. Did you have clear play? It was a DVD player that was very popular in Christian households. And you could go through and like put the settings on to edit out like sex scenes or violence.

things to do was to put in like Braveheart and set the violence, I don't know, to max. And the movie was like 20 minutes long. Because it just cut it cut everything. That's really interesting. It was a really bad cut. I mean, literally, it would be like they would kiss and all of a sudden it would just like next scene was a war scene. But there was no sex. You just saw them kiss and then.

So yeah, there's gotta be a better way to deal with that. I need the AI to fix it. From Clearview to Singlarella? That's good. From Clearplay to Singlarella. Wow. The Chris Uniasi story. My parents are supportive, but are they proud? Question mark. It's fine. But I do like Dove getting behind this. It feels right with their brand. Totally. Hey, it's clean.

You know, like cleaning, cleaning the content, cleaning your skin. That's good. They missed an opportunity there. Put this open your mouth and clean your mouth out too. Hey, we got it all covered here. No language. That never happened to me. Got some rad news. Yes, we had Michael Hobby this week. I hope everyone checked that out. If you haven't, you need to go, we're about to start releasing some highlight clips from that. Really good guy. His wife, Caroline, we're gonna be working together with her. We're just getting in the Hobby Clan here. Yes.

They had a fan girl. Yeah, they have the cutest three year old daughter in the world. And Michael's awesome. Lead singer, a thousand horses. All that smoke from a couple of years ago, you remember it. Someone called Smoke. You heard it, you go, you start nodding and a new album coming out. I was one of the first people to listen to it like hot off the presses. And let me tell you, let me just say this. OK.

So my kids begrudgingly listen to country music because of me. And I think they're secretly starting to like it now. And my 11 year old is there's a couple songs on a new album. He's like, Dad, that's going to be a hit, right? He's like, I think that sounds like a hit to me. I'm like, you're right, son. It's going to be a hit.

And I'll tell you what's ahead and that's Michael. Really good guy, really down to earth, talks about the ups and downs, the realities of building a career in the music industry. Really enjoyed that, talked about like just a lot of things that you don't hear about, you hear about all the good stuff, you know, but you know, just the path that they've been on and I don't know.

really enjoyed getting to know Michael, you know, I was texting with him for an hour, like I went to Nashville, like, you know, just gonna hang out in the country music scene. Total buds. Yes. Love to see it. But Michael's a good guy and it's a really good story and they put out some great music. So I hope everybody will go check out that episode. And next week, David Segura, check it out. Really enjoyed this episode. And I hope everyone will check out the rest of the month. We've got like,

some really good episodes that we've recorded lately. A guy, an AI, like top of his game, like we're kind of crossing the gamut of a lot of the hot topics. And so I'm really pumped to write the rest of the month on the Radcast. Big deal. Yep. Got some good stuff coming.

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Oh my gosh. In the freezer. Yes. So last night and best steak I've ever had delivered by far and right up there with some of the best steak houses in America. Get a range, your door. They're good friends. Good ranchers and good ranchers dot com. Onto some social media news. Tick tock unsurprisingly remains the top social app for teens, despite the drop in favorability, which has recently happened.

Behind TikTok is Snapchat. So I'm eating crow a little bit. Last week I was like, who even uses Snapchat? The youth do apparently. And Instagram is the third most popular. TikTok has been the top ranking social media app since spring of 2022 when it unseated Snapchat. Yeah, I mean, not surprising here. It feels a little bit like prohibition. Like now that it's kind of off limits, people are even more apt to use it, apt to use it.

Yeah. So again, make sense. The band is still kind of like holding over its head. Yeah. I mean, it might be helping in the short term, but like, you know, if you're going to ban it or you're going to make them sell it, whatever you can do, let's just get it done. Make a decision. I think it's kind of like totally it's here's what you think your congressmen are working for you. Like, OK, the Chinese government's getting after your data, which, hey, that's above my pay grade. If it's happening, we need to control it. We need to get rid of it. But.

Here's what they don't realize they're doing with this cloud over it and indecision. A lot of businesses rely on this platform for growing their brand, growing their business and their sales. And if they don't know whether you're going to remove this platform tomorrow or the next day, you're hurting small business and you're hurting companies more than what you perceive them to be getting hurt right now. So we need to make a decision on this and move because indecision

and the cloud is causing strife to small businesses that market and promote on there. Totally. And so, because you don't know whether to move off the platform or not. Right. And so they think they're doing good, but they're causing as much havoc. And it goes back to what's actually true and what's actually happening. Exactly, so. Yeah, but it's still popular. Yeah, all big time. Yeah, I went down the rabbit hole, single week at the Alford for me. Pop tarts and TikTok. I had no...

putting kids in bed, you know, an extra 30 minutes. So I had golf tips and I don't know. Any food, food tips? Yeah. And conspiracy theory. Like, I don't know, like I got to I got a lot of Taylor Swift in her breakup right now. Those are the bulk of the conspiracy. I did see a couple of those. Those hit those hit. Please respect my morning in this time. Yeah.

And then Elon Musk, again, I feel like it's, we should just change the section to the TikTok and Elon Musk news. Elon Musk says that Twitter will finally remove the legacy check marks on 4.20, April 20th. Initially the removal was slated for April 1st, but the deadline passed without any changes. In an interview with BBC, Elon claimed media is a driver of misinformation. Shocker. He also tweeted about giving a few weeks grace period to existing blue check mark accounts. So the only way to get it is to buy it now. Yeah.

I didn't quite realize that he was completely doing away. I didn't either until I read this. I thought he was, now I know at least Instagram told us pre-verified people we would be keeping it. We'll see what happens there. But like, yeah, interesting. You know, I don't fault him. Like it's his platform, if he wants to charge. He's urging businesses and media brands to pay $1,000 a month for organizational verification. And the New York Times as of now has refused to do so.

You know, the guy's got some balls. I mean, like, you know, like I'm loving or hate him, but like, you know, it's his platform. A lot of people have made a lot of money and grown a lot of awareness. It's a free platform. I mean, it's been free for a long time. So if he wants to charge as a way to get a, for you to get a better experience or more awareness. Sure. Like I said before, it's just the ads, you know the way.

It's his prerogative, you know, and you can do it or not do it. Does it not just seem like he's bored, though? Like there just seems it just feels like every week the eclectic billionaire just kind of comes up with new ideas. Well, this to me, I do think that as well sometimes. But in this case, he spent. A 40 billion, you know, whatever it was on this, and he needs to make them. I mean, he needs to make it profitable. So as a business person.

This is more, okay, I understand, whether or not it'll work or not, I don't know yet, but I understand it economically driven to make an investment worth money. But in other cases, yeah, it does seem like sometimes he's just doing shit. Just whenever we're too much money. Because I can't. I feel like he's playing a higher level game sometimes, and then sometimes it feels that way. Right.

And I think that's part of the intrigue, right? Oh, absolutely. It's part of his brand, if you will. I mean, he's obviously a genius. I mean, like, no, let's not kid ourselves. Right. I respect the hell out of his intelligence. But sometimes I feel like, OK, he's just outmaneuvering everyone. Then I'm like, right. It's like, are you too smart for common sense? Like what's happening? Yeah, it is like then you get into the conspiracy theories. Like, does he know this doesn't really make sense on the surface? So he must know something we don't. Right. Or is it just?

Right. An eccentric billionaire that has more time than he may never know. They didn't have more time, but more money, maybe. Right. Right. So that's all we got for social media for now. We'll keep up to date with who's going to refuse that blue checkmark. But on to marketing news, Haynes breaks the stuffy Victorian era conventions with help from Blondie. This is a great commercial. If you haven't watched it, I highly encourage that you do.

Haynes is offering a twist on the Victorian era with a new campaign set in its founding year of 1901. I had no idea that Haynes was that old. And in this spot, it takes place in Victorian era, probably England, who knows? And everyone's in their layers and layers of Victorian era clothing. And then they take it all off and they're wearing their cotton underwear and dancing around to Blondie. It's very, very fun. It's going live around, you know, playoff time. So currently, and it's a fun little makes you think of Haynes differently than.

I get Haynes and Fru The Loom confused all the time. And I feel like now I will. There was a good old classic Fru The Loom commercials. Like Haynes is always the one that I think was like the first time I felt a little odd seeing grown men in tighty whiteys. Like totally not just like, uh, okay. Right. Right. It's like there's nothing funny or sexy about it. Yeah, exactly. Like it's just tighty whiteys. You know, but she vomited underwear. But the this spot is.

I think very, very smart and not that it's a rebrand, but it definitely made me think like I don't think I've ever thought of Haynes outside of when I see them in Walmart. Did it feel like it was a I haven't seen it yet. I know you I'm going to it's on my list of like watchables here, but is you know, the NBA market where they're talking about its platform, did it feel like it was going to impact that market?

Like that was the only disconnect for me. I was kind of reading through it. I hadn't seen the spot yet. I was just like, it's a little disconnect with that audience to me. But I think it's, I think what I love weird. And I think that it is just weird enough to make you watch it. Okay. And like think about it when you're at the store, like whether or not that will actually push conversion. I do think it, and again, like, you know, music is a huge, has a huge role in these spots. And Heart of Glass is such a great song and very recognizable. So I think that they have enough

positive weird things going for it that it will at least, you know, jar your memory when you see Hanes at the store. Yeah, well, that's what you have to do to break through these days. Yeah, entertainment first. Entertainment first. Sales second. Yeah, onto some TV news. Google TV is expanding its free streaming lineup to over 800 live TV channels, including Tubi, Plex, Haystack, and more. You're a Google TV guy. I am, I got on this bandwagon, two, three, whenever. In the beginning. In the beginning.

Like it's kind of like I threw out all my hard media. Yeah. Sounded interesting. The CDs, DVDs, the moment you could have like digital media with music and movies, I like I had the DVD like sold with garage sales, whatever you do, like all the hard disk we're gone. And same thing with like streaming, like the moment I can get rid of cable.

Like, and go with a streaming platform that you could use ubiquitously no matter what device you're on or where you're at. I was on this bandwagon. And I think they've done a good job. There's the DVR system's really cool. Like, and having all that accessible no matter what device, you know, laptop, TV, on our boat, TVs, like wherever, like having all that content in the cloud and available.

I've wanted the UI to get a little bit better, but it's good enough once you figure it out. It's a little clunky when you first start using it. Sure. But it's, I will say this is reliable. Like, you know, you use these types of things and you're like, all right, how many times is this gonna go down or something like that? If you've got internet, it's worked. So I'll give Google credit with the quality of the technology. Streaming service. Yeah. And so adding more, you know, free channels, great.

That's important with getting adoption and things like that. They're going to have premium content like Westworld that'll be available through licensing deals with Warner Brothers. So you don't have to have, you know, what HBO to stream it. Yes. And what's confusing, though, is there's a difference between like YouTube TV and Google TV, like Google TV is like the app interface and then YouTube TV is like the purely paid cable live component. Totally.

I kind of want to see where these worlds come together integration, the integration. And because I that seems like you, you go good to Google, YouTube, YouTube, Google. Like, obviously, YouTube is an app as a video search engine of content is is different than Google, right. As the company, right, which has a lot of things under its umbrella beyond search engine, sure devices, other things. But.

I still think there's like this disconnect like Google TV versus YouTube TV. Who's going to buy the first? Who's going to buy them? How do these integrate? Like what's the OS here? Like what? Ultimately, they've got to figure that out because related related to that. Yes. YouTube TV, which I have on my Google TV. This gets really convoluted in the weeds like a nesting doll. Sunday ticket. Yeah. And.

was pumped to see this, which is why it's social house here. We I went with YouTube TV, which I have at home, which we just discussed because I knew this was coming. I saw this get signed. And that's a big deal watching a lot of the games that was men. That's NFL's most popular sport in the world and definitely in the US. I say the world is growing in the world. I think it's that in soccer, like one to being on it is growing in Europe a lot too. So.

It's a big deal. It's expensive. It is expensive. I mean, obviously for a business that we have like reasons for that and like as a cost center, it's not that high, but like, but for a family, two, three, 400 bucks. Yeah. Well, and I think that there's also a piece of, not to, you know, age you or anything, but I am only ever used to spending maybe 20 bucks for my TV, cause like I only use streaming platforms. So the thought of spending,

three digits on my television, which my parents have done their whole lives. There's like absolutely not. No, I won't. Yeah, you can come watch it. I'll go to exactly. I'd rather pay nine dollars a month and get it at social house. Yes. See, it really has to value to our to our package. It does. You know. Yes, it does. So it mentioned two forty nine. If you sign up early, I'll be getting that early. But it increases after June 6th. Yeah. Heard it here first, folks.

Exactly. So if you didn't know Direct TV, switching YouTube, it's a big deal for for legitimizing, you know, YouTube TV is a legitimate cable TV, live TV player because, you know, Direct TV was a satellite, but you still have all the equipment and stuff like that. You know, this is purely app streaming driven. Yeah. Like so you can get it anywhere.

For sure. That has the app. That's a good point. Don't need and I know DirectTV's introduced some of these streaming packages, but only the last year or two. You always had had the clunky damn satellite attached to your house. We had a giant satellite in the. In my backyard growing up. Yeah. Back in the day. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. One of those like one of the massive. Yes.

Oh nice. I think there are pictures of me sitting on it. And you were at Bob Jones, I thought they just used those for like, getting porn back in the day or something. This was before Bob Jones, this was when I was like, you know, before my brother was born, so I was two. Okay. Yeah. My aunt and uncle had one of those, I thought it was like the coolest thing. Oh it was awesome. They had like 10 acres and like, they had a big satellite. Yeah. I'm like, you know. That was a memory like that was dead in the recesses of my mind till this moment. Skinamax. Ha ha ha. Something like that. Something like that, yep, yep, yep.

Well, that's all we got for today. Yeah. Last thing we want to mention. VK. We're taking one this weekend. Yeah. Taking a VK. Yeah, literally, like literally or figuratively like I will be like, I will be consuming a VK. Yes. Part of a partner with VK. Official wellness partner of the Radcast. We've got look. Third party lab tested. All the ingredients, you know, you're getting this is about health and wellness. It's not about.

gas station cheap tricks. Right. That's what I call it. Which every time I go in there now, you know, having partnered with VK and some future things we'll be announcing like, I'm now like ultra like paying attention to what's at the counters and all that. And it's like.

One, some things are just totally deceptive, like trying to be clinical. And then there's just the whole other line of like, OK, I don't know what is really in this bottle and what it how much how much is in this what am I actually putting in my body? I have no idea. And so that's why we're proud to part with VK. We know exactly where the products come from. Third party tested and low dosages that only get what you want out of it, not what you don't. They've got something for everybody. They really do. And the sleep gummies are great.

my stepfather is still bothering me going, send me more, send me more. Like we'll just order them. And I think it's like, once he knows like I gave him a taste, it's like, all right, he's got it. Like I'm gonna send him samples forever. Like dude. They're not addictive. They're just that good. No, he just literally can't sleep. Like you were giving him like an extra hour of sleep, which it does for me when I'm feeling like I'm not gonna sleep well, I'll pop like half one. Oh, I've been on, like I have.

You know, insomnia, like my doctor has not prescribed diagnosis with insomnia. And I've been on all kinds of sleep meds that make me feel like shit in the morning. And this is the only thing I've taken that doesn't, I don't get like night terrors or wake up groggy. I cannot speak highly enough about these products. So, disposables and a new roll-on CBD pain cream that's coming out or a roll-on, excuse me, that kind of like icy hot, but with CBD and natural ingredients.

That's coming out in the next couple of weeks. So proud partner of VK, the official wellness partner of the Radcast. Give him a shout out at takeavk.com. Yeah. And on Instagram at vk.lifestyle and vk.global. There you have it. Give us a follow. Yep. I think that's all we have for today. All we got. Give me a beautiful weekend. Yes. I hope wherever you are, however you are, whenever you are, you have a great.

Rest of your day. And if you're in the Greenville market, Greenville area, we have our very first social house market on Saturday, April 15th. So tomorrow. Yeah, so you better, if you're listening, if you're one of our loyal Friday listeners and you're in the Greenville or South Carolina area, come support, it is gonna be fun. We've got 40 different vendors. It's gonna be amazing. I cannot wait. So come check it out at social house. You can just look us up at social house GVL on Instagram.

We appreciate everyone. We couldn't do it without you. You can find us at theradcast.com, find all the highlight clips and all of the episodes. Ryan Alford for Christina Yassi. Sawyer on the ones and twos. We'll see you next time on the Radcast. To listen or watch full episodes, visit us on the web at theradcast.com or follow us on social media at our Instagram account, v.rad.cast or at Ryan Alford. Stay radical.