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The Week of April 21, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Elon Musk wants to develop TruthGPT

April 21, 2023

The Week of April 21, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Elon Musk wants to develop TruthGPT
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Ryan and Christina share the latest marketing and business news, including Chris Hansen's partnership with Ryan to explore natural product trends of Vaycay and Elon Musk's new project, TruthGPT. Tune in for all the details!

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Welcome to The Radcast! We've got the latest marketing and business news for you on this lovely Friday, April 21st, 2023. Join Ryan and Christina as they discuss some of the hottest trends in the industry, including Chris Hansen'swww.takeavaycay.combecoming an equity partner of Ryan as they work to dive into the exciting world of natural products and how they can help us cope with the challenges of today's world. And, of course, we'll touch on Elon Musk's latest project: TruthGPT, a groundbreaking AI that seeks maximum truth, and more! Don't miss out on all the spicy details!

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Alford.

Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, April 21st, 20th, 23, our weekly marketing, advertising news of the week. What's up, Christina Gassi? Not much, just my allergies.

But my seasonal depression is cured. So, you know what? I'll take it. Hey, I think one sounds better than the other. Look, I put a, Claritin's my friend. I may be the old OG, like, allergy drug from 20 years ago or whenever it came out, but that just cleared me up. Claritin D keeps you going. It's also stimulant. Is it? Yeah, that's what the decongestant. That's why you can't. I don't take Claritin D, I take Claritin. You don't make the kind you can make meth out of. The rhabidin or whatever, loramin, naga, naga and all that. You're like, no, I just do the organic stuff.

That's good. How are you doing? Good. Yeah looking spring and yes. Yes. I got my festive colors on Yes, thank you. You're repping the repping the brand the other brand. I know the other brand like news on I know it's interesting You have sponsors and sometimes you believe in the product so much you become a partner and so I am officially an equity partner in vacay we have four partners in the business and

going to be helping them with marketing and promotion and selling lots of wellness products. Yes, global. Going global. Listen, I'm a big fan. It is. Chris and I have gotten to know each other really well. Chris Hansen, another one of our equity partners, got to know each other real well on event. And so that's what led them to becoming a sponsor on the Radcast and us trying and using the products and believing in them. And then I was like, yeah, we just got into further discussions and bada bada bing came together. Here we are.

Exactly. It's always a vacay on the Radcast. I love testing these products. I will say it is. I'm happy being a guinea pig. Look, there's so many unnatural ways and unnatural things that seem to be flying by these days. I can get behind Chris's story and what we're going to be doing with vacay, the product line we have coming out and the natural wellness opportunity, I think, to go mainstream and really destigmatize a lot of the alternative.

wellness avenues. Exactly. And so I think a lot of people in a world that's strung too tight and very, everybody's running hard, the news is negative. There's all these things. I think we need ways to relax naturally and things that are better for you than the alternatives are now. Run and offer you balance as opposed to totally checking out. That's right. And so really believe in the product and really excited about what we're gonna do with VK. We're still gonna talk about it on the Radcast. They're still, they're almost directly, but we wanna be transparent about their,

our partnership, but we are going to talk about it because we do think a lot of our audience, this fits right into them. And we want to destigmatize hemp based products. Some of the great things they're having with functional mushrooms and different things. And this isn't about tripping out and going to the gas station. Like things that we've talked about, this is about using natural functional medicines or nature's way of helping us deal.

I can break my stigma around these products. Anybody can. And I just cannot say that enough because I was definitely and we're going to have both mainstream and non-mainstream things. We're going to have multivitamins and things that aren't. This is not all just CBD and these things. Merch. That's right. You and I are both a sucker for. Yes. We're going to make this more of a lifestyle wellness brand than a.

ingredient brand. Exactly. It's not about the ingredients. It's about the impact. The feeling. Yes. And so really excited about that. If you want to learn more, go to takeavk.com. You can learn about the products, the merchandise, where we're headed as a brand. You're going to be seeing lots of news. We're taking this brand worldwide and really excited about that continued partnership, but on a more direct level. Indeed. Yes. So have you seen Elon Musk trying to develop truth?

GPT a Maximum truth-seeking AI. Yes. I I like the premise of this But it feels like Elon Musk is trying to become God which I think is hilarious You know, it's a minute interesting is Donald Trump's social media is truth social, right? So truth LGBT Going on I don't know. I think I do think it's scary You know what I've read and talked about the last couple weeks about what this could do the misinformation

But I'm pretty pun intended high on on GPT chat GBT right now. I do think it is a Titanic shift in our ability to.

get information and to utilize it for a lot of different purposes. Yeah. For writing, for marketing, for different things. We're certainly embracing it as an agency and what it can do. And I think you would be wise to leverage it the best that it can be. But no, there's going to be bad players. So it's just being careful. And this is where I hope the government can step in or whoever is going to police this, the companies themselves manage it. And I don't know. I think

If you aren't, I think this has the potential to be like the Internet was 30 years ago. Sure. Like this. When everyone else was talking about the metaverse, we were panning it. And I was because I didn't I see that 10, 15 years, maybe down the road. But I just thought it was way early and I didn't see it as being this titanic shift in what it really enabled. For sure. Felt gaming, chat, GBT and this jitter of AI. And what I would say we're transitioning from

asking questions and getting search results into asking questions and getting answers. And it's about answers and not about questions or having to filter through it. It gives you the best of the, it gives you a really good answer. And it would give you a better one if you give it more information. So that's the regenerative part of it. And it's really powerful, I've played with it. And so, what Elon's doing with the spins of...

Truth. Yeah. How about Dare GPT? Oh, my God. That's a horror movie. There you go. Not truth is truth or dare GPT. How far would you go? The movie waiting to happen. Wasn't there a movie? Yeah, yeah. All right. Oh, that's the horror movie. Really bad one. So terrible. But we'll see where all this is going. But you do need to be learning about it. And we're going to keep talking about it here on the Radcast. Yeah. Yesterday was 420. And to celebrate Jack in the Box.

I do, I love Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box is one of my favorite like, trashy fast food restaurants. But they stationed food trucks all across California and were selling milkshakes for $4.20. Yeah. Look, look, lean into your audience. Jack in the Box is donor food. It is, it totally is. Those 99 cent tacos. They know their audience and they're feeding it on all levels. Literally. And I don't, the whole stigma, all this stuff, everything's becoming.

a little more acceptable and not so taken so seriously. At the end of the day, you're gonna have people abusing different things, no matter what it is. People abuse protein powder. Yeah, exactly. It's fun and they're leaning in their audience from a marketing perspective, I respect that. And look, it's part of the culture of that whole industry. Yeah, yeah. Hey, you're leaning into it, it makes sense. They had a lot of fun with it and...

I don't know. It's a smart way for a non-cannabis based product or brand rather to lean into that. Yeah, safely. Yeah, yeah. Not getting banned. Exactly. So cool. Fun stuff. We do have some Radcast news. Hope you listened to, speaking of GPT, Rob Lennon. You know, what I would call, the biggest thing with chat GPT in these things is knowing how to prompt the...

the chat. What do you ask it? What are the prompts? A weird word for me. But what are the questions that lead to the answers that you need? Sure. Hey, I've always thought the people that ask the best questions were the smartest people because it tends to generate answers that are compelling and interesting. More usable. And so this is the same thing. For you to get the best out of chat GBT, you need to ask it the right.

questions and that is universally being called prompts now. And Rob is one of the best at that and has really been down the rabbit hole with this software, been using it for multiple years. You don't get known as the AI whisperer for nothing. So a fascinating discussion. What a title. That was this week. But he's come out with a podcast where he has a co-host that is AI, 100%.

a voice that he's made up. He's using and developed this 100% where, and it's a little bit of behind the scenes editing, but he has the conversation back and forth and it's another, it's AI that's doing it. It's really fascinating. He's launching it in like two weeks, the first episode. Oh, I'm excited. What's it gonna be called? I'll get it. AI and me, I don't know. I don't remember the name of it. AI and you. Listen to the episode, he may have mentioned it. There you go. We got so knee deep, like him and I, I guess went down the rabbit hole. I was asking so many questions. It was like,

It was like getting answers, but I don't know if we got like specifics or what it was to be called, but I will say good fall Rob on LinkedIn. If you're listening, great follow. And he will teach you how to get better prompts. You'll see about his podcast and a really great guy overall. So that was this week that launched on Tuesday. So if you haven't listened, go check it out. If you have any interest in the chat, GPT AI, where things are going, what the challenges are, some of the scary stuff. This is the episode.

So go give that a shot. Next week, we've got a best of entertainment and entrepreneurship. We do have a lot of superstars. And over here to my right on the wall of fame of our Radcast, it's growing up about eight or nine new art pieces coming in two weeks. But we do have a lot of them, a lot of them have really fascinating business and entrepreneurial journeys. So we're doing the crossover of where entertainment and entrepreneurship meet. It's exciting. One of our best of episodes. That'll be a fun lesson. Next week on the Radcast.

I love my boyfriend and he's a great cook, which is just one of the many reasons that I love him. But this week we made a good rancher steak and I have to say he overcooked it. Oh, just a little bit. Call him out. But I was still so impressed with good ranchers because it still tastes. I mean, it was well done, but it was a.

Very good. Well done steak, which I can't say about a lot of other usually if you go to you overcook it, you're like, I'll pass. Yeah, no, actually, flavor was still good. Yeah, it was still tender. It wasn't too chewy. Just wasn't as we're going to give them a new tagline. You can't cook.

the flavor out of Good Rancher Steak. There you go. I really, again, I cannot speak highly enough for this company and the way that they ship their products, the fact that you get $240 of free bacon. I say that every single week because I love bacon so much. Lock in that price, which is great for- Let's go hog wild. Yeah. I see what you did there. Why don't we say that? Why don't we, like, chickens go wild too. Chicken wild, cow wild, mad cow disease, which these steaks don't because they're raised in America, born in bread.

great sponsor for us. You can use the code RADCAST to get a bonus $30 off your order. Look, here's the thing. This Friday I was heading out of the house. I was like, what are we going to do for dinner tonight? Being a thoughtful husband. Yep. And.

I was making my protein shake, got the fruit out, stared at me over there in the corner were two nice looking New York strips. That's their best cut. That's my favorite cut from good ranchers. I like set those things on the counter and those bad boys are gonna be thought out and on the grill talking to me tonight. And you know what they're not going to be overcooked. No they won't be. I believe you. We don't overcook in the offer family and we definitely don't overcook good ranchers because

It's steakhouse quality meat delivered right to your door and right to the Alford's stomachs this evening. It's so good. It is. Really is so good. Give them a shout out. If you don't thank us, text me, send me a DM.

And I might buy as long as we can figure out how to get it to me. I might buy if you do anything you don't like, I might buy it back. Right. You know, I don't know how to logistically figure that out, but I'll put my money wherever about this. So go to GoatRanchers.com order from them. You'll be thankful that you did until the Radcast sent you by using that Radcast code for $30 off our good friends at Good Ranchers, GoodRanchers.com. Yeah. So Instagram is getting in competition with Linktree and other multiple bio platforms because they are now adding.

up to five links in bio on the platform. This just happened yesterday? Two days ago? Wednesday. Wednesday? Yeah. And if we have music playing like taps or something for Linktree and the thousands of others. Yeah. So one thing when you build your whole tech around a service that someone doesn't have that they might get at easily. You don't trademark it, copyright it. Yeah, or whatever. But this is a long time coming. I don't know why they haven't had this. Yeah. But essentially.

on your bio on linked on Instagram, excuse me, you can access, you got your place for the link and usually you can only had one. And that's why people would use services like Linktree, which would then have five, six, seven, eight, whatever links you want. They've actually asked about the features, features, which may help them stick around. But now you can add up to five links on your bio. So call out different things for selling a specific product. If your other social platforms, exactly. And

Ways with which will be interesting if they allow. I hadn't done that. I linked to my home, my Ryanallford.com and like the Radcast and takeavek.com. But let me link to your TikTok. I imagine they would. That's what I'm gonna, yeah. That's what I gotta do. My link tree's in there, but it's vacay. But yeah, it's a big deal and it's gonna help. I think people transition like.

people from search to sell, from content to sell on certain things, and just to be able to spread more of things that you're into or interested in, making it easier for people to find it, because you can call that out specifically in a caption or something like that. Like click on link two in my bio. Long time coming and I hope they can add more functionality the way Linktree did over time, because it's got a lot of potential.

I guarantee you they will. Yeah. It does get bloated at times, but. We got some meta news too, not that it wasn't also meta, but they are opening up their social VR space Horizon World to teenagers. This is controversial. They announced the expansion of the social VR platform Horizon World to teen users in the US and Canada. They'll have age appropriate protections and safety defaults, but this has definitely been a long time coming. Still leaning into that game world. But.

You still have someone actually use it. Right. That's true. This is more of the audience that are probably gaming more. So this is where it but it does pose threats with just I don't know who walking around meeting strangers. If you're going to are you going to gate it to where only how are you going to keep and they have the right audience engaging through the right audience? And there is the parental supervision. What I think is interesting, you can meet strangers all over the world. Right.

whether it's a dating app or Instagram, whatever that looks like. And then if you meet them on those platforms, in my mind, you are more apt to try to meet them in person. And I almost wonder if there is some kind of safety barrier with metaverse technology where you feel like you've met them and you're not about to hop on a plane to go meet Big Thing 123 or whoever you're talking to. Just a thought in my millennial brain. I think these are all the right questions to be asked. I don't know. I just think that

The Metaverse is still a gaming first platform in general, even though there's still like 12 or 13. I think brands jumped on it quickly. But as we pan on the Radcast that it's early and it's not a mainstream use case for business and otherwise yet, it is where a younger audience is at. And if you're trying to market to them, then that's probably where you need to be on some level testing. But we'll see where it goes. And teens who game are much more mainstream.

Yeah, for sure. Then some adults, not all, but some adults who game. Can be a little more fringe. Agreed. So we'll see, stay tuned. We've got some marketing news. We've got a little bit about Netflix and a couple articles here. They, their ad supported plan is getting the support from 1080p quality and two concurrent streams. So they're upping the quality of their ad supported platform, which only makes sense. And it's gonna be at 95% plus parity with the standard plan, which is $16 a month. Yeah.

Very technical, this Netflix news. How many numbers can we have? 1080p, 85% with 170 million times 300. But here's one that's interesting. 170.6 million users are forecasted for the US this year, track with me, and 682.7 million globally with this plan are introducing broader password sharing restrictions this summer, which is, oh, I can't read, forget it.

something about billions of dollars with your password sharing. Yeah, in other words, the revenue is going up and they're gonna be curtailing password sharing even more worldwide so that you need to be on either ad-supported plan or your own plan. And the GAP, that's a big deal on your home screen. A lot of people watch it on their television screens at home. You're not gonna see, you probably didn't see it watching on your phone. You wouldn't see that degradation as much.

But now, but if you have the ad support plan and you're watching, you can tell. If you gotta watch ads, might as well be pretty. Yeah, exactly. What's the big deal for the ads too, cause like the ad experience, if I'm an advertiser that's running on the platform and I'm spending all this time and money on a big, bold, beautiful ad, I want it to be in this higher resolution qualities too. Cause it does get distracting when you have a user base that's used to seeing quality at a certain point. It's like watching.

television now in HD. Go watch a non HD program. It's like watching a play on a play recorded. It's so weird. It's jarring a bit, so it makes sense. And we'll see one way or another. You got to pay for it. Yeah, it's just it is what it is.

Nobody wants to hear that, but if you create something you want and you charge it for it, you need compensation for it. So it is what it is. I will mooch off my parents as long as I possibly can. But this next one's totally surprised me. I had no idea. Yeah, because you and I are both like, didn't that already happen? After 25 years, Netflix will no longer offer DVD delivery service.

So as of that will end on September 29th, 2020. I think I have some old Netflix DVDs like Santa Claus is somewhere that's kind of like library books. They're charging up. I got like a $20,000 fine at the library. I have a blockbuster DVD that we just never returned before Blockbuster closed. You are such a bad girl. Miss me with that. I think it's Monty Python. So devious. Actually. I didn't know where you were going with that, Monty something. But who?

I had no idea. Who's still doing DVDs by mail? Can you imagine someone out there, like someone out there who's done this since the beginning is pissed. Oh yeah. It's like grandmother somewhere. It's like, damn it. Remember when- You're taking away my DVDs? When they first started streaming and there were certain movies you couldn't get unless you, like they only offered it with the DVD option. Yeah. I'd always get so frustrated. I've never ordered a DVD from them.

But I would get so bad. You have that clear view, though. You could get any DVD. The Clearview player. We need to have a vintage technology podcast of stuff that's not even that old. Like a TikTok watching, like something that gets cut with the clear view or something. If it's just funny enough, I don't know how bad the jarring the cut is. Yes. Clear play, clear play. Now, clear play. Clear play. OK. Although the clear view sounded better to me. It doesn't.

Maybe you could bring it back. You can rebrand it. I know. So if you're out there and you're hoping to keep those DVDs, it's coming for you. So you're going to have to get rid of it one way or another. Or just keep the DVDs. You'll never know. This is maybe they'll donate them. I know. What do you do with all that? What's new in the Christina Yasi, the land of Christina Yasi. Tick tock divorce Disney princess. I've had a couple more go little viral. None quite like the first one. I've not been as consistent in posting as I need to be, but I am ordering some costumes.

and some crowns. All right. Mix it up. Got some fresh ideas. I'll be divorced. Disney Princess will be taken to the streets of Greenville to get some content among among the people. I like it. Yeah. We'll stand up. Oh, yeah. I'll be standing up. Sure. And I have a show, actually, a director reached out to me and wants to program a cabaret.

So that'll be in November. Currently writing one woman show, which is fun. Where can everybody find you on TikTok? Cry comedy is what I am now going by. There we go. C-R-Y comedy. C-R-Y comedy. Our home. TikTok and IG. Yes, Christina Yassi, she's very funny. No matter how many views she got on it, some are fun. I think some of the newer ones are funnier, but you just don't know what jogs the algorithm. The old algorithm. I know. Such a game.

Go give it a look. You'll laugh like I do and everyone else. So we do appreciate everyone. You know where to find us, the radcast.com, all the latest episodes, all the guest highlight clips, all the links to our great sponsors, including the wonderful cry comedy on TikTok. Thank you, thank you. Hey guys, for Crusty Diassi, Sawyer on the ones and twos.

I'm Ryan Alford, we'll see you next time on the Radcast.