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The Week of April 28, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Apple is Developing an AI-Powered Health Coaching Service

April 28, 2023

The Week of April 28, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Apple is Developing an AI-Powered Health Coaching Service
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If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, look no further—it's time for The Radcast! Ryan and Christina are here with all the expert insights on how AI-powered health coaching services (hello Apple!), Twitter verification processes 2.0, plus a side dish into Kraft’s surprising mayo love dating app match insight--you don't want to miss it! Tune in now for an engaging discussion that will keep you informed and up-to date on everything impacting marketing today.

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Key notes from this episode:

Welcome to the latest edition of The Radcast! Ryan and Christina discuss the latest trends, policies, and services transforming the marketing landscape. Tune in to hear about Apple's AI-powered health coaching service, Twitter's revamped verification process, and Kraft's claim that mayo love leads to more dating app matches!

If you want to stay ahead of the game, join us for insightful discussions and expert opinions. Listen now to stay informed and up to date with the latest news and trends in the world of marketing and social media.

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Alford.

Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, April 28th. Unbelievable. Twenty twenty three joined by the lovely Christina Yassi, as always. Here we are. Here we are. Saw your eyes on the ones and twos. We're here in a lovely studio here in Greenville, South Carolina.

South Carolina, 55 and raining. Chilly, a chilly spring. Here we approach May. A chilly spring. I have a sweatshirt on if you're watching and you're going, why does Ryan have a hoodie on? I know this never happens. It's a little element here at the studio. Anti-Ryan, yeah. But it is quite chilly outside. But still on brand. Yeah, still on brand. Got carrying all the brands. I have a vacay. I don't even know what I put on. Speaking of on brands, have you kept your branded?

verification mark on Twitter. Yes, I have. Spent the news a bit this week. I didn't have to pay for it. And then I Twitter was the last space that I got verified without paying for it. Like I think it was actually last year. This is the worst thing I've been verified for about like five years on every other platform and Twitter.

Finally verified me and then they charged. Of course, you get the five months later. Of course, you got to pay for it. And so I know that a lot of people, a lot of the magazines, a lot of journalists are like boycotting. Don't want to do it. But I've paid for it. And it's obviously no longer a vanity thing. Might be.

the reverse of a vanity thing, but right, Elon and very rarely, we it's always the secret algorithm. Yeah, all the platforms everyone talks about. I heard how do I get the most impact? How do I get it? There's just a good algorithm. It's out to get me. Elon has told you that's the voice giving you a peek inside everyone's head with the algorithm monster. And you once told you if you pay for it.

I'm going to bump your reach up. Yeah, you get more reach. I'm going to prioritize. But what's odd is there are as of this week, I think as of like the 23rd, people who have over a million followers have still maintained the blue check mark, even though they're not paying. I know Elon Musk has come out and said that he'll pay for some of them. So there are some actors like Brie Larson has kept hers and tweeted about it. So it's illuminati. It is. Yeah. Yeah. The algorithm has a mind of its own. It's actually Twitter GPT.

Shut up, I can't even think that. It's controlling and saying, hey, we can't get rid of their check because something might have, I don't know. No, sir. But I will say, I just want more eyeballs to see the things that I'm doing. It's worth the money for the engagement. Because I don't want it to go down. If it was $100 a month or even 50, that would be a little more consideration. But for me personally, I know what it costs to run ads to get the same amount of increase. I couldn't run ads to replace the.

$12, $15, whatever it is. That's a good way to couch it. So that's the way I look at it. I think, look, I don't, again, we've been very transparent about not always understanding, knowing or agreeing with everything Elon does, but I don't think that Twitter's going away. Oh no, I don't think that. And I think a lot of people use it, and I think you're getting a little bit on your high box, I think, if you don't, if you wanna be that stubborn about it, to not get the same attention and reach and all that, fine.

I'm going to choose my battles elsewhere and like pay the money and keep moving. And right now it's serving you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I get that. We'll see. But it is interesting. I know a lot of people not doing it. Be fascinating to see if they stick to their guns. But when it starts impacting their pocketbook, if you're a reporter and you get fewer stories because maybe you don't have the reach you start. Yeah.

It does those type things come around. Right. If it has no impact on it, then who cares? But competitive platform going to come out as my question. Yeah. It changed the name to X Inc. Like Twitter, the legal name is now actually X Inc. or something like that. Like he's not going to change. He's not changing the name, the DBA. That's still a little. Yeah. Well, all his other stuff, like his PayPal, he owned, he was a partner in PayPal originally and before it was PayPal, it was like X payments or something.

He likes to add Tesla Model X. Right. He likes AX QRI TV. I don't know. But I think it's more for money. How you. Yeah. It's privately owned and not publicly owned anymore. So you can kind of shift the monies around for sure. And we'll see. But hey, if you want more reach, pay for the blue check. If you want to see. Yeah. Cheaper than ads. There's a practical advice today. Some practical advice coming on the Radcast next week or this past week. Yeah, we did another best of business.

and show business had some of our favorite. Yes, Jesse Palmer, host of The Bachelor. I call God, man. He's in Christopher Sean, who I saw on a show this past week. He's on you. And I was like, yes, he's on you. Days of our lives. He's done several. He's big in the animation voiceover for Batman and Batman. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Star Trek, I think, even. So cool guy. Really fascinating interviews. These kind of the best of each of those pulling out.

the business of entertainment and what's happening there. Also had SPN analyst. So Marty Smith, if you recall, football person, you'd heard them. If you've heard of Marty, good guy, good insights. And so yeah, some of the best of the entertainment guests that we've had. The superstars. And so check that out. Good summary. And we really appreciate them coming on. I need to follow up with a couple of those guys. The next week's a really interesting episode.

especially as it relates to we're getting to kind of this alternative wellness space with vacay caesar marin is Probably i'm going to describe caesar is one of the nicest souls on the planet. I'll start there. So that that'll open up He's an ex cnn producer for 25 years. Wow and left the company last year and he i've been consulting with caesar for a bit and I wanted to have him on because he is actually

a proponent and really behind microdosing mushrooms. So mushrooms are on all the news now. You're seeing it for like treatment of Alzheimer's and like depression and all kinds of stuff. And I'm talking about the legal, the illegal version, not functional ones. Yeah. And he's been microdosing for six months and he used to, he had a weed addiction. He was smoking weed like every day for like multiple years and microdosing got him off of weed completely. No other therapy, nothing else.

cold turkey pretty much after two weeks. Impressive. He's maintained that, he's really changed his focus and he's just trying to really bring it mainstream for what the benefits are and for people to just be talking about and have a dialogue about. Really fascinating discussion. If nothing else, you'll love Cesar. Super nice guy, so down to earth, but a lot of perspective. We talked about his time at CNN, some of his favorite stories, the coverages. He's done some really cool shit. Oh, I bet he's got amazing stories.

And so I really hope you'll check that episode out. It will be enlightening on many levels. And no, he wasn't like, we're not talking about getting high on mushrooms. This is my like bordered.

non-high getting dose. I don't know all my term. You do not. OK, copy. I like that. Not getting those. Yes, that's what it is because I didn't know. I've had to educate myself on the micro dose. Again, what is that? A little like Alice in Wonderland. Yeah. Kind of stuff. Yeah. But it does have a mental impact, but it's not OK. 30 minutes later, you feel something. It's more of an overall.

Mental wellness and feeling over like a long day or a full day over as you take it. So if you have any interest in microdosing or just the impact or some of the wellness stuff behind it, really interesting. Check out Cesar Marin's episode next week. Side about that. Good stuff. So even though it's 50 and.

chili in Greenville. Summer is coming and Good Ranchers, our amazing sponsor, the American meat delivered. They want to give you what you've been craving, which is a nice summer steak on the grill. Or if you're like me, the cast iron skillet, because I live that apartment life. I won't air fry it though that I refuse. I know that your favorite cut is

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Maybe the day is going to come when your boys will be able to out eat you. Oh, yeah, it's coming fast. When we have good rancher steak, I get out eating on the steak. My brother comes home for whatever. It's just he's an absolute garbage disposal. Yes. And he wants me to send him this. And I'm like, no, order it yourself. Use our coupon code. Yes. Give us some love. It's the proud meat of the Alford family. Hudson Clayton Nash and Hogan approved. American meat delivered. Yes. Good.

Tinder has a new verification process that will now use AI and video selfies. This is a little bit creepy. They're introducing an AI powered photo verification feature to ensure users are who they say they are and not catfishers or bots, which is great. Save first. This process requires video selfies as proof as well as a third party partner to manage the verification process. Smart. It is smart. I think it's a little unnerving, but look, it's moving fast. Every company needs to be having something like this.

because when you start making both audio and video of either of people, either existing ones or ones that don't exist, it's gonna take it to the whole nother level. And we've all been on those Tinder bumble hinge dates where they don't quite look like what they.

said that they look like. A couple of those. They also met Nicole and I met on match.com. There's a free ad for your match. You should come to be a sponsor. That's a freebie. The other one's going to cost you. But yeah, but yeah, like there was a few like. It's like that picture was older, wasn't it? So when you were 12, right? Exactly. So that was before you got your lips done. That's nice. Yeah. Wow. You've.

really been working out. No more. Now we're going to have AI verifications. Everyone's best picture. It was so funny. Here's the thing though. Photo verified members have a higher chance of matching with other users. So like they're also going to clue with the algorithm. So you're verified users.

have a better chance of finding love or whatever else you look for on these apps. But look, all these apps need to get ahead of this. So I applaud them for doing so. And if you're out there and you're using dating apps, just be extra careful. Apple is also in this game. They are developing an AI-powered health coaching service. This is brilliant. The service is known as Quartz, which will help users stay motivated to exercise and manage their eating habits.

The project is expected to roll out next year, so 2024, though it may be delayed or shelved. Apple's Health app will receive an iPad version this year and an emotion tracker feature, I'm gonna need that, which will allow users to log their moods and compare results over time.

This makes a ton of sense. This is functional use of AI and the metaverse in a way, the way that all realities and certain things like that. So it makes a lot of sense, especially meditation. I don't, I've tried to meditate. I don't know if I've ever gotten there. Get the Headspace app. It is, I'm obsessed with it. I think I need something like this. I don't know. My watch tells me to meditate. It's like, hey, hello, take a moment. I don't do it, but it does tell me.

I don't know, man. My brain just doesn't stop like that. I relax. Yeah, sure, sure, sure. Like this morning, like I woke up and I'm usually pretty good sleeper, but like I woke up and my brain just was like on fire. Yeah.

didn't go back to sleep, but laid there forever thinking about a hundred things. So that's, I know that's happened when I wake up and I have slacks and emails from you at one 40 in the morning and I'm like, Oh, someone didn't take a day. I tried to tame them or time them. Now I actually send them in. If you've noticed recently, if you get like seven for me at 9am, it's because I sent them late and I'm like, try it. So yeah, that's definitely one of those. So yeah, the mind of an entrepreneur, what do you do? It's a blessing and a curse more often than not.

Last article is my absolute favorite. It goes back to dating. Craft Real Mayo claims mayo love can lead to more dating app matches. And what they've done is come up with a campaign called Swipe Right for Mayo. And they took a person with two profiles and one had mayo in the background of the photo and one did not. And the photo with the mayo had a 74% increase on matches. Interesting. Yeah. Ah. Mayo lovers. Yes. If you wanna find love.

Start with the Kraft Mayo. I think this is a super fun campaign. Mayo is like such a divisive condiment. It is very, very either love it or hate it. I don't. Here's the thing with Mayo for me. I love it. Like you can't have tuna without mayonnaise. Like you can't have like, that's just me. If you don't like it, then that's fine. But.

I get turned off a little bit about thinking about what it is. Like, I don't like just want it scooped on my plate, like That was a good sound. That was a good sound. Like splat on my plate, like staring at me. But blended into ranch dressing or a marinade. Cupid's mayo. Yeah. And tuna salad, chicken salad. Come on, man. You got to have some. And it's got to be Dukes.

And not craft, sorry. We're from the South people. I know. Maybe you'll match even more with Dukes, though. Oh, yeah, Dukes should be our sponsor. The sponsor is today. Yeah. But.

It's you got to have it in some certain things. I don't have to have it on every burger. Or sure, do I like it? I think it probably adds to something, probably. But I don't. But chicken set like certain things like you can live without it. And I like that. But I don't want to necessarily think about the big blob of trans non trans. I was really grossing people out there thinking about or making your mouth water. One of the other. Yeah, it's one of the other or like a deviled egg. Or I think it has mayonnaise in it, too. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Salad or.

I don't know, something like that. All those southern salads. Yeah, some pickles. Oh yeah. Heck yeah. So we would both get this match. Yeah, I'd get it, but I don't know if I was, if I was single, it's been a while.

Don't intend to go back. It's a picture with the man on the table. I don't know if I would at least be like, so curious to know about your love for mayonnaise just to see what would happen. If you're a guy, though, and a girl, I was a girl is going to go for that. What are you doing? Hey, I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, that's what we got for today. Man, short and sweet. It is short and sweet. I do want to mention a couple of things that I've been hitting on my socials. It's been really.

I tweeted this yesterday, and then I posted on Instagram, I got a lot of comments on it. It's become really easy to imitate, and it's getting harder to innovate. And I think if you're a business owner out there, or a person out there, and you're doing content, doing different things, think about how you can push the needle, how you can break through because...

I think that it's become real easy to follow the herd and repeat trends and certain things like that. So I'm really trying to challenge myself to go yin when the other is yang. And so I think I read a stat that said for businesses, like if you're starting a business or doing something, literally if you come into a category that already exists.

If you're just trying to be better in a category that already exists, you're always fighting on only 24% of the market because 74% is owned by the category leader. And you're just fighting over the left over 24%. But when you start a new category, like a completely new category, you have a chance at 100% short term and potentially 75% forever and always if you stay the category king.

My friend Christopher Lockhead preaches about this all the time, and I think it's becoming more and more true as I watch businesses start, as I watch people do content, different things. And I'm like, a lot of people are just saying that it's like painting the same stuff. And so dare to be different. Yeah. Your motivation speech of the day here on the Radcast. Dare to be different. Yes. I'm going to make sure that are inspiration greater than imitation or innovation greater than...

Imitation. There you go. Love it. Yes. So there you have it. You need some stickers for laptops. I know. Hey, more merch. We do love our merch. Surrounded by stuff. We are stuff motivated people. Put it on my lamp over here and speaker. Yes. Any final words? No. Get that Good Ranchers. Yes. Go check out Good Ranchers. And of course, our official wellness sponsor, VK. Take a vacay.com.

Alternative wellness that's actually good for you and won't make you feel like shit the next day. Yeah, get some new topical Pain creams coming out coming cooling Cream and some functional mushrooms. So those will be out in three weeks More to come on that. We appreciate everyone. You ever find us the radcast com number nine podcast in the US on marketing and business As of today, we just shuffle around So appreciate all the love out there

Christina, where can I keep up with you? Cry comedy on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. There we go. I'm at Ryan Alford, all the platforms for Christina, for Sawyer. We'll see you next time. The Radcast. To listen or watch full episodes, visit us on the web at theradcast.com or follow us on social media at our Instagram account, the.rad.cast or at Ryan Alford. Stay radical.