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The Week of April 7, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Dunkin’ Staff Mistake Affleck for Damon

April 07, 2023

The Week of April 7, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Dunkin’ Staff Mistake Affleck for Damon
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Happy Friday, April 7th! Easter week has officially begun and what better way to kick it off than tuning in to the latest edition of The Radcast? Our hosts Ryan and Christina are joined by the Badass thinkers at Social House to bring you insider knowledge on the newest trends in business and marketing. With plenty of tantalizing tidbits, you won't want to miss out on this radness. Tune in now for insightful tips to help your company reach its goals faster than ever before. Happy Good Friday!

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It's Friday, April 7th and Easter week has kicked off with a bang! Join us for the latest edition of The Radcast as we explore all the newest trends in business & marketing. Our hosts Ryan and Christina are ready to bring you insight from Social House--home to some Badass thinkers who are fun and know businesses like no other. With insider knowledge galore, there are plenty of tantalizing tidbits that can help your company reach its goals faster than ever before...so don't miss out on this radness - tune IN now and have a Good Friday!

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Alford.

Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, April 7th, 2023. It's Good Friday here. Good Friday. Yes, it is always Good Friday with my good friend, Christina Yasi. This is Capital G Good Friday. It is Capital Good. Capital Good or Capital Good. Capital Good's fun. You know, Capital G. There you go. I love Easter. Sorry you're on the ones and twos. Coming here from Social House, the baddest, raddest, coolest studio on the planet. Pretty sweet deal. I say so myself.

joined by our friends on the wall over here, the wall of fame of the Radcast. Yes. They are our guardians. It's gonna be increasing in numbers here. We got some new artwork coming from some of the big stars that have come on the show. We need a bigger wall. I know. We're not the expand. Push this wall out. We'll just like rotate it out. Like some people are here Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We just remodeled that. I need to, let's hold on that for a bit. Before we get Steve back in, over. There you go.

My dad, I pull him out of a semi retirement to come over and build things. You know, he loves it. That build bar, the wall. All right, son. All right. Let's make you this two by four. We won't let him. We'll protect you. No. So it's Easter weekend. Yes. Also the Masters. Yeah, it is. I'm hoping that combines. I have a really sad story. I used to be a single digit handicap golfer. It was a very good golfer. I mean, like got down to about a six, seven.

6.7 I think, like candy cap. And I haven't picked up a golf club in two years. Like once it's just at a certain, well what happens is when you have kids and companies and a wife, at a certain point your kids get like, I was able to play, there's like this transition period where your kids are young enough, you still sneak out and play. Cause they're not in.

every sport yet, doing everything. But now, I mean, once that your life is not like making sure their life and like, honestly, I love golf. But, you know, you just go, I'm going to do this. I want you want to do that. Right. And it's just like something has to give and five hour rounds of golf was what gave. That's what gave. Hmm. So now, you know, watch the Masters and go. Could have been me. No, I definitely. Oh, God. If you knew like when you play golf.

The difference between like a one handicap amateur and like a pro is like 10 strokes. Like it's technically one, cause they're scratch golfers or plus one, two, three, whatever they are. It's way more than that. The difference is so like I have friends that are scratch golfers and I've played with pros and it's.

Night and day. I need you to know you're just saying words to me right now. I have I have absolutely no idea. But like the elite of the elite, it's kind of like NBA. Like, oh, I'm a good basketball player. I could play with NBA player and, you know, yeah, good luck. Like the eliteness of the right hand eye coordination. And I call it the dispersion of the ball. Yeah, it just like when they're not under the pressure of a tournament and they're just out playing, their dispersion is like three feet right or left. They know exactly where that ball's going.

And even like a scratch golfer might be 10, 12 feet right or left, which can mean the difference of first cut a rough or not. Yeah. And I'm is crazy. Anyway, lots of skill. I mean, it's it's why it's called the Masters. It's probably the hardest game on the planet. Oh, and the mental fortitude of it, too, I think is, you know, every shot. It's just 18 holes. It's five hours a grind. You know, so much money. Anyway, it's a lot of money. But I will be watching the Masters. We'll see if Tyre Woods can rekindle the glory.

Again, Rory McElroy. I like Rory. Yeah, but Rory and Tyre like buddies. Yeah, for sure. Well, it's good for Rory is good for Tyre. Fine, I just think Rory's cute. Is that what you wanted me to say? Is that what you wanted for me? Hey, I like Rory. Rory's like the good guy in golf. Yeah, yeah. Like how are you not rude for Rory? They're all so nice too. That's the thing, you watch them and they're all, they're really just competing against themselves and not each other. Phil Mickelson used to be a dick. I think he's a little, he's mellowed out a bit. He's not as nice. Sure. But he's not as.

popular on the tour. Fans liked him, but anyway, I've met a lot of guys, but not Phil, but heard he can be kind of a dick, but who knows? Who's to say? These guys, I mean, you know, they're under a lot of pressure. They get a lot of fans driving them crazy. Right. It's like, these guys are probably all probably, most people are decent. They just might handle it different. It is funny though, like the celebrities that you just know would be nice, you know, like Matt Damon is one of those.

And so is Ben Affleck and they're in that new movie air. Yes. And there's a follow up. I know we talked about the Duncan ad a couple of weeks ago, initially with Ben Affleck, because he's a self-professed Duncan lover. He was in the drive throughs. Yes. And with this one, the joke of the ad is that Duncan mistakes Ben Affleck for Matt Damon, which I think is fantastic. Pretty funny. It's a cute. You know, they really don't look anything like that. I just think there's some.

out of a common... Good will hunting. Good will hunting. Exactly. Just always associated. Both of those guys, I mean... But they both seem nice, you know? Ben's had his issues, but he's never seemed... Like an asshole. Like an asshole. Right. I mean, there's probably like four guys in Hollywood that would be on my short list, like go have a beer with. They'd probably be two of them. Sure. Ryan Reynolds is up there too. Reynolds would be number one. Ryan Gosling. All the Ryans, really. Ryans. I think Clooney's up there for me.

just because he's just such an iconic badass. And like, I just, I don't know. I feel like I've learned something from him. Totally, I hear that. Yeah. I hear that. Yeah, so, but the air movie looks pretty cool. I mean, Jordan's background, his drawing story behind it. I wanna see it, yeah. So that was my air. I mean, that was, I had Jordan posters all over my wall. Like I had, I mean, like so many Air Jordan things that I wish I had kept and kept in perfect condition. This is...

You know, you know, a lot more money than things you wish you knew. Yeah, like it's things you wish you knew. Yes, because I had too much geared shoes or anything else. And, you know, I was like the kid, though, we were not the kids that were like keeping things. You know, once the Jordans like worn out a little bit, I'm cutting grass in them like, you know, like I'm wearing these things out. Yeah. You know, once they got to the next level and so cost per wear would have been worth much. But, you know.

Kind of like all the G.I. Joe's. That's why you gotta get famous. And then it's like, hmm. These are the shoes that Ryan Alford used to mow his lawn. I know, hey. If only. We'll see. Gets Insta-famous. Yeah, there you go. We'll see how it goes. It's my goal. We got some rad news. Yes. Always. This week we had Dr. Amy Shaw, Sawyer and I, Sawyer was on the ones and twos there, and we got to listen to all the foods we should not be eating, as I asked her repeatedly if I could have Doritos or Oreos.

Red dye, red food dye? Yes, the gut determines your mood. The food determines your mood, but ultimately, your stomach. That bacteria. Very knowledgeable, and always tied it back to, we're all trying to get the best out of ourselves, and it starts with what you eat. Dad and sleep, I mean, good grief, every time I turn around, I'm like, sleep and what you eat. The basics, it's like, no shit, but like.

Yeah, right. Why do we make this harder? Yes, we do all make it harder. But Dr. Amy Shaw is here to make it the best in her book. Why am I so effing hungry? Oh, I like that. Yeah, I like that. So check that out. Dr. Amy Shaw that released on Tuesday next week. Better release a promo on this. My good friend Michael Hobby, lead singer of A Thousand Horses.

Smoke he brought it he brought all the smoke number one hit from a few years ago that I didn't realize how big that hit was most of the research something like when blew up blew up like Triple whatever the gold platinum diamond, whatever they are and it was like all over those numbers Michael's cool as shit. They have a new album out that I am wearing out on my phone Yes, it's really good. Your kids like it. They do like that's a hit dad. I'm like, I know shit son

Well, but Michael was great, excited about that new album. And, you know, I say this like I feel like it was like two guys having, you know, a really wide open conversation. He was so transparent about their journey in the music business and like the ups and the downs and like, you know, work in the restaurant business and then getting a call. And they're on, you know, things are me to work and the highs of the highs and the lows, the lows, you know. And it's truly like that that.

I say all time and success is a journey and not a destination. And I think their journey has encapsulated that. And so I think people really enjoy it from the business side of music and like just, I don't know, a really good story to hear. Yeah. So I hope everybody enjoys that next week. Michael Hobby, lead singer of A Thousand Horses. Good stuff. Yes. Going back to the importance of food and what you put in your body. One of the best things and.

my humble opinion to put in your body are Good Ranchers steaks, chicken, seafood, bacon, which is my favorite. And I have three reasons why all of our listeners should subscribe to Good Ranchers. First of all, you get $240 of free bacon in your first order. That is a pound and a half of bacon in every box. Wow. Which for me is still not enough.

And I'm not ashamed to admit it. I call that I think they say it, but that's I call that only unlimited bacon for the year. Oh, pretty much. You know, I mean, even at the Allford house, like me, where the Allford boys eat like, you know, two pounds of bacon every Saturday. It's a that's a I call that unlimited bacon for the year. There you go. And you can lock in your price to avoid meat inflation, meat inflation to combine that word. Every subscription gets a price lock guarantee, which is phenomenal.

especially in today's economy. Well, I can tell you, look, I've been, you know, until I started ordering and getting good ranchers at home, I saw this firsthand. Like literally, I go have, I get steaks or something, I'm like, okay, a couple of steaks, 25 bucks, whatever. The next week goes 47. I'm like, what the hell happened? Right, and then you got to stand in the grocery store and figure out, well, what is actually the organic or the like no antibiotics? And you know, by that point, I'm like, all right, tofu it is.

Yeah, exactly. So not anymore. Lock it in. Yeah. And then it's, you know, number three, you enjoy the highest quality meat in America. Plus, with our code Radcast, just Radcast, you get a bonus thirty dollars off of your first order. Yeah, I can't stress enough for people like the convenience that this has become, because it was always a lot of angst between my wife and I about the grocery list, because I didn't trust her to pick out the meat. I'm just going to be honest. She's really good at a lot of things, but picking out the meat.

is kind of my job. Sure. But I don't really want to go to the grocery store every time. Right. So now it's just it's on the front. It's right there. It's on the front porch. We stack it. It's flash frozen in the freezer. Amazing. We want a steak. We want a burger. Whatever we want, we pop it out. It's all about time you get home. Exactly. And steakhouse quality right to the door. And the portion sizes are perfect. Like they're just all pre-packaged, individual, individual chicken breasts, fillets, all that good stuff. Yes. Give our give a shout out to our good friends. And.

Ryan Allford and Radcast approved the Good Ranchers. GoodRanchers.com, Good Ranchers, the official meat delivery company of the Radcast. Of the Radcast. Yes, and Christina Iasi. Yes, it's a got a resounding yes from Marshall as well. So we got some Snapchat news, which feels very contradictory because Snapchat feels like old news, but they have safeguards now around its AI chatbot. We have a lot going on with AI, which we'll get to more of that in a moment.

but they've added an age filter and parental insights to its AI chatbot after it was found to be responding in an unsafe and inappropriate manner to children. Wild. Yeah. You always know, guard your kids and guard yourself from human predators, but you don't think about a computer having a dirty mind or being inappropriate. Yeah. I mean, there was an article this week, you know, down the same path that like a guy had like,

You got to mean you got to start to question like how how stable or how stable they were to begin with. That's like the chat, GPT throw him over the cliff and he was already kind of. He was like there already, you know, it was like the last. I mean, right, right. I like it. Was it a jump or a fall, man? I don't know. Jump or a fall? But it's it's still scary if there's not some limitations. Yeah, you know, some level of everything in moderation, including moderation. Yeah.

So, you know, I don't know where it's all gonna end. I mean, I think it's as good a time as any to bring it up. You know, freaking Elon Musk coming out, wanting people to kind of pause for six months on development. And I'm like, what? He saw something that scared him. You know, that's where my mind goes. How powerful it all is. With all that said, it's really powerful software. I went down the rabbit hole the other night with chat. I am a founding member, or whatever the hell you call it, on the list for their...

pre-releases, chat GBT forward and doing just some tasks. It really does help research and take some steps out of what we would normally do. I was gonna say, it just makes everything faster. Yeah, it still needs a human, like it's amazingly close. Yeah. It still needs some fine tuning. I think if you just start throwing your blog posts and different things out there, that's exactly what they write. Yeah. It'll come, it won't come off robotic or like,

that you would, I don't know that the average person would just go, oh, that's definitely AI, but there's something a little mechanic. But it still needs like an intelligent human behind it. A little mechanic to it. Sure. And so, but it has a lot of potential. And I think no matter what your field is, I would be, you don't wanna get left behind in this. Yeah. I think it's, if your peers are using this as a shortcut to do things faster and or better than you, that's a problem in anything you do. Yeah. So if there's a tool out there, it'd kind of be like,

You know, if you worked at a restaurant and suddenly a new pasta came out that cooked, that tasted exactly the same and it was cooked three times faster. Right. OK. It was like boxed pasta, right? As opposed to making it. Somebody's listening, going, no, it's got to be homemade pasta. No, I mean, I get it. It's like, don't be pretentious. Stop it. But if there's like an innovation.

Like, and you're not using it. You're going to get love. Sorbott is fine. Oh, yeah. I mean, macaroni and cheese. If that's seminal formula in the noodles that I make for the boys, I mean, I make my I mean, no craft at our house, but joke. Sure. We should stock in. I don't know if I might have it in my portfolio, but craft stock should be the offer family for the amount of mac and cheese eaten. It's only in like one of our sons. I won't name him to call him out.

only has four food groups and I'm not talking about groups, but four foods he eats and mac and cheese is one of them. Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets. Nope. Really? Mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, pop tarts. Okay. Everything on Dr. Amy Shaw's list. Exactly. The burger's natural, thanks to Good Ranchers. And like one of the candy. Okay. That's it. So your son is Buddy the elf we've learned. Yes, he is Buddy the elf.

and surprisingly thin and in shape and pretty athletic. So I don't know how. And it's not from a lack of beating. I mean, it coursing. We don't beat them around the offer. Just a little bit. Just, just, just right. Right, right. This next article, YouTube will live stream all six Coachella stages across both weekends. This is brilliant. YouTube announced that it will be live streaming all of the stages for both weekends.

Viewers will have access to exclusive merch and backstage pre-parties, as well as sets on repeat after the night's final performance each day. Look, I mean, you have a moment in time you're doing something that's obviously...

at its best if you're there. Right. But you're doing it. And so why not share that with a broader audience in as much in as immersive and as experienced as possible? And you don't have to use a porta potty. Yeah, exactly. You don't have to worry about what stuff you walk home with or leave or whatever you get out of Coachella. It used to be on my bucket list. And then I watched a bunch of like vloggers who were like, yeah, this is the line for the bathroom. And I was like, I wasn't meant to go to Coachella.

three miles long. I've watched this. But you can get the experience at home and they're making it immersive and adding the layers of the technology. The technology is there. So I think if you're having an event of any sort just about, there should be some kind of live interactive component, especially if you have a broad enough audience, you know, to where you can bring that experience. You get further brand reach. It's good for everybody. Like all these events have.

markers and reach and frequency tied to them on some ad level or something or sales. And so the more people, the more eyeballs and the more experience you can get out there, the better. So and they're contracted through 2026 with this. Yeah. And they're leaning into their own technology. Yeah. So true. There you have all we got for social media updates onto our marketing. Coca-Cola partners with Gigi Hadid on a food centric campaign.

Coca-Cola unveiled a new global campaign this past Monday on focusing on interpersonal connections created when people share a meal. The campaign is called A Recipe for Magic and combines the feelings you get when you eat with your friends in that community setting, which I think is smart to not just have it be coke centric. Mm-hmm. But you know, if you're gonna have a meal with friends... Do you like Gigi? I do like Gigi. Yeah. I just think she was pretty attractive. She's kind of ventured into a...

I think so much of it's trending. We could have a whole podcast on fashion. I think it's your fashion thing. Like she's turned it away from maybe the fashion style that I generally thinks should catch my eye. Yeah, absolutely. I hear that she's a little alternative. But, you know, Coca-Cola leaning in this, this whole new pure magic is like their their tagline. And, you know, I kind of always liked.

some of the simplicity of the earlier campaigns. Yeah. Yeah. Magic. It's Disney. You felt a little bit of a copycat. Do you love my Disney? Yes. Good transition there for you. I know we could start doing a Coca-Cola version. Oh, that's not a bad idea. I need all the help I can get on this stuff. Bring in a sponsor. Yeah. But this is also going to this campaign is going to support approximately 750.

market relevant influencers and chefs. Food-centric campaigns. I guess it's not necessarily coke recipes. Right. No, it's not like, you know, a coke meat rub or something. No, no, no. Pepsi and milk. Only Pepsi would do something like that. Silk. Coke and milk. With a C. Kilk. Or kilk. Man, not bad. Not terrible. It might work. Mocha Cola.

Yeah, I mean, I like it. I just like it. I like to see some recipes with Coke though, you know? It's gotta taste better than that Pepsi. And then next up, Clinique heads to music festivals with their immersive hub. The campaign is called Protect Your Glow. It's a sunscreen campaign. It kicks off April 14th with the Clinique Hydration House pop-up in Indio, California. This is in an attempt to kind of connect themselves with Coachella without officially saying they're an affiliate.

because they legally can't say that. But it runs during the two weeks of the concert. And this is specifically to target Gen Z, because again, Clinique is one of those brands that you associate with your mom and your grandma and like that lipstick that's the bottom of somebody else's handbag and not the brand that Gen Z tends to go for. Ding, ding, ding, ding. It's called borrowed interest, folks. So when you have the Super Bowl, you have the big game sale.

because you have a lot of people interested in the game. So if you're electronic store, you have the big game sales, so you get TVs. This plays right in the alley. They're trying to get to a younger audience. You have this huge event going on. You can't buy or don't want to buy sponsorship, but you can align with the dates. And it's so big and on so top of mind, you're getting borrowed interest. You're getting shared circle of influence. This is in the big boy marketing playbook. You know, this is what big brands do. This is what they do really well.

Sometimes covertly, sometimes directly. Directly would be, okay, Toy Story's out and we sponsor them on our McDonald's Happy Meals. That's a direct partnership. But here, they have an ability to tie into these dates with this audience and they know that this is the frame of mind that they're in for this event and they're trying to tackle an audience that they've had a difficult time getting perceptive to their products. So really smart.

and borrowed interest. If you aren't doing it, lean into it. It's the way, I mean, it's really what makes things viral in a way. I mean, it's a virility starts with borrowed interest a lot of times. This is kind of a tangent, but Clinique has a lipstick called Black Honey, and it went viral on TikTok. Like it's from the 90s, it was used in Lord of the Rings, and it went viral, and you cannot find it anywhere. Now there are dupes for it, and I think it's very, very smart for them to come back and...

really leaning to Gen Z because people are talking about it now, even if they're not buying more than this one product, there is that buzz around it a little bit. The irony of this is, you know, Clinique's always been an in-store brand and, you know, D2C has been so huge with all these one-off brands that have kind of come out of nowhere. So it's interesting to see, you know, a historic brand like Clinique in this space.

having to kind of play and delve into these channels in the way that a lot of D2C typically does. So, hey, you gotta come and play on their terms. So, makes sense.

This last article is my very favorite, which is why I saved it for the end. It is the Toyota ad and how they used their new GR Corolla to animate an ad without any VFX. Did you get a chance to watch this commercial? I did. This is phenomenal. Yeah, I couldn't really believe it. Oh, I watched it like two or three times because I was like, there's no way. But Toyota launched its Metal Morphosis campaign on March 8th to promote the new Corolla performance variant, the director Toby Pike and his father, who's an engineer.

worked together to achieve the no VFX concept by utilizing a car mounted camera to animate stills fixed on the tracks barriers. Yeah, you need to go check this out. Go to our good friends, the marketing dive. We get a lot of marketing news from there. Check it out there. You'll see it if you look up Toyota GR. I want this car. It was cool. Like I watched it a couple of times. It was like, I was like, I first didn't know how they did it. Then I kind of got it. But very high tech. It's like stop motion.

It's interesting too like for Toyota and their brand, you know, obviously the reliable car household And they've been in this doing these performance things. Yeah, I mean someone's gonna DME and go They've been doing that for 20 years. Sure like okay Yeah, if you bought a Supra for 100 grand like 20 years ago Yeah, but on the Corolla over pilot last 10 years 10 12 years Maybe in this performance base leading into it the younger audience. So really cool. Great ad. Anyway, check it out

Very cool. Worth a watch. Sometimes I'm like, hey, this is worth a watch. This is when I was like, I would post this on my Facebook. Radcast worth a watch. W-A-W. There you go. Put that on a bracelet. Love it. W-A-W list. We're just going to create new acronyms all the time. Here for it. One more thing we have to keep up with. I can do that. A spreadsheet. Very good. That's what we got. It's a good Friday. Hope everyone out there has a great Easter weekend. And any big plans?

I'm going to the beach with my family. Okay. It's the first time my brother's been not at training on that weekend. And it's also his birthday. Nice. So, some family time. Very good. Yeah. It'll be family time at the Alphords like always. Bunch of dudes. The dude farm and Nicole. Ha ha ha.

For Sawyer on the 1s and 2s, Christina Iasi, I'm Ryan Alford. We'll see you next time on the Radcast. To listen or watch full episodes, visit us on the web at theradcast.com or follow us on social media at our Instagram account, v.rad.cast or at Ryan Alford. Stay radical.