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The Week of May 12, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Alcohol Purchasing Trends Are Changing

May 12, 2023

The Week of May 12, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Alcohol Purchasing Trends Are Changing
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Get ready for another exciting edition of The Radcast with your hosts Ryan and Christina! Tune in for the latest news in business and marketing, including 1-800-FLOWERS.COM's innovative chatbot, "MomVerse," which creates personalized poems and songs just in time for Mother's Day. We'll also discuss Taco Bell's inspiring music initiative, "Live Más," and explore changing trends in alcohol purchasing. Don't miss out as we share some juicy insider news about Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk's Twitter feud, and more. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, or just curious about the business world, join us for invaluable insights and trends that can take your business to new heights. Tune in now!

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Welcome to this week's edition of The Radcast! Our hosts, Ryan and Christina bring you the latest in business and marketing news. 

In this episode, we'll be discussing a wide range of topics, including how 1-800-FLOWERS.COM's new chatbot "MomVerse" can create personalized poems and songs just in time for Mother's Day, how Taco Bell is helping musicians "Live Más," and the changing trends in alcohol purchasing. Plus, we'll be sharing some insider news about Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk's Twitter feud, and more interesting news!

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, or just someone curious about the world of business, tune in to invaluable insights and trends that can take your business to the next level. Tune in now!

Key notes from the episode:

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Alford.

Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, May 12th, 2023. Our weekly business marketing and interesting news of the week. We barely missed Friday the 13th. We did. One day off. One day off. Friday the 12th. Just doesn't quite have the... No, it's not quite as threatening. Not quite as threatening. Yes. Christina Gassi, what's up? Yeah, not much. Saw your rice on the ones and twos.

We're here in a lovely studios in G Vegas, South Carolina, South Cackalacky. We got all the- With weather that makes sense, finally. Whatever. Yeah, it's- Nice and warm. Summer's coming around, 80 degree. I'm not gonna complain about it cause I bitched about it being cold wall. I can actually get on my boat. Love it. You spend 10 grand in the off season, you're ready to get on that bucket. Okay. It's- So are you doing this weekend? There's a saying that's boat stands for break out another thousand cause there's always work to be done. That's good. It's now.

Couple thousand. Couple, five, ten thousand, like everything. But it's all good, we're ready to roll and hopefully gonna be. Sweet deal. On the lake this weekend. Love it. What's to do with you? Not much, I'll be doing probably Artisphere stuff this weekend. Is that this weekend? Oh, I did see the tents going up. We have stuff every weekend around here. We do, especially where you live. Yeah. All the road closures. Exactly, yeah. Took me another 12 minutes to get to work today. Love it. And I took.

I knew they were closing the road, but I went the wrong direction because I thought this end was going to be, but the other, I guess it's both ends. I don't know. I just like kind of skirt past the construction and weave on. You have to. It's like, they almost made it look like you couldn't get through it all. I'm like, thanks, City of Green. We're really helping the business over here. But hey, today's the last day. Yeah. Friday. Allegedly. Allegedly. Knock on wood. We will see. Hope everyone is good out there wherever, whenever, and however you're listening. We appreciate you. We've got a few small, small.

Yeah, shooting the shit. Yeah. Tucker Carlson headed to Twitter. Makes sense. Had a video a couple of days ago. Now, it's in his next move. Yeah, he's Elon Musk. Elon Musk came out and said he's not being paid a contract. Yeah. And he's but he's trying to get out of his twenty five million dollar non-compete with Fox. So Fox Fox is still paying him. Yeah. To be clear, they don't want to go anywhere else. They wanted him off the air. They don't want to go anywhere else. Their ratings are tanking and.

It's fascinating. It's such a racket. It really is. And it's fascinating because we bring it up from the social media business perspective. He's going to go to Twitter and Musk came out. He's just going to benefit like any creator would from like advertising, you know, sponsorships, sponsorships and shares, which means I looked at like the video. It had 95 million impressions in less than 24 hours and 30 million views. So I think he's going to do OK. I would say so.

I would say so. I don't feel too bad. He will land on his feet. I don't hate Tucker. I don't like or believe everything he says. But I respect the hell out of the showmanship. Hustle. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah. He's got a shtick. It seems to work. And I do think he's, he does really a job of making you think he believes what he's saying. And the only reason is like, my wife says that about me.

That means you do like listen to the podcast. You really believe that don't you? I do believe that. We love conviction. Hey look, all this to say there's a lot of money to be made, a lot of attention on social media. If you didn't know, you didn't need the Radcast to tell you. It's a different world. I say this before, like social media is turning into TV. Like it's the modern television in a way. Yeah. And TV is the radio. Because you have it on and you're listening to it, but you don't look at it.

And the level at which, especially I'm not a famous person, surprise, but the level of, what's the word, entitlement that people think they have to you when you are like a personality or you create content, even on the level that I'm doing it at. I've been taking it back in the last couple of months with just.

the things people are willing to say to you. They'll give you whatever feedback you should do this or you should do that or how dare you do this or how you do it. One more person is like, Oh, a single Rella single. I'm like, yeah, but I'm not like, leave me alone. She's a character. It's a good way to make it bigger. New dating stick. I'm going to do, you know, that speed dating a single Rella. There you go. I like this. Caught this pre episode.

1-800-FLOWERS, Mother's Day is Sunday. So if you're listening to this ahead of it, you got two days. But dubbed the mom verse, 1-800-FLOWERS, they've come out with a chat bot that will create a poem for mom. Yes, or a song, or a limerick. A limerick. It was really bringing back my memories of what different poem types are. Right, when you learn, you're like a haiku, five, seven, five, oh yeah. I think it's a fun idea, because it's so much better than just, love you mom, on a sticker that arrives at the door. I agree.

I think you're going to see other iterations of this with AI and leveraging chat GPT, open AI and all this stuff with the way that it can personify, take on certain characters and styles and all that. I love it. I'm all about the AI. I got to show you a video. Joel, who's on our content team, he sent me an AI video of me doing a video.

I need someone besides me to look at it because obviously I stare at myself every day and I go, it looks like me, I'm like, but is it really like me? I'll show it to you guys. Yeah, I wanna see it. I wanna see it. I don't know how, it was pretty close to home. I think he was a little more striking than I am. Hey Joel, he's politically correct. Maybe a little better looking than I really am. But yeah, what else we got? The next one I love, and Sawyer, this is like for us, cause Taco Bell is feeding hungry musicians and helping.

them live live. Moss, a talented musician here. He's a brilliant musician, actually. Yes, I just write parodies. Sawyer's the real talent, but their Feed the Beat program continues to provide a connection between the brand and emerging artists through its partnership with entertainment marketing agency, the Syndicate. Taco Bell has featured up and coming acts on soundtracks for its ads. So it's a great like they're using new up and coming artists for all these commercials. I love what Taco Bell is doing with their ads right now. No, they're.

audience. It's really interesting when you see brands that really, pun intended, feed into their audience. Like they know it. Late night, they do gigs. They're just like, they get it. I do not eat Taco Bell. And then when I'm in a show, that's all I eat. I 100% eat it. Not regularly, but like probably once every two months. But when I'm leaving rehearsals, it's obscene how much Taco Bell I consume. Late night after a show or it's like, again, like you're saying, feeds, no pun intended to their audience. Very smart. It is smart.

We've got some alcohol news. We all enjoy it. There you go. At home drinking is on the rise and outpacing on-premise consumption. A lot of this has to do with a reaction to COVID, crazy inflation, but there was a survey done with 2000 consumers over the age of 21, of course, and it found that 23% drink more at home than people who go out. All right, self-serving here. This is the whole premise of Social House, by the way, which is...

You get to go out, but you BYOB. Yeah. So you get the benefits of the price point. You can store wine and liquor. So if you're in the grieville market and you want to patronize one of Ryan's other businesses without it's with, Oh, I happen to have a hat here. I didn't even, I just, the gear. Who could have foreseen? But yes, this is not shocking. And even businesses are being built around this premise. Yes. I do. I drink.

a lot way more at home than I do at home anymore. I don't. And I think it's just because I am not a huge, I'm really just a social drinker. So I will only drink when I'm out. And I've got a ton of wine at my apartment. But again, when you live alone, I'm always humble that the amount that I will consume, I can't blame anyone else on drinking the bottle of wine. It's just me. Yeah. So I take vacay instead. Well, I think ours is just with kids and family stuff. We don't go out as much anymore. So it's certainly.

how it is, probably need to drink less. Speaks to you. Same. Some rad news. Yeah, this week we had David Segura, founder of Glassbox Media. They're helping creators monetize and create IP around their podcasts. Things that we've done with the Radcast, but people that don't have a team, that don't have a marketing strategy, that don't understand how they go from a great idea and a popular show to monetization,

and really building a foundation of a business around it. They're helping this process and becoming a partner with them. It's a really great discussion, talked about podcasting in general, where things are going and what the big opportunity is from an IP perspective, intellectual property for podcasting with David Segura, also an investor of many other companies. Really fascinating discussion. That was on Tuesday, that's out everywhere.

you're listening to this podcast. So just back it up one episode. All you gotta do is hit back and you go to it. Previous episode to this one. Next week, you'll find the lovely Jen Larson. You may go, I don't know Jen Larson. Let me tell you, you should. You need to go follow her on TikTok and Instagram. This is another one of my TikTok finds, like in my feeds, kept hitting it. And I always watched her. She's just blunt. I like blunt, raw people that don't sugar coat things and that you don't go.

Is that really them? You know, real. Yeah. Yeah. And she does men's, she's a men's dating coach. And she's awesome. And I'm thrilled to have her on. You'll enjoy that. Watch next week. Raw, real, good advice all around. She's a really smart. She's really bright. I've already had a couple of calls with her pre-episode.

really bright and intelligent on a lot of different topics. Wide ranging, also just again to show you the power of social media, the power to leverage to be someone that has no following in nothing, but they have a talent and a skill and how they leveraged social media to bring it alive. So a wide ranging conversation, but Jen's awesome. That's next week on the Radcast. Before you listen to that, you should head to GoodRangers.com. Yes. The official.

meat sponsor of the Radcast. That's American meat delivered. And you've heard us talk about it. We saw like broken records over here, but it is the best meat you can have sent to your door. If you use the code Radcast, you get $30 off your first box, which is a great deal. Yeah. Check it out. Yes. I had more good ranchers this way. It's every weekend, guys. It's it's grill weather at the all finally. I'm probably going to take some down to the lake this weekend. And we've got to I've got to try your grill down there. Packaged. Yeah. Super easy.

And so throw it in the cooler. By the time I get there, it'll be thawed because it's cold in there, but not frozen. Yep. So I get there, those New York strips, which are my favorite cut, are ready. It's got the perfect flavor, but it's not too fatty. Yeah, all farm raised, all from American ranchers. And let me tell you, you can't get better steakhouse quality delivered right to your door. Radcast, get $30 off. You'll thank us and have this over because we want more steak. Yes, please do. So give them a shout out. Good ranchers.

GoodRangers.com. You got some social media news. Meta is reworking its ads on Reels monetization program. This is exciting for all creators. Payouts are determined by the number of plays and Meta may look at other factors over time. Once invited, creators must gain certain requirements or must meet certain requirements and complete onboarding to join the program. Yeah. I'm actually on the existing Reels program for Instagram. I get about, yeah, with my thought, probably about $500 a month.

Yeah, like it goes in my PayPal account. Yeah. And I always go, what's the hell is that for? Cause I'm usually paying pay. And we go to the ad agency. It's usually going out the other way paying meta, but at that four or five hundred dollars for my following and I'm like, and I'm not really even going for that per se, but so that does pay out. But I think hopefully they're going to up the percentage. Maybe mine will be four grand or something. And that'd be nice. But look again, back to what we were talking about with it all comes full circle. Tucker Carlson, the Jen Larson, all this stuff.

social media is the new television and you're taking a cut of the share of the ads they're selling on the platform. So gotta move to social if you got something to talk about. Yeah, it's all democratized. Now we're back to TikTok. They are launching a hub to help brands better connect with this audience. As we talked about this a lot, but just you and I bitch about the interface of TikTok. Yeah, and DMing. Yes, DMing, even like responding to comments can be annoying. So they're launching a new TikTok World Hub to help brands learn how to connect with their audiences and get discovered again.

I think it's super smart, makes a lot of sense with where the money's going. And again, finding the right creator to push your product. Yeah. Or a good place to have a dead body. Please don't. My DMs on TikTok. Cause you ain't going to find it. And I don't find it. If you want to know how not to get in touch with me, it'd be the DMs on TikTok or anyone. It's impossible.

I am the person, like I can't stand if I have notification bubbles. Like I will always check my emails. And it's like I'm neurotic about it. They give too many and like the inbox will say, I can never get it to go away. Say hi, say this. Right. Just text messages, like messages, direct messages from people that I follow or that follow me. And you can have a secondary bucket for people that I don't know who they are and I can get to them as I can. Exactly. Just like on Instagram. Hey, Instagram copies you for everything. Copy their messaging platform and then make it better. Yeah, exactly.

But this makes sense. It's cool. TikTok World Hub. How many names can we have? I know, right? But it's cool. Elon Musk is doing something that I'm excited about on Twitter, which is new. He's purging old accounts, which is gonna free up different usernames. I'm super excited about this. I think I had a Twitter account, like one or two, maybe when I was very young. So I'm excited that that's gonna be no moss. Yeah, I think it makes a lot of sense. Yeah. I have someone who's about to get a cease and desist that's been sitting on the Radcast.

on both Twitter and on Instagram. And they're, I'm about to force the issue, but there are a lot of this happening. So it's cool. And I swear people just do it to fuck with people. They just sit on stuff and they put it there. Some of them are trying to sell it. But some of them, I think, just totally forget about it. It just goes in this netherworld of- I think it's such a mix of people who are trying to just claim the domain and then people who-

We've had this technology for decades, right? So it's people who used it, didn't think anything of it. And now it's holding up a spot that someone else could use. Yep. Makes sense. Instagram follows suit. I'll be coming for private comedy in a second. Yeah. And keeping in the Twitter news, you can now react to DMs with a wide range of emojis. I love this. I need more than a thumbs up. Yeah, you need way more validation than that. Yes. No, like in the Slack channel, we have one that's my face going, which is my favorite to use.

Yes. No, I, who doesn't like emojis? Come on. If you don't, then you're a sour person. Little poop emoji. Yeah. I'll give you a poop emoji for that or a thumbs down or middle finger emoji. Like a red face. My favorite emoji of all time and my most used is the little one that's like melting into the ground. That's smiling like this is fine. That's my favorite.

Mine's just the old radical. You got a radical, but I use that. I used to rock the rocket ship. I use a lot. Someone's here is a good idea with me. I give him a rocket ship. I don't know. Like to the moon. I think they get it. I think they're probably tracking. That's all we got for social, but we have some marketing news. Again, keeping this is in keeping with the democratization of content creation. Those are a lot of SAT words. Apple is launching Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPads later this month. So end of May, they've announced that Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are now available.

on the app store for iPad devices for five bucks a month or like $49 per year with a one month free trial. I'm an old school Final Cut guy. Let me just go ahead and tell you, that's how I learned video editing. I now hire much better editors than myself. So I don't edit as much, but I know how I'm functional. And I still go back to Final Cut, even though everything's new to Premiere. We use Premiere and Adobe stuff at the office.

but I'm a final cut pro junkie. And a lot of people do stuff on the iPad. It shocks me. I personally, the file sizes and fumbling around with touch, I want a mouse and my keyboard, but like I see, I know there's a segment out there, for though it seems a little late to the game, but I will probably try it, cause I do have multiple iPads just to see what it feels like.

And maybe with the cloud drives getting a little better with where the files are, if they have that integrated, it might be better, but yeah, I don't know. Jury's out if I would use it, but I do love me some Final Cut Pros. I'm still holding out. Definitely smart. And Amazon has a new service that lets users buy physical products within games and apps. This is so like such first world problems, but again, it does streamline that you don't have to go to another window or another browser. You can just get the ad.

And Amazon, I haven't heard as much talk with it, but it's been, it was all the raids, like a big markets that you had one hour delivery and like in a gaming world, one hour is nothing because like they play for five hours straight. Think about getting it, whatever you order within the game, while you're still playing the game, like delivered to your door. Pretty cool about that. Or just completely self-serving and unnecessary, but with a capitalistic environment. So convenience rules. And I love this from a removing friction standpoint. Like.

Here's the deal. Let me get on my marketing and business soapbox like I like to get sometimes. If you're selling anything, the biggest thing you can do is get out of the way of them buying from you. What do I mean by that? Nothing drives me more crazy than you've done all the legwork. You did the awareness building. You made them aware of the skateboard.

You did the funnel where you had social proof, their friends riding the skateboard. Then you had them, you had the sale of the skateboard, $100 off. And then it takes me 30 fucking minutes to order it online and I go, fuck it, I'm not gonna do it. It's so like, how do we, you gotta make it easy. And like, that's dramatic, but that's what happens sometimes. Even with the biggest purchases. Cause look, we're emotional, we're reactionary, we want what we want. It's like when you make it.

clunky or harder or more clicks or more visits or more whatever, it's just so contrary to the goal. Especially if it's something that's not a life or death purchase. If it's something you genuinely don't need, the only reason you're going to buy it is because it's efficient.

And you can, you know, satisfy the impulse. That was $2,000. And you didn't really have the money for it, but you're willing to put it on Klarna. And the ad kept popping up and I was like, that was a sign, so I'm just going to do it. And then the browser, the website's clunky or it's like asking you for your blood type and like two for two more things. And it's like it takes four more clicks than it needed to. And then you come to your senses. You're like, I don't need that damn purse. Yes, they can confirm. Friction, folks. Amazon's doing it right here with games.

And because we always record this podcast at lunchtime, we have to end on a food-related article. Chick-fil-A, who's my personal favorite of the fast food chains, is geofencing pilot reduced wait times. This is like hyper niche, but again, Chick-fil-A has, they're so known for their customer service. They are rolling out two new features for their mobile app this spring to improve the speed of its services, which is insane because they're already so efficient. But if customers enable location services within this app.

The geofencing technology will alert Chick-fil-A employees when the customer is near the restaurant, as opposed to you having to pull in and then click here. And then they go through the queue. I like this. I like this a lot. But let me just tell you, McDonald's figured this out. Let me tell you what they figured out, whether it was good, bad or different, because we have something called Hot Cake Friday in the off-fords. I take the boys. We've been doing it for since they were in first grade. They're now in middle school. To McDonald's on Friday mornings. We go every Friday.

And literally the app has come along the last couple of years and we order on the app. And you had to do the same thing where it wouldn't let you order it till you got in the parking lot. It wasn't this exact service for the employees inside. That's a whole nother Chick-fil-A level. But you couldn't order it till we got there, which was annoying because you're still waiting. Plus, being in Dallas isn't as fast as Chick-fil-A. And so we'd order it as fast as we could with the app. But now...

they allow you to go, I'm willing to go ahead and order so that it might be cold. Like if you ordered it way too early, you get there, might be sit there. But so now we can order from the house and we're like four, five minutes to the local McDonald's. So now it's almost ready the moment we walk in. And they've taken a little bit of the geo out of it and just to allow the consumer to do it. So I'll give them McDonald's credit. But I do like this where the employees are empowered to know when the person's there, which makes even more sense. And with their service, I'm sure it's like paying back.

Take what you can get at McDonald's. And the kids are really hooked up to hotcakes. They're so good. After seven years. There is nothing like McDonald's hotcakes. If we tried to go somewhere else, there'd be a mutiny in the Offord family. We have our booth. We have the exact number one. It's seat number 104 at McDonald's. Do they know your names? I know the Braille on it below the 104. Every time I sit down, we have the same jokes. It's like a routine. It's Fri-Yay and my Braille reading on the table to make sure it's ours. There you go. It says 104.

I love it. I love it. But it's good. And they never get tired of it. They don't. The dad jokes included. Free with every meal. There you go. Included, included. Yes. Complimentary. Yes, yes. So one thing I want to mention, we do have VK, which is a sponsor and I am part owner of. But we have a VK podcast launching June 1st. So travel tips, resorts, destinations, everything. Yeah. Vacation.

will be on the VK podcast. Packing tips. Chris Hansen. Yes, lots of good nuggets, but it's going to be juicy. I think it's going to be different. It's going to be entertaining, but also informative. So take a listen everywhere. That'll be out June 1st-ish. So the VK podcast, when it's time for you to get away. Experience the escape. There it is. Find us with radcast.com. Search for today's content. Search for Tucker Carlson. You'll get more than you bargained for.

We appreciate everyone wherever you are, however you are. Saw your ice, all the ones and twos. For Christina Yasi, I'm Ryan Alford. We'll see you next time on the Radcast. To listen or watch full episodes, visit us on the web at theradcast.com or follow us on social media at our Instagram account, the.rad.cast or at Ryan Alford. Stay radical.