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The Week of May 19, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Candy Crush ‘Candifies’ the Jonas Brothers

May 19, 2023

The Week of May 19, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Candy Crush ‘Candifies’ the Jonas Brothers
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Join Ryan Alford and Christina on this week's episode of The Radcast, where we'll explore exciting Marketing and Business News that's buzzing this week. Discover how the Wiener Mobile became an iconic marketing machine and learn about a unique collaboration between Candy Crush and the Jonas Brothers to celebrate its 10th anniversary. And guess what? We'll also be celebrating Ryan's birthday! Gain valuable insights into the latest marketing and business trends and take your venture to new heights. Don't miss out on all the excitement!

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Get ready for another exciting edition of The Radcast, covering Marketing and Business News for the week of May 19, 2023. Join Ryan and Christina as they unravel the success story of Wiener Mobile's iconic marketing machine. Also, tune in to learn about Candy Crush's 10th anniversary celebration with a special gaming collaboration with the Jonas Brothers. Oh, and did we mention Ryan's birthday? We got that covered too! And more! So stay informed and gain valuable insights into the latest marketing and business trends, and apply them to take your venture to the next level. Don't miss out!

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Alford. Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, May 19th, 2023. Welcome to our weekly marketing, advertising and news of the World Week. The World Week. World Week. May 19th. News. What's up? Good. Did you have a good birthday? Hey, you know.

We're celebrating this weekend. There you go. So that's the smart thing to do. Yeah. Nash had a baseball game last night. That's fun though. Yeah. So family fun at the ballpark. You went to the lake? Are you celebrating? Yeah, we're going down to the lake. Somehow I worked my way into that. It was looking gloom and doom of lots of stuff. And somehow Nicole worked it out. So like a good wife. There you go. Yeah, so lake weekend for numero 46. Exciting. Yeah.

Yeah, it's a number. It's like a satisfying number, though. Sure. I made it. Yeah. Forty six. There you go. Twenty three was twenty three years ago. All right. Hey, thank you for that. You're welcome. You're welcome. You got demoted to assistant producer. There it is. There it is. Are you going to be grilling out at all? Oh, maybe some hot dogs. Some wieners or some Franks. Franken wieners. Yes. Wasn't that a dog? Franken wiener? A movie Franken wiener? I'm getting off topic.

I really hope it was. Franken-Wienercock. Back to summer grilling. Yes. Oscar Myers. Wiener-Mobile changing its name, at least for the summer, to the Frank-Mobile. The Frank-Mobile. Yeah. So the Frank-Mobile rolls out with a new recipe for the food brand's hot dogs. So it's a better recipe. 100% all beef. Yeah. Okay. So it's all beef in those Franks. No, no beef in the Wieners.

The wieners are a mixed bag of meat. And shorter, supposedly, than the Frank. I just need our listeners to understand that this has been going on for 10 minutes prior to when we hit record. It's an iconic marketing machine, which is the Frank and Wiener. Wiener Mobile. Frank and Wiener. That's right. Yeah. That's what they should call it. That way you get both names. The Wiener Mobile. Maybe Halloween. Frank and Wiener.

really capitalizing on proud interest. Exactly. All about the wieners. Cocktails as you brought up, like, it's like a never ending. Cocktail sausages, yeah. You might be 46, but we both think like 14 year old boys. If you see that Frankmobile, and hey, if your name is Frank, there's Franks for- Franks for Frank. You can go to that Frankmobile and get you some wieners. Frankly, I don't give a damn, sorry. Are you a hot dog eater? I love hot dogs. Oh yeah. Chilly or no chili? Yes. Oh yeah. Yes. But no ketchup.

Now I'll, I can be tempted. Mustard? Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. No, corn dogs, hot dogs. Hot dog. In the summer with a little chili on it. Baseball game. That's peak comfort food. I'm so hungry. We always do this. We do this every single week. Yes. But what a great marketing thing of all time. You had fun with the shape of the wiener. You created a wiener mobile, Frankmobile, whatever the hell they want to call it. It shows up around town. It makes everyone happy. Yeah. And...

Clever, smart. Yeah, so. Speaking of, yeah, check out the Weiner Mobile, Frank Mobile, pardon my French. Get your buns ready. There you go, buns on buns. But speaking of things that make me happy, Candy Crush and the Jonas Brothers, these are two of my guilty pleasures, Candy Crush is candifying the Jonas Brothers in a new gaming tie-up. I think this is fun. The Jonas Brothers just released a new album called The Album, which is really good. So have you listened to it yet? It's good. I haven't. How it just came out like,

Yeah, this within this past week, I think, last Thursday. I like some of the Jonas Brothers stuff. I have loved them for a very long time. I'm not saying that not all of it, but I think I bought their very first album at a Christian bookstore when I was like. They sold the Jonas Brothers at a Christian bookstore because at the time they all wore. Was it the cleaned version? I mean, they were Disney Channel stars. And I think it was because they all wore purity rings. And so Christian bookstores were like, oh, we'll promote it.

But yeah, so this is like a nice throwback. I love Candy Crush. Feels smart, feels fun. And this says that the tie up also includes promotional video and a Candy Crush exclusive remix of the brand's single Waffle House. The game continues to be popular, having celebrated its 10 year anniversary last year and surpassing 3 billion downloads since 2012. That's buh-buh-buh-buh-billion. Huge. Gaming's still huge on the phone. I still play Wretched Bowl personally, which is Tecmo Bowl like copied, but

football game and I was never in a candy crush. I definitely played the Fruit Ninja or whatever it was called. Was that what it was called? Oh yeah, Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja, yeah, I played that for sure. Did you do Temple Run? Oh yeah, Temple Run or Skate Surfer, whatever it was, like all those, like that format got duplicated a hundred different times. Candy Crush, I still play. And all those things followed the same kind of trajectory and the same game.

Engine. Oh, yeah, but they just changed the graphics. This is fun. Good combo I assume candy crush still makes money from just like leveling up and stuff You're spending money. I think I may have spent a dollar 99 Oh, wow, I value customer. No, no, I'm not I'm cheap, but man those ads get so annoying. I've been tempted before Yeah, I see it they have it Dave and Buster's which we should own stock of at the Alfred house they have

Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja or whatever on these game boards that they're still making extensions of it. Yeah, so it's fun. Nice. We've got some rad news this week. Number seven in business and marketing on the Apple Podcast Network. So thank you, everyone. Listening on the keep listening on the Apple Podcast Network. Yeah, it is. Number seven is only six people we've got to go take down. We're coming for you.

Sabotaging. Cease and desist. Get my developers to send some hacks in. Some brownies? I don't know. Trojan horse? Yeah, oh, your podcast software stopped working. I'm kidding. Sad. We're going to do it the old fashioned way. Womp womp. Just make it more popular. So appreciate everyone that listens and continues. And if you want to go, if you want to listen to us twice, listen to us on Spotify once and on Abhoynt. Hey. I think we're like top 25 on Spotify. YouTube if you want to watch our faces. Yeah, exactly. What's not to love about this 46 year old Frankenweiner?

The this week we did have Jen Larson speaking of men's dating coaches. She's a TikTok star. Keep going. I'll recover. Jen is awesome. Huge TikTok fandom like many others, including cry comedy over here. The she's great. Very blunt, very down to earth. Really enjoyed having her and giving tips and advice for how to grow on TikTok. So it was very functional as well as informational. If you're a man out there wanting to date, she gave us some good tips.

If you're a single man out there for how to get ahead. She knows cause she had four brothers and learned all the tips and tricks and it still goes to them. So she cuts it like it is a little bit of both. I think she's a middle child. Yeah. Next week we have the founder and CEO of Good Ranchers. You've probably heard of that name before. Oh yes. Ben Spell, Ben's awesome family company, very down to earth. Very transparent about how he's built the business.

and the ups and downs of going all in and the pains of that. And then where things turned around for him. So this is a great entrepreneurial journey, how to get ahead, how to learn from what you're doing and how to go with your gut. Ben was really great, really just down to earth as much as anything. So I think people are really going to enjoy both his story and then his foundational values for how and what. And it's going to validate everything we've talked about on the show, which I think is a good thing.

Spend right into it, which is good ranchers and good ranchers. Dot com, the official meat sponsor, meat delivery sponsor of Ryan Offord and the Radcast get $30 off with code Radcast. And Hey, go listen to Ben's episode. While you're listening, go to good ranchers.com. Look for the best deals. Put in Radcast. You'll get $30 off. You'll thank us for it. It's steakhouse quality meat delivered right to your house. I have stuff sitting on the counter as we speak to take to the lake. So it's going to be.

grilled this weekend. For sure. There won't be any hot dogs. It's gonna be all Good Ranchers meat all weekend. No Franks, no winners, no cocktail winners, whatever. Just cocktail beverages. Yes, that's right. Canned cocktails. There you go. I know you enjoy it. Yes, I do. I love it. So, go give them some love and go listen to Ben Spells' episode next Tuesday on the Radcast, where you listen and watch our show.

We got some social media news. AI is not only taking over the world, but also our episodes. Google is boosting AI chatbot Bard with a visual search and third-party plugins. And I, in my opinion, I think that Bard is gonna end up dethroning, or could end up dethroning chat GPT for the most used AI service. You got the whole Google thing behind it. Right.

Small, you know, money success. Yes, you haven't heard of it. And users already on the platform. So if they figure this out and build it in, where people are already naturally using it, it's going to blow up. And the plugins that are in the work, this is interesting, are Zip Recruiter, Instacart, Open Table, Kayak, Wolf Frame and Khan Academy. The new feature arrives as open AIs, Chai GPT has garnered considerable attention in the marketplace. Yeah, I do want to see the image based stuff come along a little better. It's a little clunky trying to Google Lens or whatever the hell it is like.

doing an image search because sometimes I do I literally had a part I was taking apart one of my 547 Bluetooth speakers and trying to fix it and I had this one cable and I was like, I was like a pig I was like father. I was like I had a use case for searching for it to know what part door That was clunky as hell. Let me never never found it. Never will get that 30 minutes of my life back

And now, but now I know you can say back in my day. Yeah, back in my day. Once the technology worked, my kids have it like all they have to do is think about something and it's implanted in their head. The search findings. Ridiculous. You know where it's coming, right? Yeah, probably. But all this stuff's coming along. All you have to worry about to know is that we are real and not a. There's no artificial any of the Britney Spears stuff about. They're like all of these theories that all of you've seen this.

That she's AI. That all of her videos, because it's like the conservator, conservatory ship, whatever it is that she's been under and that all of the videos that have been posted have been completely AI generated. It's. It's a little like Twilight Zone. That's what we're going to get into is what's real and what's not. It's like that's what's going on with the writers field strike right now. It's like the battle for real. But is real real?

What makes it real? That's a podcast for a different day. Yes. R-E-L or R-E-A-L. We'll have a philosophy spinoff. A real about real reals. That could be, hey, there's a business idea for you. Real reals. Right, no AI. Yes. So this is coming along. And I do think if Google can figure it out, because a lot more people are using Chrome and they have Google search like naturally embedded. So they need to figure this out because

ChatTPT is ahead of them in setting this pace for the category. So we'll see. Next up, Google is deleting accounts that have been active for two years and a big security push. Yeah, inactive. Inactive, did I say active? I think you did. I meant inactive. I was like, wow, I hope not. Yeah, wouldn't that be awful? Google will send multiple notifications before deleting an account and begin with those that were created but never used. Smart, makes sense. Yeah.

This makes me wonder, is the cloud running out of room? Is that what's happening or are people just not? There are only have so many. Christina Yasi, four, three, eight, four, nine, two, two at Google. I am so lucky with how weird my last name is, though. I'm almost always available on. Yes, it makes sense. We talked about the blue check and verify accounts, but this and you and Twitter's doing this as well, going through and like getting rid of certain accounts that have.

had usernames tied up. I will say the only reason I don't fit in effect. I bought my, I have my kids like, I bought like, I have every username on every social platform. Their first and last name. Hogan Richie, Clayton, Ryan, I'm remembering all my kids, Nash Steven. This is quite, I have four boys, so back off. But I do have all their like, they have.coms and everything. Like NashAlford.com, ClaytonAlford.com.

That's an offer, duck. I got all those every once in a while. I guess so, yeah. I think I don't think I bought just the, or got there just their straight juggle, Googles, I do juggles. But the, I do have Instagram handles and TikTok handles as just their first names. So that they're ready. They're the one. See, they're the one. See that's raising a brand. I'm writing the book. I'm gonna have to live in all the ways with which I'll teach. Correct as what you preach. Exactly.

So we'll see where this goes. Tinder has been up in our notes recently too, which is interesting. And they are now removing social handles from bios as part of its updated community guidelines. Again, I think this is super smart. I haven't been on the apps in a long time, but this feels like a very wise decision. Tinder is updating the community guidelines to keep the dating app safe and respectful. Social handles will be removed from users' public bios and it is discouraged to post private conversations with their matches on other platforms.

The platform has a clear policy that prohibits using it for business promotion. Users should never post private chats with other matches without consent and accounts should be for singles only. Yeah, I don't really know the point of having the social panel anyway. It's like you long as you have a way to get to them and your message to them. And you just I don't know. Especially these people are dumb enough to put like their own personal information in their hand. Yeah. And you know, John Smith, especially in a small town like when I remember again, it's been years, but when I was on them, I'd have to be like, oh, were you in that show?

I was like all of my information was just very easy to find. Yeah. I was like, yeah, I don't like that at all. Yeah. Thank you. It makes sense. Yeah. For privacy. And TikTok is adding a new mental health awareness hub to provide users access to resources. The platform is also donating over two million dollars in ad credits to organizations dedicated to mental well-being. I think that this is on the heels of those two girls. Their names are escaping me. But there were two 18 year olds who recently took their own lives on TikTok and they had.

millions of people who followed them and they were 17 or 18. So my algorithm has informed me of that a little bit, but I think that TikTok's doing it well. With great size and great dollars comes great responsibility. You gotta, they need to be ahead of this. So they have a lot, billions of people using their platform. And billions of young people, like so many young people, and this technology is so new and happens so quickly that we don't understand long-term effects of it. So I think that's a wise step for them to be taking.

Yeah, I hope it works. I hope it reaches the right people. 2,000,000 in address that quite sound like enough. I don't know how it might be like to add a couple of zeros to that. Yeah, yeah, totally. It's just it's a problem and they need to be ahead of providing solutions to it if they're going to provide free and open access to right potential things that have harm. Hats off to them for trying to get ahead of it or responding quickly. But I think there's not enough they could probably do.

to stave this off. And to really prevent it. Yeah. You just got to be careful out there. If you've got kids that are using the platform, just don't be naive about it. And it's not easy because they're going to want to use it. Their friends are using it. But it's got to be limitations. And they need to understand that it's an entertainment platform. And a lot of people are, it's not always reality. People are sharing things. They talk about things. And yeah, you can get your feelings hurt. But.

People are doing that for entertainment. Don't find your value from it. Yeah. Absolutely. None of that's easier said than done. Especially when you're 13, 14, 15 years old, but that's where the parents have to step in and the platforms trying to step in, but it can't do what- It can only do so much. It can only do so much. Yeah, absolutely. But good for them. It seems like a step in the right direction. That's all we've got for social media news. This one kind of connects with marketing and social media. But the WNBA app is rolling out TikTok style video feed to attract younger fans.

So Women's National Basketball Association has launched a brand new app that has short form, quick swiping videos to help up their downloads. They have recorded 260,000 downloads since 2020 and 101,000 monthly active users in this past season. Look, this is smart. Also on the coattails of the Women's NCA tournament, which was one of the more exciting and followed tournaments for women's basketball, this is smart to try to.

take advantage of new fans and things, the attention that got on that. Yeah. The women's game has improved a lot. It sped up. The athletes are incredible. Like it at a certain point, like women's and men's were always like compared on an athletic level. But there seems to be storylines and different things that are making the women's game a lot more interesting. Yeah. I watched more games on the women's tournament this year than I ever before. No, me too. And I think.

It's smart for the WNBA to tap into that and create platform and to do things that leverage that popularity growth. So this is smart because this is where that target is obviously spending their time. And again, building onto those stories to making. And I think we always thought that, and I did think this, I'll admit, I'll call me whatever you want, but the men's game, more action, jumping higher athletic. And of course that has something to do with it.

But I think it's just that the stories around the players were more known. Yes. And so when these women's stories get out where she's got this persona, she has this persona, and they're showing their attitude, they're showing their energy, and these stories got built around the players the way the men's do, suddenly it got more popular. Now we live in a narrative society, so as soon as you attach narrative to something, it's going to be more popular. Yes, and so I think if they wanna learn from this, it's bringing more of those stories to life so that we

relate more to those players or we have more, oh, I love that one, that person's sass. No, I love her, how hard she plays. No, I love, and it's the same thing in the NBA because it's like guys get labeled as, well, he's a defensive shutdown guy. You know what I mean? Which isn't that exciting, but that's his persona. And so I think the WNBA can tap into that, needs to bring more of these personas to life. And I think you'll see the popularity grow. So smart play here. Completely agree. This next one, I think you'll like.

Taco Tuesday as a phrase that has been trademarked by their rivals. What is it? Taco John has this, has Taco Tuesday copyright or trademarked in 49 states while a small business called Gregory's owns it in New Jersey. So Taco Bell has a campaign to liberate Taco Tuesday and break it from being this trademarked phrase, which I think is hilarious. Taco Bell's marketing has been...

Taco Bell says not seeking damage, but said common sense usage for the term. I guess they can't use it at all. Which is funny. It's like, I feel like the Bron James talked about taco Tuesday or something. Like that's where he has something to do with this. But anyway, it's I've never even heard of taco John. No, me either. And people use taco Tuesday. I guess it's the brands are, I guess I see it so much from people and like the hashtag on different promotions and stuff.

I feel like we've worked with a couple of taco chains, maybe not as big as Taco Bell, that definitely used it. But yeah, Taco Bell is so big, they can't get away with it. It's one thing to put it on a sandwich board outside your location. But if you're a giant chain and you're running a marketing campaign, exactly. Yeah, exactly. You can do half price Margs. But the only thing I'll say is, and I love Taco Bell's marketing and I like their food too. So I have no problem with it. But I'll say this. They are the biggest taco name in the world. And

I don't feel sorry for them that someone was wise and trademarked this and they're going wham, we can't make another billion dollars because we want to use it too. Like part of me, like I respect Taco Bell, I like their marketing and all that, but then the business side of me is too bad, so sad. That's the point of the trademark is so that big bad bears can't come hurt the little guy that might've taken an idea before them. I don't know.

might fall on the side of Taco John here. Maybe we'll get Taco John. Taco John. Who knows? Google's up and coming. Hey, Taco John, we'll blow you up on the number seven podcast. There you go. Give us a call. If you gotta get outside of just- Taco Tuesday. The other 49 states, yeah? Yeah. So, there you go. And Elon Musk, because we cannot have an episode. I feel like we need our own segment just on what's Mr. Musk up to. But he's now saying that Tesla will try a little advertising. And Tesla, as we all know, traditionally eschewed conventional advertising and instead used email referral programs.

Elon Musk's tweets and customer made ads to build brand recognition. But at the 2023 annual meeting of shareholders, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla may try out some new advertising. So if you need an agency, Mr. Musk. Yeah, exactly. But I think it might happen on Twitter first. What about you? Oh, yeah. For sure. I mean, I would be on Twitter. I'd say screw my ego and everything else. If I said we're never going to run advertising or whatever. And then he has to add to if you own Twitter.

You own the platform, there's a lot of eyeballs there. Yeah. And it skews towards people that want these electric Teslas. So I would be promoting it on at least Twitter. Yeah. Maybe doing some trade some other networks. So it does say maybe using creating Twitter, maybe use for creating. Yeah, exactly. So I would be they have both the marketing team and the platform. So why wouldn't you do that? I think it's smart and I'd invest on. I love and respect.

some of the things Elon does like strategically in business. I dislike a lot of things, too. But this one just seems to get out of your own way and do it. Run it. Right. Sounds like he's going to. We might try a little advertising. A little ha ha ha. But I could care less about Tesla's. That's just me. Sure. Sure. Sure. Oh, he's through through.

Again, I don't know enough about cars. Yeah, really. Well, I was really in trucks like zero to 60 in three. Oh, yeah, sure. You know, if I could just walk and take public transportation, I would. I would have time for that sometimes. True. We'll see. Anyway, we're always sponsored by a company that I'm part of on our own. There's your little asterisk discretion, but yes, take a vacay vacay dot com. Best way to get away.

plant-based premium products right to your door from takeofAK.com. We've got gummies, we've got natural vapor, we've got everything you need and a new roll-on pain relief, full spectrum means full relief. So try it, it's coming out. It's on the website now. It's a little bit of a pre-order. We're about a week out from having stock in, but this is the, screw the Icy Hot. This is the one, don't sue me Icy Hot, but I'm just saying, it's actually worse, no matter what Shaq says.

Cooling feeling and we do have some small mushroom line coming out feel good without the psychotic trips Only first-class trip. Yeah, these are first-class. No bad trips. No bad trips. Give us a shout out at take a vacay.com That's VA why see a why the only way to spell only way to say okay, okay the way it sounds You know, we're at the radcast calm you can search for all of today's content search for

All of our sponsors as well, they're there. We'd love for you to give them a shout out and you know where to find me. I'm at Ryan all from all the platforms verified before you could buy it for Sawyer rice on the ones and twos. My lovely cohost Christina Gassi, cry comedy on tech platforms. Yeah. I mean all platforms now. Indeed.

We'll see you next time on the Radcast. To listen or watch full episodes, visit us on the web at theradcast.com or follow us on social media at our Instagram account, v.rad.cast or at Ryan Alford. Stay radical.