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The Week of May 26, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Pepsi Presses Play on Summer with Bad Bunny

May 26, 2023

The Week of May 26, 2023 Marketing and Business News: Pepsi Presses Play on Summer with Bad Bunny
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Welcome back to The Radcast! In this episode, we delve into exciting collaborations such as LeBron James joining forces with Taco Bell for 'Taco Tuesday', and Pepsi working with Bad Bunny and Apple Music to create a summer sensation. We also discuss L.L. Bean's social media break for the month of May and its current impact. Don't miss out on Ryan's Birthday and Memorial Day Weekend shenanigans as well. Tune in for an insightful and informative episode of The Radcast.

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Welcome back to The Radcast! Tune in for the latest in Marketing and Business news during the Week of May 26, 2023. Discover the exciting news of LeBron James joining forces with Taco Bell to claim 'Taco Tuesday', as well as Pepsi teaming up with Bad Bunny and Apple Music to create a summer sensation. This episode also discusses L.L. Bean's social media break for May and its impact thus far, and more informative news to gain invaluable strategies and to achieve business success. Not to mention, Ryan's Birthday and Memorial Day Weekend shenanigans are not to be missed. Join us for an insightful and informative episode of The Radcast.

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Alford. Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, May 26th. Twenty twenty three. Christina Yasi, what's up? How was your birthday? It was good. Four six forty six. So you said foe sick and I was pretending to be sick. But no, makes more sense. Four six. Yes. Four six.

Southern accent get some lake action. You look tan. Hey a little bit I did we did get some Sun on Saturday and Sunday. I'm getting a watch tan, which is wild for me. Oh Yeah, my Apple watch it's Memorial Day weekend. It is yes any plans I think we'll salute the troops on Monday. We got a little cookout at the lake. There you go Well, it looks a little shoddy. I know it it's gonna be if he but we'll have fun. Nonetheless, absolutely And yeah, nothing big about yourself call my brother

Course. Yep. I mean the armed forces that he is and we're getting my prize. He'll know by the time this airs. But we're surprising right now with a puppy this weekend. So I know that I'm sure I will find ways to be over there this weekend. Be the cool one. Yep. Nice. I'm like you, I don't have to deal with any of the mess. Just the fun part. Yeah, because I don't live there anymore. Yes. Yeah. You can always move back home. Oh, yeah. Don't. The way my rent is going, it could happen.

You never know, that's like the trend moving back home. I asked my mom a couple months ago, I'm like, does that mean I can move back home? My room is no longer available to me at my parents' home, so I'm hoping that will force me to. Well, it goes in reverse now, like my mom will be moving in with us. Sure, sure, sure. That's how it goes, it's like, all comes full circle. No, hell or high water, I will not move in with my parents again. No, I don't know, I'm not ready. I love them too much to do that, we'll just put it that way. I love them too much to do that. Yes, we hope everyone's had a great week.

And hey, we hit number four on the business charts this week. Thanks to all our loyal listeners. Number four, man. Only three more hits and we're at number one. And there's nowhere else to go. We gotta plan how we're going to celebrate when that happens. We've got to slow these last three spots. There you go. I'm kidding. Listen more. Listen again. Share. Listen three times. Repost. Tag. Leave some reviews. Yeah. Go to Apple, leave reviews, Spotify, take reviews, or you can go to our website, the Radcasts.

Leave us a review. Yeah, shoot us a message. And we don't need any more guest requests. I'm kidding, you can always request. We'll contact you. We get plenty of those. Our people will call your people. No, we do appreciate everyone listening and I hope everyone has a safe. If you're a little bit on when and where, this might be July when you're listening. You never know when the place shifting happens when they're listening. But.

Wherever, whenever you are, we appreciate you. What's on our small talk list here? We have an update on our Taco Bell, Taco Tuesday drama. Hey, sometimes updates after the previous week. Yes. So if you're following along. Since you've all been on pins and needles, LeBron James is joining the Taco Bell fight to liberate Taco Tuesday. I knew LeBron James was on that. You're not crazy. Yes, OK. He was trying to get a trademark. Yes, he was. He thought he came up with it. So there's now a feature 30 second ad, I think this is so clever, called Taco Bleep.

So they censor every time LeBron James tries to say Taco Tuesday. And this happened because LeBron, in 2019, LeBron started sharing videos of him and his family doing taco nights. And he tried to copyright, or trademark rather, Taco Tuesday and was unsuccessful. Because Taco John had already taken it. Exactly. But, this is funny. He's got plenty of time to be doing these things. He's got it, they got bounced from the playoffs. That's good. Yeah, I know, right? Sorry, but just telling the truth. Not mad, he's one and only. Michael Jordan is still the goat.

Yeah, I agree. That's from my era. Everybody's biases. Like it's like a. Have you seen air yet? Off topic? No. It's good. I really enjoyed it. It's worth seeing. Yeah. It's very interesting. Would recommend. I had time to watch a movie. Sure. Like in a while. I watched a 45 minute to an hour show. Between the attention span and time. Fair, fair. Both are fleeting. But more of the time, Nicole and I have been finishing up. We actually watched the end.

of Severance, the first season last night. Yes. Man, go watch that. It's on my list. It's a slow burn, but you need to go watch it. Very good. So check it out on Apple Plus. Today's podcast brought to you by Apple. Yes, speaking of Apple, Pepsi is pressing play on summer with the artist Bad Bunny and Apple Music. So today they've launched or earlier this week, they launched press play on summer, which is their new campaign pairing the beverage brand with Bad Bunny.

and this works, you can buy cans of Pepsi that have QR codes and you scan the QR code and you can get three months of Apple Music. This is cool. I wish they'd have like a gamification. Like always like the Monopoly game. Like where there's a little risk of surprise or like the scratch off or something. Yeah. Like why not do a little giveaway? Like I'll have some suspense built into it. That'd be my only- That like dopamine rush. Yeah, exactly. You know, like playing the lotto. Yeah. But this is cool. But it feels like you can get three months of Apple Music anywhere.

I feel like I see this promo all the time. It's more like, okay, after month three. Now my grant is still what? $15, $10, I mean it's still a gift, my 30 or 45 bucks. We'll take it. But how many times can you leverage that? Because you can probably find that three month promo all the time. Leverage that into 12 months. It was applicable to people who still, who subscribed. I would love this if I could get three months free and not have that $12 charge hit. I'd be all about it, but I agree with the fact that it.

It's the same but different. I just bought into, I threw away all the CDs as soon as these services came available because I bought a lot of music. And so when this came out, I was definitely spending more than I would buy at least a couple three CDs a month. Sure. Just in my music collection in the back of the day. And so being a music guy, I just go, this is, I love music to have access to this. It is definitely worth $12 a month to me.

and you just go sign, seal, forget it. Cause that tapes are coming back. Have you seen this? Absolutely not. Yeah. Taylor Swift is releasing all of her music. I used to do mix tapes for my girlfriends. Of course you did. I have a CD that a boy I had a crush on made for me from Celtic fun. Yeah. Burning CDs was next, but I did mix tapes. That's real love. You know how much time that takes? That is true.

love at 15, 14. Here's the question though, would you recycle the songs for each girl? Or would you customize them? Oh, it would be customized. It'd be customized. But it would always have like my three favorites, which were like Millie Vanilli beat it and something else. Like it was like the weird time, Michael Jackson beat it. Okay. Everybody's like, yeah. Then you go Millie Vanilli, girl, that's true. Oh man. Had to show the full spectrum. I was like, Michael Jackson was like 85-ish. Then Millie Vanilli was like 87, 88.

And they got busted for lip-syncing. They were never the real band. Go look up that story if you're listening. You want something interesting. That's a fascinating video. We can have an episode on that actually. Millie Vanilli. They were a band that was made up. They looked the part. They had dreadlocks. They looked cool as shit. And like the songs were great. But it wasn't them. It's like singing in the rain. Wasn't they writing them? They didn't sing. Like supposedly they could sing, but couldn't. It was a total catfish. That's great. It's fascinating. So there you go. There's your lesson. That's great. But nonetheless.

Bad Bunny, did you see the memes of Bad Bunny and the Kardashian? Yes. Oh yes. Her body language, I was like, yeah, something's not right and wonderland there. No, no. They're chasing the rabbit too far down the rabbit hole. Yeah. So we'll see. Bunny as it were. This is fun, but gamify a little bit, make it a little more fun. Yeah. I don't know. I want like a scratch off or you don't know what you're going to get. Yeah. Yeah. Behind number door number three. Give me a year of Apple music if I get the right.

buy the right can, that could be fun. Or that like when you screw off the lids and have the prizes on the lid. Anyway, they should contact us. Next one is fun. LL Bean is ditching social media for the month of May. So they're almost out of this hiatus. And here's how they're doing this for Mental Health Awareness Month, which is the month of May. They're taking part in mental health awareness, not posting on Facebook or any other social media all month. This is to show their value with Gen Z, mental health, and encouraging their consumers to get out in nature and not be on social media as much.

I get it. I think it's totally necessary being in making money and having an agency based on social media. I didn't even know L.L.Bean had social media until I found out they weren't on it for me. Does people still buy those catalogs or get the catalogs in order from them? Or is it all online now? I assume it's online. I don't think it's online. I would assume so. I remember I had it was I think it was like my ex-wife's aunt or something. Like they gave the whole family like the exact same present all from L.L.Bean, just different sizes and colors.

build the outfit like khaki pants and a collared shirt and different colors. And Lansend and Eddie Bauer confused. Like it's like same thing, different font. Eddie Bauer, I don't know if it's just cause it was always the Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition. I kind of differentiate the, but LLB and Lansend certainly. And the first catalog people. And I guess they've, they've gone to social media. Right.

But what's interesting is that the article says is values are increasingly playing a role in consumer loyalty. So it's less about product and more about what the product stands for, especially among Gen Z who are becoming a huge piece of our consumer culture. And 71 percent of Gen Z report that they like it when brands make mental health a value in their company. So it's the thought behind it, I think, is really smart. But I'm curious to see how this is going to help.

revenue moving forward with them. I don't know. I saw there was a Harris poll, the top respected in Patagonia is like number one for the Yenth light number time in the row. I didn't see it. Yeah. They're a nonprofit now too, which is cool. And yeah. Just human nonprofit. That's what happens when you make a bill, a billion dollars and then you can go, all right, we don't need to make it. I don't need to make any more money. Capital campaigns from here on out. Doing good is good for the bank account. That's a slogan. You know, good for you, good for.

the bank account. Now they do practice what they preach. I do respect what they've done. Yeah, I agree. So I think they do practice what they preach. Sometimes this is all for sh- I think Patagonia's kind of lived it since day one. I think they've got the integrity. But we'll see. We'll see if it'll be in some social media pops if we're not doing any social media. Yeah, true. Time will tell. We've got some Radcast news this week. Ben Spell, if you missed it on Tuesday, one of our official sponsors, but

I like Ben a lot, so we had him on the show. Family run business, American made, and an American entrepreneur journey. It's really great talking with Ben. Everything about, really some surprising things about the beat business you wanna know. 80%, up to 80% sometimes, depending on the store and the location, can be imported meat. It's scary thought. You don't know exactly what you're getting, but you do when you use good ranchers, which we'll talk about shortly. But Ben was awesome. Ben Spell.

CEO of Good Ranchers. Check out that episode if you haven't already. And next week, Sun Yi, founder of NowDowl's Nation, and a TEDx speaker. Sun Yi is one of my favorite followers on Instagram. He catches my radar all the time, invited him on. He owns an ad agency out of New York. He lives in Austin now. Very dry humor a little bit, but a fascinating and very thoughtful interview. I think people get a lot of value on how to grow on social media, how to.

Yen when other people yang, so to speak, go left when they go. He's definitely a contrarian when it talks about that, but what he is a great storyteller. He was great on the show. And I think you'll get a lot of value if you want to know how to break through on social media. And he's also does some great coaching. So check it out on Tuesday, Sun Ye, founder of Night Owl Nation, next week on your number four podcast in the world in business and marketing. So.

Speaking of Good Ranchers. Yes, it's almost summer. It is. And you know what's going to be on the grill for Memorial Weekend? Good Rancher Steaks. Yes, it will. New York Strip, if I know you at all. Yes. Delivered right to your door. Steakhouse quality. Thirty dollars off with code Radcast. Go to GoodRanchers.com. Plug it in. You'll thank us for it later. And you'll get the best American farm raised meat right to your door. You can't beat it. One less thing to check off.

or to check more to check off when you go to the grocery store. You don't have to worry about it. That's where our price is going up and lock you in. A lot of good promos going on. So go check out our good friends at Good Ranchers dot com, the official meat delivery sponsor of the Radcast and Ryan Offord. And I know Christina loves them as well. Yes, it also keeps in your freezer for a long time. Yes, it does. That's the thing. They flash freeze it. Look, I'm going to do a little education here. And I had to learn this last few years of what just good ranchers like to learn this from someone else. I trust the meat industry. And they.

If it's flash frozen one time and you put it in the back of the freezer frozen, you don't lose any quality, don't lose any taste. And I used to go, but do you really? I've done the taste test. Yep. Ken confirms. Literally I had one steak that had never been frozen and I froze one of the exact, they're both with the same type to think of like a prime cut or something like that. I froze them, had my, I literally did once they, the other one defrosted, I put them, I purposely lost track of which one was which. Yeah.

on purpose and you couldn't tell visibly or anything like that. Season them, put them on the grill. Couldn't tell. Couldn't tell which one was which. It tastes of both. There's no difference. If you don't lose flavor with your flash frozen one time and that's how Good Ranchers delivers it right to your door. And they're good steak. Yeah, it is prime steakhouse quality right to your door. Good Ranchers, Good Ranchers dot com. We got some social media news. LinkedIn, who we don't often speak of in the social media world.

is bringing verification tools to its job post. They announced this verification feature on job posting to help recruiters and candidates build trust. LinkedIn's verification measures do not involve paid subscriptions or blue check marks. They are available for free and focus solely on confirming users' identities. This is what it should be. This makes sense. Even though I rolled my eyes at the Google thing, it makes sense because there's a lot of scammers out there using Gmail. You would almost think that this would have happened first. Yeah. Yeah.

And there are a lot of people owning multiple companies, hiring people. I'm on LinkedIn and see these things enough that I do things come across already. Are they, is that a real job? Like it's a post by someone and I'm like, I don't know what exactly they're luring them into or it's just maybe like a recruiter trying to build a pool up. Oh yeah. The amount of times I got like interviews like that right out of college.

And I was told it was this like fast-paced work environment. I'm like, this is tech sales. You want me to stand in Walmart and sell AT&T. No thank you. Make six figures in three weeks. As long as you like to work hard, we'll play hard. And I was like, no, I'm out. Thanks so much. Pass. It was the cart girl job at the local golf course. Hey, there's money in that though. I bet I would do. I know, but like sales, entry-level sales. Do you like golf, fast-paced?

and fly in lips, talk fast talkers. When you go to the movie theater, they're like, have you always wanted a career in the movies? I'm like, I'm not sweeping popcorn. That's not a career in the movie. Yes. Hey, it's marketing, even the job. Exactly, absolutely. Good for LinkedIn. Yeah, this next one is I love, it's super interesting. Microsoft Azure AI Studio is letting developers build their own AI co-pilots so you can customize and combine open AI models like ChatGPT or GPT-4, which we know is better, with their data.

text or images to create chat assistance or other types of apps that can reason over private data. This is the next phase, right? Okay, it's got all of the Internet data. Some of these are Internet connected. Some of these are date back to a year or two ago. It depends on which platform you're using. But this is the next iteration when you can allow it and feed it your own data so that it can be truly applicable to.

what you're doing or what information you need, whether it's your job, whether it's, I don't know, past medical history, whatever it might be. This is where, and really, I think the naming of this has been a little convoluted. At the end of the day, this is where it feels like it's headed, where we all have this personal assistant for knowledge. It's our second brain. You have to prompt it, which is why there's prompt engineers and all this, and asking the right questions, but it's really,

having, if our brain just can't absorb it, this is where learning and education, this is where it gets deep for me with like, where we're going, like, you certainly need to, I'm not advocating for education going away. But when these things start to get built into the phone, which they already are, but like right there all the time, even when they start tapping in our own thoughts, maybe, I don't know, getting a little weird. But.

Do we need the knowledge or does our assistant need the knowledge? Because it's readily available. It's kind of like math. Do I need a low calculus or can I just ask my assistant if I needed it for something? And then it becomes if the assistant is doing everything, then what are you at? What value are you adding? But I think there's still reasoning and we're not quite there. But it does raise all those questions. No, it's again, it's progressing ridiculously quickly. It is at a shocking rate. But I do think this is like the.

the next frontier, so to speak, is this personal assistant where you've granted that this personal data and this access and you've kind of like now when you sign up for these ads, you actually are granting your privacy, right? Do it with any app you download. Yeah, here's my information. Instagram, you're saying, okay, you can use my information and I'm going to use your app for free. And when you allow the chat to you, you give this technology or you give your assistant.

the knowledge that it can then use to benefit you. It's a similar type process, but it's gonna be fascinating where it goes and this feels like the next iteration. While we're on the next iteration, Adobe is bringing Firefly's Generative AI to Photoshop. So it's only available in the beta version of Photoshop, but users can use natural language, text prompts, or describe the type of image or object desired and Photoshop will help them create it. Yeah. This is...

Interesting, I've seen this stuff. It hasn't quite gotten there for me yet. Like I've, I'm sorry, who's our producer as well as a creative, highly creative designer here at the agency is agreeing with me. That like, you plug this stuff in, like it's, it's just not quite there. Like you said, you asked for something and it looks fake. It looks weird. I don't know. Yeah, it may be, it's going to get there. I'm sure eventually, but I don't think it's quite there yet. And it's going to be interesting, like with video and stuff. Like

how bad it looks before it looks great. I don't know. It feels like it'll look like, what's his name's avatar with meta. Mark Zuckerberg's like, dead eye avatar that was like 2003 game graphics. I know. So we'll see. Yeah, it's coming though. Now we're onto our marketing section. So inside Google's plans for improving paid search with generative AI. So we're transitioning, keeping on the AI train because that's what's happening right now. Google is utilizing generative AI to ease the workflow for digital marketers.

Hello. By introducing campaign creation tools, the latest updates include a conventional experience with Google Ads, automatically created assets and product studio, which help e-commerce merchants create product imagery faster and at a lower cost. Early adopters saw an increase of 2% more conversions at a similar cost per converter markers to a good, okay. I was reading the rest of that article.

It's a little jargon forward, but it's still... It's coming. And I don't want to say it's coming for jobs, because I don't like that language. I don't like that. I don't like that mindset, but it's everywhere. It is. I think all of this is raising the floor. What do I mean by that?

Right now, before generative AI, the floor is you at least know how you have to know how to do something, but the floor is really low. Because just doing something doesn't make it good. But now the floor is good because generative AI will generate good, but the cream will still rise to the crop because great is not here yet with generative AI.

Does that make sense? And so even with paid ads, it's the same thing because I've seen this stuff in action and the way it's still, there's a human component, a reasoning and a creativity to these things that get layered on that are necessary to stand out. All it's done is make average higher. That's all it's done. It's raised, if the standard SAT was, I don't know, 700 or whatever it is, now it's 900. So you're gonna have to hit 1100 to stand out.

It's no different than this with paid ads. If you want your paid ads to do better, yeah, you can use this, but so can everyone else. So the baseline's gone up, but the ceiling, it's still, the cream will rise to the crop. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That makes sense. So, yeah, we'll see. But anyway, it's fascinating. I like, right now it's short-cutting things, so it's creating more speed and efficiency, because you can get to the base, to the average quicker. But then you got to layer on, I don't know, things that I don't think.

It can be ever be able to do. Because I'll tell you what, I'm starting to read more and more blogs and more and more things where I'm like, this is written by like, I'm starting to see the cracks. It's starting to feel like, OK, it's content, but I can tell when a human wrote it. And I don't know, just there's just certain things that really stand the storytelling. And it's clear that AI has a problem being contrarian. Like it wants to it can't take a side. And so anyway, yeah, we'll see. Average is going up.

Does it mean the top is it still available and wide open for you to excel? Use these tools to better yourself. Speaking of tools to better yourself, Peloton's latest brand revamp arrives as their revenue drops 22% year over year. They've revamped their total app, the app, the revamp is the company's latest in a series of attempts to right the ship after a tumultuous few years. It's launching the brands, it is launching in the brands of five markets globally, along with a new creative campaign. They've totally updated their app.

There is now a free tier and it's a whole lot more. It's based less around the bike and more around workouts that you can do just in your house. They're written out. There's more resources if you just like to work out at home. So we'll see how this goes. Look, a lot of things got unnaturally inflated by a scenario that wasn't going to last forever. So COVID, everything that happened with that.

a lot of things got inflated to an unnatural growth position. Zoom saw this. Peloton saw this. A lot of things that are based on home base. And everyone made this presumption that we're never going to go back. Like that Genie wouldn't. I usually don't think Genies go back in the bottle, but this one did. Yeah. Once we got over it and everybody got back out and people realized that the world wasn't ending. And also, it's I think part of it with the issue with Peloton. It's so expensive. Yeah. It's just.

It's so expensive. I would rather have a cycle bar membership. And when you had no other option to have group exercise or to do things, then yeah, you justify cost. But now I can jump back on my bike, go back to the park. I'm going out. Or go to a cycle bar class. I can do the same thing with people. People weren't giving up those because they were making some huge transition that they wanted to make. It was an unnatural switch. And now they're trying to make up for it. They've made some other.

bungling mistakes as it is. So this feels like the last stand. It just feels, to me, it feels like they don't know who their audience is. Yeah, I think because the reason they don't know their audience is because it unnaturally expanded to something broader than it never would have been normally. And so they had a hard time shrinking back down and then understanding exactly who that target base is. But I think they've...

Want to be all things to all people? OK, Jim, we're off the bike on the bike. Stick with the fucking bike. Make that the thing. Be the best one in that. But anyway, we'll see. I have doubts that this is I think they've got bigger issues. I agree. I agree. Our last article, Spotify is what may use AI to host to make host reads for podcast ads that sound more like real people. Coming for you. You have the so then if you're late, we'll just have a I Ryan.

I know you can't get this combination of Southern accent. I want to see it because look, Siri doesn't even understand me. I'm so unique. Sure. Siri still can't say my last name, so I hear that. No, I'm like you should see. I need to do a TikTok series on me to try to do to text, to see what it writes and to see how bungled it is every time. Yeah. If Spotify can do it, then good for them. Good for them. But.

There are software that is pretty interesting. Descript is one of them where they do captions or things, but they can plug in like single words if you miss a word or if they take out your ums and ahs, and luckily we don't have too many of them at this stage, but they do reduce them. But if it feels like they need to fill a gap or you're trying to edit something, it will plug in. Like it has my voice down. It could plug in one or two words to make it not sound crazy.

Full sentences sounds a little cadence and everything just a little off. But this would be interesting. I think, look, there's a guy that we had on the show who's making a podcast with his co-host is an AI, is a total computer. And I have to listen to it. She sounds like a more, I don't know, polished Siri. Like Plankton and Karen from SpongeBob. Yeah. That's what it feels like. Yeah, Karen it is.

It's always Karen. Always a Karen. Oh. That's what we got. It's Memorial weekend. Time for a vacay. Yes. And there's always time at takeavacay.com, official CBD, plant-based wellness sponsor of the Radcast and a company that I'm part of at full discretion. But let me tell you, this is, we got some new products coming out, a new CBD roll-on. Yes, which you can purchase. Yes, and I actually strained my wrist.

And my wellness physician, that's what I call him. He's a chiropractor, but he does a lot more stuff. Has been using there. He has a version of it. So ours was to be in this week or next week. So we'll see. But that actually is making me feel better. So I'm going to see if ours can outdo it. There you go. We do have that coming out. So go check it out. Take it vacay.com. We're having a 20% off sale now through Memorial Day. Yes. You listen on time. Yes, exactly. Head over there. Take advantage of that. Yup. Any time you need a natural plant-based.

relaxation or getaway. VK is your brand. Give them some love. Follow us at vk.global on Instagram and you can reach us at takeavk.com. You know where to find us? Theradcast.com. All of the highlight clips, the video, merch, sponsors. So I will say this. Let me say this. So I use this probably more than anyone else cause it's our show and you go and I'm looking for something.

That search bar is powerful on our, if you go look up like Instagram tips, you'll find every highlight clip in every episode that we've done where we talked about Instagram tips, it'll bring up like literally those keywords. We've done a good job, either accidentally or on purpose. I'm giving you all that, no, it wasn't part of the spec out. But for real, you're looking up a topic, you wanna know something we've covered, we've talked about, a guest we've had, use that search bar at theradcast.com. Super easy, we've got all our content there and links.

to other platforms where we are. Any final words here on Memorial Weekend? Drive responsibly, drink responsibly, and thank you to our troops. Yeah, we do appreciate everyone that's made the ultimate sacrifice, and we don't forget why we have the freedoms that we do. For Sorry Rice on the Ones and Twos, Christina Yossi, I'm Ryan Alford. We'll see you next time on the Radcast. To listen or watch full episodes, visit us on the web at theradcast.com.

Or follow us on social media at our Instagram account, V.RAD.CAST, or at Ryan Alford. Stay radical.