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The Week of May 5, 2023 Marketing and Business News: AI Can’t Replace Human Writers

May 05, 2023

The Week of May 5, 2023 Marketing and Business News: AI Can’t Replace Human Writers
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Welcome to The Radcast with Ryan Alford - the ultimate source for insightful business and marketing news!

In this episode, we're thrilled to be joined by Chris Hansen, co-founder of Genesis Reference Labs and partner/co-founder at Vaycay. And we've got a lot to cover!

First up, let's talk about the impact of the Writers Guild of America's strike, and their refusal to regulate the use of AI. Plus, we're delving into Heineken's new matchmaking platform for gamers!

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the latest news, trends, and insight into the future of the Vaycay brand. Stay ahead of the business game by tuning in now!

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Welcome to the latest edition of The Radcast with your hosts Ryan and Christina! In this episode, we are joined by special guest Chris Hansen, co-founder of Genesis Reference Labs and partner/co-founder on Vaycay. We discuss the latest news, and where we're headed with the Vaycay brand.

We also dive into the Writers Guild of America’s strike and are refusing to regulate the use of AI. Additionally, we cover Heineken's new platform for gamers that serves as a matchmaker, and a lot more! Tune in now for informative and insightful discussions on the latest trends in business and marketing and be ahead of the business game!

Key notes from this episode:

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it. Here's your host, Ryan Alford.

Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It's Friday, May 5th, 2023. Our weekly marketing and business advertising and interesting news of the week joined by, like always, the lovely Christina Gassi. Wearing a hat. All three of us wearing a hat. I know. Got a special guest in the studio today. We do. Mr. Chris Hansen's here.

co-founder of Genesis Reference Labs and my partner and co-founder on VK. Hey, it's time to get away, buddy. Always in G Vegas. Glad to have Chris in the studio. We'll talk a little bit more about VK, where we're headed with the brand and a few updates there. But.

Small talk is always here. It is. And this is big news. The Writers Guild is on strike. Writers Guild America is striking in pursuit of a livable working conditions and streaming residuals. Adam Conover proposed that writers not have to adapt to, we're gonna try this again. Adam Conover proposed that writers don't have to adapt to AI output, which has been more present in the writer's room. And for as much as it's taking over, it cannot replace human beings. So this is pretty damaging. It can't. And like,

I totally respect where the writers are at here. Yeah. But at the same time, it's be careful. Like you don't have the like the AI shift. Here's got some leverage. Be careful with how far you push this. But I think what ends up happening, because I was talking to a couple of my actor friends about this and not so much in the theater, but specifically in the film world. Their auditions have almost come to a standstill because.

they don't have scripts. And after, if you find out that it's written by AI, it's the whole script gonna be written by AI and you don't want to audition for it. And you don't, is it gonna have the renewal rate that someone with a name would have? Some script writers gonna figure out how to use this appropriately. So I'm making a lot of money. That's how I came up with the shot list this week. Yeah, exactly. Straight up was ChatG2PT. You gotta use it. It needs to help you. You should take some shortcuts, but.

You still gotta have some creativity of your own. At least formalize the idea. And how do they determine that? What's the stop me from saying, write me a two hour movie script on a drama and a comedy. Can anyone tell it was written by AI? That's the big question. And I guess it's how transparent you are and how good you are using the prompts on ChatGPT to maybe...

enhance the story. Right. And that's where you have to use your own mind. And that's where like prompt engineering is like the word now. Yeah. It's like going to become like a job. It's my resume builder. Prompt. Just prompting me, baby. But asking the right questions, because it's an answer platform. And so it's all about asking the right questions. And once it gives you an output.

again, asking another right question of, can you do it this or that? Like adding in your own spin. A lot of it comes down to the gray area with the strike specifically. It's the gray area of where does the copyright fall? That's what's interesting to me. And I thought that's where this was going. And I don't know if the article is quite touching on it, which is these machines, the AI is scraping the internet and formulating original thoughts.

but their original thoughts and writings based off of original writings from copyrighted material. So it's knowledge based to write a hit song is based off of this sure sounds really close to the Drake song, whatever it might be, because that's part of the influence. And I guess that's no different than a human being, we're all influenced. But is it how close to home is it to the original copyrighted stuff? Is the question. Versus, I don't know, like it's getting pretty good.

I don't know if it can write full like sitcom scripts necessarily, but I wouldn't. I'm asking it to write a monologue about cats in the voice of Aaron Sorkin. Okay. We'll come back to that. We come while it's formulating, we can move on to Heineken. All right. Let's get after it. Heineken plays matchmaker for gamers on our new platform. They're helping gamers connect with others who have similar gaming skills and interests via a new digital service.

that matches players based on skill level, availability and favorite game, among other criteria, according to information shared with Marketing Dive. This is a Tinder for gamers. Yeah, that's what I was like, swipe left. Sponsored by Anakin. I like that one of the criteria is like how good you are. Because you know, you don't want to date a noob. Yeah. Can you beat Super Mario in three minutes? That's just. God, I'm so bad at Super Mario. It's like Call of Duty now. Like I'm aging myself by saying Mario. But do you know the secret tour behind whatever the insert newest game here?

that I can't think of. Halo 27. Yeah. But Heineken is releasing collectible editions of its packaging inspired by different types of games, role playing games, sports, first person shooters and multiplayer online battle arena games. There's a QR code on the packaging that directs the consumer to all jokes aside. Look, the gaming is huge. And so for a brand to lean into this, if they pull it off right, you don't ever know. Like we read all these articles and we don't have, unfortunately.

hours upon hours to test every theory that is brought up in these articles or every experience. But what I do know is gaming is nothing to laugh at the eSports and all that shit. So it's mind blowing how big it is. Twitch and everything. Oh yeah. So they can make themselves the premier beer sponsor. Yeah. I personally hate Heineken. I think it tastes like piss. I'm sorry. They're never going to sponsor us, but I wouldn't want them to because I couldn't be authentic about it. Yeah.

I almost bought a moisturizer, but I couldn't because it smelled like Heineken. I was like, no, Heineken. I get it. But I like the I like the play here. It's just it's all about the execution. If it has the UI of Tinder and now you're talking, it's quick, swift, twice. What's up with the words today, Christina? We've been in the sun a lot. It's we were shooting on yesterday in the sun. You have a contact high from plenty of niche dating.

Like farmers only. Yeah, whatever the one's called. So I still exist. Oh, yeah. That's what my dad says. He's going to find a second wife if my mom dies. I haven't looked for a farm wife yet, but no, I think it's brilliant. Yeah, absolutely brilliant. We'll see. Just make your beer taste better. Got some rad news for us. Yeah, this week, Caesar Baron. Hey, microdosing is going mainstream. Speaking to that, we're going to be talking more about that. We're on the cutting edge of all that. But in all seriousness,

This guy was, had a very severe addiction to multiple things, but primarily smoking and relying on weed like 24 seven. I don't personally have a problem with weed, but I think anything you're doing and having to rely on while you're every waking is not good. And he got off of weed like in two weeks, like just microdosing and getting his head straight. And so it's being tested for

Alzheimer's, lots of stuff. And it's, yeah, it's let's get out of our own way here. This stuff needs to be, it needs to be tested and done, which we'll talk more about, but I really admire because Cesar worked for CNN for 25 years. He was a legitimate executive producer, had a legit credibility. Yeah. And he's coming out and he's taking a stand for psilocybin mushrooms and like what it's doing for me. And he's not talking about getting high. He comes out and says, this is minuscule dose that he takes, but.

I don't know. It was a fascinating interview. So if you've been hearing, reading, thinking about it, and you didn't check out this week's essay, that launched on Tuesday. Very fascinating. I've got a lot of feedback or DMs on that on excellent Instagram. A lot of people are exploring these things that you wouldn't expect. And it's time we're going to make this stuff in a lab that gets people hooked on stuff. And there's natural forms of medicines and things that can, when used appropriately, be good for you.

which we all forgot about. It seems like pharmaceutical companies that are such marketing geniuses the last 20 years, let's say, but there was a large point in time where I believed, oh, it's coming from a doctor or a pharmacy. It's got to be healthier for me, where at the very basis, I have to think anything natural to Earth is here for a reason and better for you than anything synthetically derived. But yeah, the microdosing is huge. I know.

Lots of people, myself included, on that path. And it's been extremely beneficial to me in a lot of ways. But it's, and I think I saw yesterday, like Colorado, I think fully legalized, I believe. I don't know if it was recreational up to a certain amount, but it's happening state by state, even if it's therapeutically, where you're seeing a medical practitioner doing it, but it's gaining a lot of traction. I think we're gonna hear a lot more about it this year and in the next few years.

It's exciting. It's very exciting. Yeah. So I'm a big fan of the minor amount of microdosing that I've experienced. Yeah. Minor microing. Yes. Minor microing. Next week, David Sagira. Hey, you know, this is going to be meta as it gets right here. CEO and founder of Glassbox Media. He's helping creators in the podcasting space bring it all together with sponsors and creating IP around your shows and really organizing it.

He's really, pun intended, high on podcast in general, saying that the IP generated from podcasts will supersede even like TV and other things long-term because of, especially audio, video ones. And so he's really helping people that have a good show, have a good concept, but don't have a firm sponsor IP trademark organization plan.

and really helping them bring that along. It's brilliant. Yeah, so Glassbox Media. Yeah, exactly. Glassboxmedia.com. Check that out. Next week is a really good interview and really insightful if you have interest or have thought about starting a podcast. A lot of people have, but this will be a great starter episode for understanding the ins and outs for monetization, IP content, et cetera. David was a very.

Cool guest and we really enjoy it. They actually invited me to a media event in New York next week, but I'm not gonna be able to make it. I'll go in your stead. Yeah. I have a home cheer. Yeah, you can. Actually, you can be a right cast representative. I do it. They invited all the top show hosts to the up fronts for media buying. Cause podcasts has come so big. We'll talk. Yeah. We'll talk, I do it. There you go. So we went from glass box, now we're going to meat boxes. Oh yeah. Keep it in theme, natural.

You get a box with Good Ranchers American meat delivered. If you head to www.goodranchers.com and use code RADCAST, just RADCAST, you will get $30 off your first box. This is the best thing, best time of year to order this because it's almost summer and it's time to grill, grilling season, or again, in my case, cast iron skillet season. Have you broken out your grill yet, Ryan? Are you kidding me? Multiple times I had.

I had a Good Rancher steak last weekend and some burgers. I had chicken. And I laid out some New York strips for the weekend this morning. There you go. The grill is fired up and ready at the Allford residence. And yeah, the kids get excited. They see the steaks laying out. They're like, oh yeah. And I'm like, you know that's Good Rancher steak, son. And they go, Delivered to the door. Now, good friends at goodrangers.com, the official steak.

sponsor. Protein sponsor. Of Ryan Alford and the Radcast. Let me tell you, and that's saying something, because I like premium steakhouse quality at home. And that's what we're getting every time from Good Ranchers. I do not buy meat from the grocery store anymore. No, you won't. Those white goo burgers, you throw them, take them out. I'm telling you, you will thank us for it. They've got so many promos going on right now. Go to their website, GoodRangers.com, plug in Radcast, get $30 off.

and you'll thank us later and invite me over for some steak. I'm in. Swap recipes. Yeah. And support your small ranchers. There you go. Exactly. All farm raised in the U.S. This is the best meat you can buy delivered right to your door. Love these guys. Onto our social media news. I rolled my eyes when I read this one. Blue verified check marks are coming to, wait for it, Gmail.

I know Gmail is introducing blue check marks for verified senders leveraging Gmail's brand indicators for message identification or BIMI. The blue check mark appears next to senders names and users can hover over it to see a blurb confirming its authenticity. All right. So I agree with the rolling of the eyes on this, like in this premise, but I will say this two things. There's a piece of advice here and there's an insight. Number one.

anybody and everybody can sign up for Gmail. If there's anything that ever made sense, maybe for verification, it's fucking email. Like because you get these random things as Gmail and because it's somewhat it's Google, it has somewhat of credibility. It's in not my mind, but a lot of people's minds are through email, but most of them are through email and most of them are Gmail accounts. So it makes functional sense, probably as much as any other verification. I'll also say if you run a business.

I don't care if you're an influencer. I don't care if you have a multi-billion dollar corporation. I don't care if you have a side hustle. Get your domain name.com on your email. If you email me and ask me to do a partnership with you or ask me to do something and you have a Gmail account.

I delete it immediately. You aren't taking yourself seriously if you have a fucking Gmail account. Like you need to have, you need to, I just got mine for cry comedy. I'm so excited. Christina cry comedy.com cry dash comedy. Cry comedy was three grand. So we're holding off on that. Still, but you have to have your freaking domain in your email address. Sorry. I mean, it's just, yeah. If you're totally personal with relatives, fine. And not.

The Radcast at gmail.com. Absolutely not. Right. That's the word on the screen. Nothing screams not legitimate faster than a business asking me to do so. Literally, I probably get 200 sales emails a week. We all get them like different things, pushing things. And sometimes the email is fairly well written. It might even be a service I might consider. And if, but if it's at gmail.com, delete, because that just means one, you don't take your business seriously.

Two, you don't understand marketing, or three, you're just so cheap you didn't buy your fucking, you are. I'm really passionate about this. If you're not gonna invest in the basics. Because it bothers me that people don't, it's such an easy step, you can do it in 10 minutes. Right, it's a good gauge of how is someone really gonna put in some work and a very small amount of money.

for credibility and legitimacy. And look, they have to have a lot more than just that, but that's just like table stakes, like to be legitimate. But the blue check is a little odd. I wish they'd call it something else because I agree it should be. It is weird though, because you don't know who's scam not these days. Oh my gosh, I know. Especially consumers. It's wild. Yeah. We got some YouTube news back to YouTube shorts. They are embellishing short ads as monetization struggles endure.

Shorts and in-feed video ads are extending into video reach campaigns, which use artificial intelligence to serve the ideal combination of ads. Targeting solution YouTube Select will also be compatible with Shorts to pair ads with trending content. YouTube's getting either way at a little, like it's still the biggest video platform in the world. So let's, I'm not gonna cry for them. We don't feel bad for them. I'm not crying for them too hard, crack comedy. But I will say that

They are having their lunch, eating a little bit on short form with TikTok and even real story, of course, because if you just if you're just mindless, I will say my kids are on it a lot because I won't let them get on social media yet. But so they got to monetize. They're the most money for creators on YouTube still. It's the hardest algorithm to break into. But yeah, that's freaking a nightmare. Yeah, it's taken five years to get a thousand views on a broadcast video. Like, I know you can like randomly get that on a TikTok if it just.

It's like remotely interesting. Yeah, you got some thousand. And so YouTube is hard to break in, but it makes sense that they are improving their ad platform. Yeah, it keeps them competitive. Yeah. So I will say this. I do think there's more credibility within YouTube. I like YouTube a lot as an ad platform with influencers or.

within what they're selling here are these ad platforms. I think it's got a touch more credibility than some of the stuff on TikTok or Instagram sometimes. Like the closest thing to a traditional advertisement. TV ads. Exactly. It's the closest thing to that kind of. Probably the most expensive to advertise on. It is expensive, but I think it works if you have the right targeting and right ad. It tells you that if you're advertising. Sometimes you can have everything right on Instagram and it flops like crazy. And you don't know exactly why. You're like, yeah, good piece of content.

good targeting. If I see an ad on YouTube, I take it as more credible than an advertisement on Instagram. Totally. Yeah. That's interesting insight. Metta has now said that AI is improving or Metta says AI is improving ad efficiency as revenue growth returns. Meta platform's revenue grew in the first quarter, according to an earnings release. The news suggests that the social media giant is showing signs of a turnaround following several quarters of declines. This is because of AI.

Yeah. What was the rationale for what the AI is? Buying advertising, AI tools, increased monetization efficiency for Reels. OK, so they're using AI to improve the ad platform, which improves their profitability. That makes sense. Oh, I thought maybe it was like creators using AI, maybe putting more ads in the system because they can generate them faster, because that might be happening, too. Yeah, because everybody's kind of say, hey, chat, GPT, make make me an ad.

Right? Uh huh. A little more than that. Absolutely. Have our cat monologue finished. In the voice of Aaron Sorkin. Oh boy. Here we come. But I will say this, Chris and I were talking about this, I don't know yesterday, before. Facebook is not dead. I mean, there's still a lot of people that have never migrated off of Facebook to go anywhere else. And to still live there. I get booked for a lot of comedy shows through Facebook. Yeah. Which is, that's the main platform people will contact me on.

Which is weird. Yeah. And like Facebook messenger, I'd still get every crazy uncle and third cousin. Every birthday. Are you still living? You follow my stories. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. I keep putting stories out so you can keep along with everything. So I don't have to actually call you. But I still like, I still stair step what I post because like certain people don't follow me. Like family members are only on Facebook. So I just don't post things on Facebook. Yeah. It's a good, you can be a little choosier. Yeah. Yeah. A little more private. It's a different.

demographic almost. This next one is great news. TikTok opens up its revamped creator fund to all eligible creators in the US. So they launched the creativity program, Beta, a revamped creator fund available to all eligible creators. To qualify, you just need to have, you need to be in the US and have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 views in the last 30 days. The program rewards higher average gross revenue for qualified videos and offers an enhanced dashboard with analytics and insights. Keep making money.

I got to get more followers. It's interesting where it's going to go with all this stuff. Twitter's not making you pay to have the check and like to get more awareness with essentially like running ads. I think you're going to see this interesting world. We're going to move into where you pay more to get the social content that you get every day now. I'm not like next year, but eventually, because it's becoming the entertainment.

of it's the TV of now. And you buy cable to watch cable news or sports or whatever. And creators have to get paid if they're going to keep doing this. The ones that you actually want to watch. And it is it's so time consuming. It is a full time job. What's going to go there? Because look at Instagram with the what is it called? The exclusive where you can. Yeah, like the exclusive content. Yeah. Subscribe. And honestly, prime example, only fans.

People have people paying every month for whatever. And some of it's not risque stuff. Right. You have comedians with OnlyFans and musicians and whatnot. So I think that's you're right. An indicator. I think it's going to be more of that than you. We even think eventually for what you pay. Content's not free to me. The way it's worked so far is they make these platforms free so that they get volume of eyeballs, which then they could do ads.

But as the ad revenue goes down, so they've, that's, and that's what Elon Musk has done. Their ad revenue had gone down. So he was charging people cause you're getting awareness on my platform. Like again, it's ads for me, individual personalized. If you want more awareness, you're going to have to pay to get more awareness. It's advertising the newspaper nowadays. Yeah. It says Twitter is the public forum. And so we're going to have to put the genie back in the bottle a little bit because everybody's conditioned for this stuff to be free for so long.

And like back in the day, you would have never complained that if I've got to pay to run an ad on TV or no, it was just common accepted. That's what you had to do to get that reach. Yeah. And now the reach has been quasi free democratized. So it's going to be interesting how that all comes around. But look, Tick Tock's doing the smart thing. They've got a good thing going to revamp and making it easier for their creators to get paid. And they're leaning into it, at least.

I think it also all the organic reach they're already getting. Yeah, it also covers their skin with trying to get shut down. Because, right. And if it becomes even more of more a piece of people's livelihoods, it'll be absolute chaos if the platform gets banned. If you got people making money, they're going to push back on any ban. Exactly. If I just wish they worked on the messaging UI. Oh, my God, it's so bad. It's so bad. I don't even I can't even deal with it. I know. I completely agree with that. You can't.

message you contact people like. No, no, it's just like everyone has their like Instagram. I really don't. I need a syllabus or a manual for how to do the messaging on TikTok because it's like your connection who you followed liked you and say hi to them. What did they say? Hi to me. Is that a message or is this a message from God or did they wave at me like back? It's like sending flair on Facebook. Is there something you're doing? Throw me a bony. I'm just trying to like message somebody.

Social media. Yep. Again, we got to end it on some food related articles cause it's lunch for us. Popeyes is celebrating New Orleans in their first campaign with their new marketing agency, AOR McKinney. The campaign is called, We Don't Make Sense, We Make Chicken, which I think is great. It'll launch digitally this month with nationwide out of home and television spots set for June. The effort also allows consumers to search for the brand's mascot, Poppy, through an interactive commercial on the chain's website.

Popeyes is just everywhere now. They've been thinking about how big their campaign was on the chicken sandwich. That was huge. Yeah, that was viral. Yeah. The it was just funny, like being in the ad business. I haven't seen AOR in a while. That's agency of record. That's I didn't know they even handed this out anymore. McKinney, who is a pretty large agency. It's interesting. I just have eaten at Popeyes. Yeah. Is it? I haven't eaten that chicken sandwich was the it was pretty delicious. Yeah. When that whole craze happened a couple of years ago.

But I haven't had anything else there or a meal. Meaning like since then. I have no real gauge here on the. Yeah, I've never eaten there. Okay. The sandwiches were good, but I never went back. Yeah. Is it like KFC quality or is it a higher level or we're getting a nod from our producer Sawyer. You a fan? Yeah. Yeah. All I know is that Church's Chicken line on Augusta Road at 3.30 is. I'm gonna stock at Church's Chicken. Wrapped around. I don't know what it is about 3.30. Like it is. I've heard it's amazing. It is.

Maybe there's a deal. It must be like, maybe like one of those, Taco Bell has the third meal, second meal, like $3. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe it is, because that line is unbelievable. Yeah, it's a nightmare on Augusta. I'm watering down Popeye's moment here on our show. It's an hour and a half before 3.30, we can pop over there and see what the deal is. There you go. Hand out some gummies. What's all the rave about? Yeah, that's a vacay in itself. There you go. We don't make sense, we make chicken. I think it's a great line. I love it, yeah.

I like it. I want to see, this makes me want to watch some of the spots specifically, I didn't see them. But McKinney's a good agency, they're creative, though I'm sure it's a good campaign, but I can't believe anyone's still agency of record. Most of these brands, 15 agencies now, and no one's actually the agency of record. That's just, this is the old ad guy geek talk. Pardon me. Hits blunt. Yeah. This is next article. Jim Beam.

encourages togetherness in an ad that's set to Sweet Caroline by good old Neil Diamond. This came out on Monday, May 1st. In the new spot, there's a 15 second, 30 second, and 60 second version set to the song Sweet Caroline as a bar full of people sing along, emphasizing the importance of human connection. The campaign will air across broadcast, streaming, social media, and digital channels. It's set to launch in additional markets later this year. This is a direct reaction after COVID. I think it's brilliant. Alcohol brings people together.

Baseball brings people together. And when you hear Sweet Caroline, you think about all those things. How can you like...

I can't even read the words Sweet Carolina without starting to sing it. It's so good. Sweet Carolina. Sorry. It's a hype up song. Michael Jordan, or Michael Jordan even sang on this. Michael Jackson sang on these microphones. Occasionally. You just built that up. Just had to rip it out. Singlerella. Yeah, exactly. This seems fun. I don't like Jim Beam personally, but.

He's kind of a dick. I'm kidding. He does have like his son makes a second label. It's actually pretty tasty, but it's probably going to turn into a trend. You're going to start. I bet you baseball stadiums are going to start. They already play it, but they're going to play it. And I think you'll see this turn viral. So, yeah, yeah, I can see that taking shots of Jim Beam. Sweet Caroline. Sweet Caroline. Yeah, that's every Friday night. Some city in America. There's a bunch of drunk dudes singing Sweet Caroline. And is that I like.

They pickle shots like dill pickle pickle. Yeah, but that's usually like Hennessy or like Jameson or something. I think Yeah, yeah Try out with Jim Beam make it taste better. I'm really dogging on all the liquids today I don't like Heineken or Jim Beam Hey gotta keep my girl So we got

Let's talk vacay for a minute. Yeah. Excited to be partnering with you and.

We got a lot. We've been over at the factory today. It's been a busy week. Too busy. I know we were like watching the watching how the doughnuts got made. Yes. Yeah, we got a little firsthand view of it. Yeah, I know. Yeah. So I know I'm excited. We've got we talked about psychedelic mushrooms earlier. Yeah, we've got a mushroom product coming out. How would you describe this for people that are listening like the whole functional mushrooms?

We're all familiar with mushrooms, we eat them. For some reason, we only think about them eating. We don't think about it as something to eat. Salted on a steak. Chicken, like what you had last night. Yeah, Manchego chicken. Manchego chicken, yeah. Functional mushrooms really...

There's tons of great qualities, benefits to mushrooms. But we're looking at the functional mushrooms like lion's mane, cordyceps, shaga, really brain boosting supplements. You can even say nootropics. Now we're seeing just what's helping regrow cells in your brain, your memory, your focus, your cognition. For me.

I've noticed my caffeine intake in my coffee has went down because I think everyone's looking for more energy in the day, more of a boost, right? So I started getting into maybe a year and a half ago, taking some mushroom blends just in the morning with my coffee. And probably within a week, I could tell a difference. I swear by it. So I'm really excited about that. I think that's going to be a product that people are going to love. I like to say we're going to make alternative wellness the only alternative.

It doesn't need to be alternative. It needs to be its natural wellness. That's what's crazy is we have to call it these things because the things that come from the ground are alternative. But if it's made in a lab with 1700 chemicals that do whatever to you, then it's okay. How twisted is that? What do you think about it? The planet Earth has done pretty good enough for it, for the hundreds and thousands, some say billions of years.

It wasn't really until the fifties that the pharmaceutical industry and synthetic stuff started coming about. I think there's like you said, it's crazy when you think about it, like that. It makes the most sense. Yeah. That we'd at least go down that path further than we have at this point in 2023. And.

I think the reason we hadn't explored that path was it's funny. Yeah. You can't patent it. If it's natural to plant it, you can't patent it. Yeah, but I think it's an exciting time. I think people are getting a lot of awareness about this and people are looking for something else. We know what's out there. Clearly there's still people looking for different things that are better, healthier, more organic. And there was a huge push right now. Organic everything. Everyone wants natural. So we're going to, we're going to give it to them. We're going to give it to them. And.

We're going to destignify it along the way. Take a vacay.com. Check us out. Lots of exciting things happening and natural ways to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, a lot of different things. So excited about that. And you can follow us on Instagram at vacay.global. Got a couple of accounts, but that's the best way to get to us. So Chris, where can everybody keep up with you on social media? Instagram, Chris Broby Hansen, B-R-O-B-Y.

or you can shoot me an email at chris at take of AK also. There you go. Any final words there, Christina Gassi? No, I got a cat monologue to read once we end this thing. There we go. Let's have at it. Cat monologue generated by chap gpt. You want me to do it now? Yeah. Oh, the short version. The first one it came up with in the voice of Aaron Sorkin was one, two, three, four, six, six paragraphs long. This one's only one. Ladies and gentlemen.

Let's talk about the enigma that is the cat. These creatures, from house cats to lions and tigers, have captivated and bewildered us for millennia. They are paradoxical beings, both aloof and affectionate, independent and needy. Cats challenge our expectations and represent the wildness within us all. Their unpredictability and refusal to conform remind us that life isn't always neat and tidy. So, embrace the mystery of cats, for in the end, it's the untamed and unexplained that makes life truly worth living.

Okay, I'm going to say this. That might be the best explanation of what cats are like I've ever heard. So did I get it on the level. I feel like I understand cats more after hearing that. I do. Because I lean more towards dogs. Yeah, I kind of want to pun a cat sometimes, but because they don't like you. They don't like people. I like people that like me. I wouldn't mark everyone, but any of them marvelous Mr. Marshall being the exception because he sounds like he's loving. Oh, he is.

Most cats don't like people. Like they, a lot of them. Yeah, I've been around enough cats. Nah, they can't. So, we'll bring your cats to the office days. Is your cat nice? A little bit more than dogs. Is it like affection? See? Cats are consent creatures. But can you guys admit on a one-to-one basis, cats don't generally love that type of affection as much as dogs? Maybe I've just been, yeah, I don't know. I've had, I've always preferred cats to dogs.

And the ones I've had have always been insanely affectionate toward me in a way that dogs haven't been. My cat runs to greet me. My dogs don't. The cat whisper. That should be here. You know, there's a joke in there somewhere. Somewhere. Those are my final words. Yes. We're going to leave it there. You know where to find us. Search for cat whisper. You'll find all today's highlights.

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