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TikTok Sensation and Authentic Male Dating Coach with Jen Larson

May 16, 2023

TikTok Sensation and Authentic Male Dating Coach with Jen Larson
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The latest episode of The Radcast features social media and men's dating expert Jen Larson who emphasizes honesty and directness to effect change. We explore Jen's TikTok fame and how her bluntness and intelligence make her the coach you need. Get expert advice on being blunt and honest to change the world.

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Radcast, featuring the power of social media and men's dating expert, the blunt and brilliant Jen Larson. Jen believes in honesty and directness as the best way to bring about change, and we couldn't agree more.

In this episode, we'll delve into Jen's TikTok fame and popularity, and how she has harnessed the power of social media to build an impressive following. But what we love most about Jen is her unapologetic bluntness and fierce intelligence. She's the coach you need to take charge of your dating life, and we're thrilled to have her on the show.

Don't miss out on her expert advice, as she shares how to be blunt and honest in changing the world.

Key notes from the episode:

  • Jen is a badass who has a lot of street smarts when it comes to dating. She advocates for people to ask the opposite gender for advice. She is strongly influenced by her brothers. (01:41)
  • Ryan and Jen engaged in a discussion about confidence, ego, and being a "guy's girl", how women are able to get away with dishonesty and her journey to TikTok. (04:55)
  • Ryan and Jen discussed the relationship between women's behavior on social media and cheating as this contributes to cheating. (09:07)
  • Jen believes relationships can be successful if both parties treat one another like kings and queens, and that good communication is key in resolving conflicts. (12:55)
  • Ryan and Jen discussed the universal issues when working with men in coaching contexts. Jen shared a personal story about getting divorced. (16:24)
  • Jen noted that when people seek her services it usually signals the end of a relationship and causes her social media comments to explode. (21:00)
  • They discussed the importance of leveraging social media for education and entertainment. (24:03)
  • Ryan asked for advice on how men in relationships can improve with women and Jen’s suggestions about mindset shifts and discussions. (24:43)
  • Jen is creating a course for men that details how to treat their partners in relationships and her content will mainly be posted on Instagram and TikTok but also YouTube. (26:31)
  • To be successful on social media, it is important to have a niche topic/theme and maintain consistency in terms of content and style.(27:36)
  • Jen shared that consistency, using searchable questions and captions, and having three "Avatars" are essential for standing out on the platform. (31:01)

This episode is packed with energy, wisdom, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

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You're listening to the Radcast, a top 25 worldwide business podcast. If it's radical, we cover it.

Here's your host, Ryan Allford. Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. I'm Ryan Allford, your host. We like to say if it's radical, we cover it. This is pretty fucking radical, if I say so myself. It's the power of social media, the power of TikTok is the power of men's.

dating expert and blunt know it all. Jen Larson, what's up? Hey, that's a compliment. You do know it all dating. Yeah. And men's dating. You're the truth. That's right. I think that's the way the way to change is honest with people. Yes. And that's why I like you. I, you caught my eye on tick tock like everyone else's. We'll get to that tick tock fame and popularity, the world we live in. But I was like, I like this woman. She.

Speaks are mine, which I some men get uncomfortable with that. I like it. I like your brashness, your boldness and your fucking smart. I after all, sometimes there's that sheen of toughness. But I go, I see through it. I'm like, she's tougher. He's tough. But there's not like an intelligence behind it. But you're smart as hell, Jen. I'll give you credit. And I really appreciate you coming on. Jen Larson, she's a men's dating coach.

the bluntest of dating coaches, which hopefully we're going to force her to be blunt. She's going to be nice cause we get her on the show, but she's, you got to be blunt now, Jen. But it's so interesting. Known in an ad agency and being knee deep in social media, people like you come across my radar and not only like, I respect like what they're doing, that they've embraced these things, that maybe they didn't have an ad agency like coaching them, but they embraced the opportunity was there.

And, but it just shows you how powerful it is with the following you've built and all that. So congrats on that, but let's back up a bit, Jen, let's set the table for who is Jen Larson and what made her such a, a bad-ass. I think I have a lot of street smarts when it comes to dating. I have four older brothers. We talk about anything and everything. I could call. I've always called him for advice when I was dating because it's talking to someone who's trying to fish.

fisherman how to catch a fish, ask the fish. So he said, he always told me, he said, Jen, if you need advice about a guy, ask the guy. And so that's where I feel like coming. Guys, you want advice about a woman, ask a woman, don't ask another guy. It's two different brains. So it all came from you, all from your brothers. All from my brothers, all through my experiences, friends' experiences, even my daughter, when she was younger, she would tell her friends, just ask my mom about dating advice.

asked her, they'd say, oh, I'm dating this person. She said, just go sit down with my mom. So I was in the litter room coaching high schoolers about dating. So I wasn't as blunt then, but I am somewhat blunt with people because like I said, I think that saves you a lot of time. And sometimes people don't see the mistake that they're doing in dating. And it could be a small tweak that will just change the entire trajectory of your dating life. Like when you were 16,

Or 20. And I know you had some of the experiences and we can go down that road or not go down that road. But where, but where you did that mold you like we're in the same age category. You had kids a little younger, but did that have anything to do? Or is it just, were you at 10 years old? Were you just direct as hell? I was direct as hell. Always. I always just tell people I'm going to be the president of the United States. Every time I was on eating, she'd say that.

When I look at her, I say, nothing is impossible. I had a daughter at 16, immediately knew I was gonna be a mom. Had all my friends, had all my bad habits at the time. Couple years prior to that, my brother died in an accident and so our family imploded and on my own, so you know I then got into some bad things. Had a daughter and that's just when my life changed. Name's Destiny, actually, because that was supposed to happen for me and that just changed my life. I went to college.

I went to Purdue, she never spent a minute in daycare and I'm proud of that. And I understand some people have to do that. No shame in that, but I'm going to be 19 going to college away from my family. And I just always, if I get knocked down, I get right back up. You know, sometimes you got to lick your wounds, but always in life, got to get back up. My brothers taught me that. They're all entrepreneurs. Never worked for anybody. It's just, you got to always get back up. You can't stay down.

You have a confidence about you. I think I hear you. I think anyone that says they're going to be the president, it's gotta be some college. You're just secretly a guy's got a girl, a guy's girl. Like you gotta be. You had all the girls, the guys liked you probably both for your looks and your approach. You have the best of both worlds. Yeah. Cause they feel comfortable talking to me and that's pretty much how it's always been when I was younger. It just.

people talk to me, I would become friends with guys pretty easily. And it was really no filters and we could just talk and be respectful of each other. So that's how it's always been. What was the journey to TikTok? So talk to me about that path of maybe taking your persona and your personality. And I don't say it's not a character because I could tell it's but what was that path?

to that? Was it a tip? Was it just watch it was happening? What channeled that? I wish I could say I was smart enough to think about that on my own. But no, I started on an Instagram influencing. So I was doing hair, makeup and clothes. It was not sustainable. I'm usually in like yoga pants running around or not wearing makeup. So I, it just wasn't sustainable. I wasn't happy doing it. I felt it was wearing shoes wasn't really important at the end of the day. So I myself, prior to coach.

And I just said, I don't like what I'm doing. And she said, think about what do people go to you for instantly? I'm like advice. That's what it is. She said, okay. Instagram's very curating. I had the good lighting filters. There's a lot more goes into Instagram and I'm busy. I have got other side. I'm an entrepreneur. I look at other opportunities. Okay. Hold up a camera and just speak what's on your mind and I have to have your makeup on and your clothes and just sit. I can do that. So.

I started with making, she said, two videos a day for 15 days. And I went from a thousand followers to about 25,000 in a month for three weeks. I mean, it just went pretty quick. And then I had a couple million and two million views and it's just gotten quickly. So people obviously felt some connection there. I loved that. Like I could be myself and people like me. Go figure. There's nothing.

Yeah, there's nothing easier than just waking up and being yourself. Is so what were we talking about? Give me some juicy gin talk of what really popped off for you to start like topic. And you may not remember exactly what you said, but let's go there. Videos that got so much comments and people going back and forth as I said, women date,

But then you've got people saying, where's the data? It's like, you don't need the data. Sometimes in your street spots and things, data comes out later, right? Because data has to, someone's got to be interested in looking at it, number one. And then they've got to study it, research it, put it in a paper and publish it. So people are like, where's the data? It's not there yet. I was even watching Chris Rock the other day, one of his windups. And he said the same thing. And I was sitting there as a friend. I was like, he said it too. And he's been around, right?

Chris Rock's been around. Chris Rock's been around. Yeah, he's been in the industry. He's seen some things and he's seen the same thing. Women do, they get away with it because they will, you know, what we say is die with the lie. They'll never tell anybody. Even if they tell, like I said, one of my friends, I picked her up from the airport and she said, I had an affair with my husband. I mean, that's not good. Like, no, we talked about it a couple of months later. She said, I didn't say that. I'm like, yes, you did. You were in my car. You said that.

So they even deny it. Like they get back in their heads where they will pretend and convince even themselves it never happened. So that's how they're able to just get away with it. So guys have to talk about it so they get caught and Girls will show their friends pictures, right? Yeah this girl, right? So more girls cheat that so I like to call that, you know what I call that content that's called agitation content

You agitated the market, especially women, probably both sides for different reason. You agitated men in the way that in maybe a good way. I know they do. I knew it. There she's all right. And then the women going, what's she talking? He's like, of course, that's all the comments were. It was crickets from women for a good two months. And there was guys commenting saying, where's the women? I think I had three women comment in a month or two months at time. They're like, oh, crap, she's giving away our stuff. Shit.

So you think more women cheat because they can get away with it and it's not known or what are the other factors? I think they do it because of attention because women like attention. That's why I say social media ruined women and porn ruined men. So women, you just go on any Instagram, I could look at my phone now and before I could find one of my friends at the beach in a bikini. Why'd you have to post that? So it's just these attention things that they're doing.

I always say, if you're genuinely great time where you're at, you're really getting a photo. So it's a lot of these posed photos. My friends do it. They go all out and it's, we even talk to them at the end of the day. I mean, you guys have fun. It's just getting that photo, dressing up, getting that photo, getting that attention from a guy. It's pretty easy to sweet talk a girl that she's willing to cheat. I hate to say that. Tanner Iskra Then it just comes down, I think you said this, comes out the morals, right? If they have morals, you're probably okay. But

If they're loose or not there, then that's the biggest. Oh yeah. No, my girlfriends who will just, they give off that energy. Like don't even approach me. And she doesn't get approached ever. And she's gorgeous, but she never gets approached. So, well, it's a vibe, right? As a female. Yeah, exactly. What's some of your other like key nuggets?

of Tik Tok isms are incidental. You're on both platforms big now, but what are some other? I think now because I get a lot of things we're done or other dating scene, I want to keep my money and keep my peace. And so I think I think, though, if someone perfect for to show up at their front door, they of course would date. Right. They're just this modern day thing and feminism really destroyed a lot of stuff. And now they're on social media talking about how you have three guys. Your first guy, your second guy.

It's a rotation that girls are starting to have with these guys. But I say, do a prenup. If you're worried about losing money because you have a divorce, do a prenup because there's no better time to split your assets when you like each other. And it's almost like we get insurance for our car in case something happens. We have house insurance in case there's a flood. You should have a marriage insurance, which is a prenup. And it shouldn't be an unloving thing. It should be like, Hey, it should almost be looked at as a loving thing.

Listen, if this doesn't work out and we become enemies, they're going to be okay. I'm going to be okay. And the rest are going to walk away broke and having to start life all over at 40 or 50. But you're talking rational whenever, with all the endorphins in the, I like you so much things are going off. So it's like the rational stuff goes out the door, right? It does. And I feel like people that say, you know what we get, right? So it's only just like my mom and I take dummies just so we keep it at done. Cause sometimes you might need to be a little lucid.

just write it out because no one wants to truly sit in those feelings of this isn't going to work. It's not a fun thing to do, but it's not also fun to fill out your driver's license that you'd be an organ donor if you die. It's not fun. It's things happen. So I say, we won't preen up.

That's also how I got into the day coach coaching is I decided I was thinking the wrong people. I was finding projects. I was putting like my art hat on. And so now I'm like, you know what? I have this energy and this gift to help people. I'm no longer going to date those people that need help. I want to find some stable and healthy and has already worked through their stuff. But yeah, I picked a project. So my first husband was.

ex-husband is really great. He's the one I have children with. We get along very well. I always say it's Courtney Kardashian, Scott Jisik. We just get along. We did mediation. We didn't want to judge deciding custody, so we decided it ourselves. We roll however we want. The second marriage is pretty gnarly for any of you, so that was short-lived. And I'll just never get myself into a situation like that. So through all that, I learned

When it takes two to tango, I had to go through like, why was I picking these people? Because that's part of my fault too. Yep. You had to eat your own dog food, so to speak. That's the same. That's right. Yeah, take your own advice. That's right. That's right. But things people call me about, ask me about, we talk about, it's a lot of it. I've been through, we've all been through like heartbreak, breakups, the awkwardness of me seeing each other. There's a lot, not knowing whether you should end the relationship.

We've all pretty much. At the end of the day, does it, does it boil down to the whole men or is it men or Venus and women or Mars? Is that, is it like, is it like, and I don't even, I don't even, I've never read that book, but I assume the premise is like, just said, I think truly are that women are difficult, but women try to make men more difficult than, and they're really not.

That's right. They just, I was talking to a group of friends and he said, we all agree, looks don't even matter to us, he just wants to be nice to us. And that's true. It's like treat him like a king, you treat her like a queen and work out problems as they come, nourish the soil, pull the weeds and you could have a really great life with somebody. And I think picking a partner is one of the most important decisions you're ever going to have in life.

direct you forward and you know your dreams and what you want to do, or they're going to completely hold you back. And with me having three kids, I worry about that. And so I get coaching, they get free coaching from me. It's true about women do want to like, I think my wife wants me to be more complicated than I am, but it's like not all the time, but I think she's figured it out now I'm on my second rodeo too. And I think it's true though. I think they.

I'm like, it's not that complicated. It's not more. It's less whatever you think is being thought. The wheels start to spin. Oh, they just kind of make things up in their head and it's just, it gets really out of control. You're like, I was just looking pizza. Nothing much to it. Like I, so it's interesting dynamics. Yes. Between women and women. And, but that's kind of why I decided I'm just going to coach them because sometimes in an argument, it doesn't take one person to end it.

Women have asked me to coaching. I would take some people on, but mostly it's the men. What's what are the universal issues? Probably touched on some of them, but what's the most common thing you're solving when you're working with men and coaching them?

It's been a lot. So this is the I would say that I've done most is also the most pressure for me is when they're like, should I say it's right though? Because you know, they're saying, because then you're, you feel like you're live, not liable or like of breaking up a relationship. So they'll say, and I get it. And like, my friends feel this way because they're protecting their buddy.

And then their family, so they're getting advice from all these people. And so sometimes they just want to come to me and ask me and say, here's what's happening. Here's what's happened. What do you think? And luckily that's why some people try to DM me and ask me for advice. And I just say, always go on the calendar because there was this one guy in particular. Within the first five minutes, I'm thinking, yeah, this girl's horrible.

By the end of our conversation, he said, married a unicorn. This is, you've got a great relationship. You know, like good for you guys. So that's why it's important to talk to people. You don't, it's like doing a job interview over text. You don't get that. You got to, so there's some people who do try to slide into my D and do that free advice, but it's a disservice to them, honestly. Yeah. I would have this guy get me the course. I'm like, yeah.

So I think the hard thing with relationships is look, it's a compromise, right? No one You don't want to compromise too much because then you're unhappy that's the balance and it's no one's gonna be perfect and Women men and women are different but the heart I the hard thing in relationships is knowing like What is? compromise versus giving up

who you really are. And it's a little like, they're knowing what those boundaries are. And I don't know, even the right person is clear. Most things I think could be worked out. What is the problem if there's something that you have to compromise? Like, why do I need to compromise? And if it makes sense, then you'll want to compromise it, right? If she says, I just want to be able to stick to your phone. Why? Because I feel insecure to do that. All right, go ahead and check it. I don't really care. You know, then you don't look at it as consoling. You just look at it as, okay, we did nothing. See, we'll look at it. Anytime they could take my phone and look at it, there's nothing.

I just always say, don't look at my text. Or if you look at my text, don't comment on it. Why did you tell your brother this or that? Or what did you guys talk like? Don't comment on it. It's a private conversation, but you can look at it and I don't want any comments about it. Yeah, go check it out. Is it dirty? Are we talking dirty? You got my peak my interest. Okay. Oh, me and my brother talk about everything. Yeah. He'll just say, oh, you know, talk about his wife or all. It's crazy.

There was this one time I texted him, this was, I was in a really bad situation. I was divorced, single, and I texted him, I said, I just slept with this guy. I said, I got really drunk and I regret it and I feel like crap and I want to go home. And like, he just wrote out, here's how to get the hell out of there. Here's what to do and block him on everything. Don't mess with this guy again. And so I blocked him on everything. And then, oh my gosh, but it was just a huge mistake.

But after like divorce, you're just out there in the wild and end up drinking too much because they pour you shots and I'm just like, oh, sorry. So yeah, we can talk about anything. Like it's one of my brothers in particular. We talk about pretty much everything. I like that. I like to have his blunt advice. And he's kind of the one that helped me understand how much it's needed. Because when I was in relationship or going through a breakup, we would say, for instance,

There was this one breakup that I went through. I cheated on me. Then he broke up with me. He said, Jen, not call this guy. If you ever want to don't do what I did. Because I was begging back. I looked like I just lost all my priorities. If you ever feel like calling him, you call me, you call your friend. He's like, you don't call it. You don't text him. And he just told me what to do after that. Cause I don't, like I said, I don't really like the therapy route. I think therapy is good for healing and trauma and all that stuff.

getting over break up. I want that 10 minutes. Here's what you do. And then I call again with another bill. And it's just, I want to know the steps. I want the shortcut. That's the right thing to do. Honestly, I think we all do. What percentage of the guys you work with does it, even if you don't tell them, like it's hopeless. Is it do like the

when you work with guys, like what percent is it more or less that I would think that you are, you're sitting there listening, you're going this, this relationship's hopeless or is it, are most of them fixable? Honestly, like it feels like they're already because they're way out and they don't know that with our source, that's not in their life. That's not have a bias opinion that needs that clarification. Because that's what I was saying. Like anytime someone

folks to call with me, they're always going to walk away with more clarity, regardless of what their question is. So I think that's a lot what people are looking for with that clarity. Yep. And sometimes it takes a few calls. Sometimes it's a one and done phone call. What's some of your other agitational comments on, on social media? Mean girls on there. Like the women are mean, which is that's what I'm talking about in here. You guys are assholes. And you're like complaining you can't.

Oh, no, they're not complaining. Can't find a guy. They don't want to make sure you don't. Um, so yeah, it's like a pick me girl. Kinda, it's just ridiculous. Or someone will do at my video. I'll always go look at that video and let these girls just start commenting. And it's the girls. These are her insecurities. I commented below. I said, yeah, she's crazy as hell. I was nervous. But yeah, I was appreciative of you at our stitch. But I always try to get.

into my comment section and respond. But some of these videos just take off. I can't keep up. A lot of people are just fighting. And I'm like, it's almost like a divorce. It's like, I'm gonna get airfied. People are fighting in the comments of your videos. Men and women are fighting. Yeah. I love it. It's just, they get really nasty to each other and I don't like that negativity. So I will just ignore it all. But.

When there's those other videos that I post, that guys reach onto and talk back and forth. And one of the coolest situations happened that happened was when I talked about how women cheat more than men. This guy came on there and I know he's seen this look I had talked about. He said, I just found out my wife is cheating on me. We have a 12 year old. I'm devastated. He doesn't know that I know. And I just, oh, we have comments just flooding in like poor guy and get all the money now and this and that.

I ended up reaching out to him and I just said, I actually was telling my brother about him. And my brother's like, I'd love to talk to him. So they started talking. We come to find out this guy lives in Illinois, her brother's an attorney in Illinois. So he gives him all this free advice. I'm like, attorney's in divorce. And he said, I'm done, there's no way I'm going back. He wanted a divorce. But I just think that's how cool like the power of social media. Like suddenly he's got a attorney he could talk to. And.

I was given great advice. My brother gets great advice. So that's crazy. That's what we're talking about. Pre-episode like social media now is it's the social version of television. And because you've got education and entertainment going on, but it's what people are paying attention to and leveraging. And then they're building community like you're talking about, like within the platform, power is incredible. What tell me let's give some value. We have a lot of men that listen. OK.

I know it's hard. I know you would be specific to a guy if you're working with them, but maybe give me a couple of nuggets of guy tips for girls, like how to get ahead in your relationship, what are maybe like a couple things that maybe aren't sometimes there's things that you know you should do and they're obvious, but you don't do them or whatever, but are there things that might surprise they could help?

guys generally in a relationship with a woman? Yeah. I think a lot of it has to do with mindset and then strategy. I would get your hands on if you don't want to do a coach, I would get your hands on some books where, you know, because happy people make other people happy. So I think it's, a lot of it starts with the funneling and it starts to bleed out. Taking care of yourself. I always tell people with fresh air, I know this is easy and small and, but it's

Taking care of yourself is very important to take care of someone else. And always, like they say, you attack a problem, not the person. Every fight is look at it as an opportunity to learn more about the other person. But there's some people who are just toxic. So when they get in a fight, it's yelling and screaming and there is no communication. Like I said, my second marriage, I didn't hear a thing he said when he was screaming and yelling, he just looked like a child having a tantrum. You can't communicate with that.

There's nothing to work with. So sometimes you have to step out for 10 minutes, but I like to always do this. Listen, if you're heated and you can't talk right now, just say, I need 10 minutes, I need 30 minutes, I need an hour, but then set that time where you're going to say, right, we're going to come back and talk about this. That way your anxiety isn't like, when are we going to talk? Is this going to ruin our plans for tomorrow? Like the wheels start spinning for women. So I always like to give that advice is have a time where you will talk. And it's okay if you like that.

I'm still pissed. Give me 30 minutes. So I think just having a period to the end of that argument is a good thing to do. Yeah. Women are definitely the wheels are spinning. Let's think about it, but they're the women are like, they've created 17 scenarios in their head and 14 like exactly right. My wife does that over thinks things. I don't, I do it too. That's why in a relationship that's like the rules. And then I under think things and I

don't like maybe give as much value or significance to something that probably should have had more values or significance. So it's like, it's double-sided. What you're talking about is that's what I'm gonna be working on soon as creating a course for men where you just download it, you have it, and it breaks down how important they are. Like if you are in a relationship, you want it to work and you're thinking about, hey, Mother's Day, like what do women want? So it's almost like you don't have to.

think about it. It looks great. Having a woman tell you how to speak to a woman. Like I said, fishing, ask a fish. So I am creating a program that I could just email out and then you have it and I love that. And I know we'll hit it again at the end, but if you look up Jen Larson on Tik TOK, give everybody the handles. That's a good point too, so that people know when those things come out with I'm sure that they're following your channel. So most of my content comes out on Instagram.

It's Jen Larson, Instagram is also official on TikTok. YouTube is coming clapper all the social media outlets. You never know what's going on with TikTok. Some days it's going to be gone. Some days it's not. So I try to get filter everyone into Instagram. Cause it's more protected there. Yep. And I don't want to like lose touch with people because I actually got cut off with a lot of the other day on TikTok and I've been banned for a week, not be able to

talk to people is just wild at some point complain and cut off my contact with my followers. It's a bad thing of it is the blog West and with that kind of stuff. But again, back to a little more values as we wind down here like Jen, like talking about Jen Larson, TikTok famous dating coach. A lot of people go, I could do that. I could pop off on social media. I've got ideas, but they're like functionally don't know how to get started or how to come up.

with regular content, maybe share some of your tips or tricks with just how you plan things out or how you come up with ideas and maybe just some of the functional ability. Obviously someone with anyone listening, if they're not interesting and they don't aren't as blunt as Jen, they probably won't pop off. But you still need a process and a system with which to do these things. Of course. That's what everything is. I have this.

posting twice a day, posting content that you can keep up with. If I'm always posting sitting at a desk, I always have to post sitting at a desk. If I am always posting in my hair and makeup is done, I always have to continue that. There was this one guy, I know he started making TikToks where he's walking down the street and he's holding the phone up and he's saying, here's three points. If you want to make money, you know, it's in the best care. That's what he has to do every day. Walk down the street and hold a freaking phone.

Because whatever you start, that's got to be how you do it from now on. You can't suddenly be walking on the street, then you're in a chair, then you're standing up in front of the mirror. Do that, yes, maybe once in a while, kind of do the makeup while you're talking or doing something, you know, what you would naturally do. But for the most part, the algorithm's going to see that box. And that's important. So doing something you can maintain. If you're not someone who...

can do the hair and makeup every single day. Don't do that. Roll a filter on, who cares? Also, you've got to really figure out a niche. I could have started with, I'm just an offer data. That's not even down good enough for me. Like I had to go, do I wanna do a coach men or women? You've got to find a very fine niche. And how you find that is ask yourself, what do people tell me about? Was it asking about makeup? Is it asking about finances? Is it asking about cars?

Ask about the newest and hottest shoes, whatever your passion. There's a lot of other things that's in fashion. So bless you. Thank you. So yeah, there's always other people out there that have that same passion. So it doesn't even need to be eye coach man. Obviously there's a lot of men in the world, but you could be the expert of sneakers, talking about sneakers and it's, and use your personality. Don't copy anybody else. Cause it'll come off as disenjegment. Is. You gotta be.

Is is tick tock like the out the organic reach there for you still there? Yeah. Hi. Yes. That's the most impressive thing about a platform is usually at this stage, it starts to dwindle, but that still seems to as long as you're being consistent and have good content like it's that organic reach still gigantic. Yeah. Yeah. So now I post. I treated once a day I was doing the like I said, I mean, live right now. So.

working on another project for weeks. But yeah, you gotta stay consistent. That's very important. Outrhythm loves that. Um, you and I were talking about how 18 to 24, 25 year olds are now using social media as search engines. Yeah. Make everything searchable. Put question in your caption. What's the best, uh, sneaker to wear with a business suit? Just, or whatever, just making things up. So put that question in, although I would say have three avatars. Those are the three people you're talking to.

Write them down, right? It's Jim. He just got divorced. He's got three kids. He's got a great job. And then talk to them. Solve their problems. But get three avatars. Get three people that you're basically talking to. And keep the hashtags. I think we're keeping them like three or four is what TikTok wants. They don't want a bunch. What's, what are yours? My avatars? Yeah, like your, your hashtags. Oh, it's single man, divorce, man, dating advice, relationship.

guys. That's usually the main ones. Yeah. I'm reading one of your captions. Good women are like Lambos. Not many men qualify for one. That's what you're in for folks. And that's the thing like you guys want like a high quality, I don't want to go where they're at. Wine tasting. Go to bring a book to a wine bar. I know that sounds silly and not many people will do that, but

Go with your ass. Even if you can't read. Well, do you have phones in? Do an audiobook. Audiobook at the wine bar. Yeah. You got to hold the book. Yeah, no, you got to hold a bit. I've got a earpiece in. I'm just listening. Yeah, I know. Also, I love I hope we have a minute. I tell people all the time. There was nothing more I love than getting hit on randomly.

at the grocery store, at the baseball game, do that. That is the coolest thing. And that means you have so much confidence. And also, I was telling someone the other day, if you walk up to a woman and she gives you a no, who cares? That no is so insignificant compared to someone you've been dating for two years. And they know everything about you. Your ins and outs about you. And they say, I'm done with you. I don't want you. That no hurts.

Walking up to a stranger and makes a decision in a second, two seconds. And now that's okay. You got to keep going. Be bold, be bold, be radical. Oh man. I'm just verusing through your Instagram here. I love it. I love it. Jen, I know you got a lot of things cooking and let's hit.

those channels one more time for everybody where they can follow you on Instagram, TikTok and a YouTube's coming. Tell me. Yeah. So Instagram is just an official. That's also where you're going to put in, if you want to one on one personal calls and call all my handles, then Larson official, it talk clapper YouTube's coming, but it's all set up. It's already all there. So you can start calling, even though I'm not starting to load up there.

Go get started. Yeah. No, you're early. Hey, we're early. See, we, I want to get, I like to get ahead of these things early. I know the stars when I see them. And you're going to be what I know. I want to stay in touch and follow your journey. And I really appreciate you coming on. Thanks for having me. Go follow Jen Larson. That's G J E N L A R S O N official. We'll have all that in the show notes. You'll see that if you're watching or listening to this, that's down there in the show notes.

You'll see it. And if you're watching, you see my hand pointing down. I do that sometimes and I'm like, I'm on the audio, but no, we do have video. We're on YouTube and everything else. So you can find Jen on all those channels. You know where to find us. The radcast.com search for Jen Larson. You'll find all the highlight clips from today. I'm Ryan Allford. You can find me on TikTok, Instagram, see that blue check, the one I didn't pay for it's everywhere at Ryan offered. We'll see you next time.

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