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🔘 Episode Summary:
Welcome to The Radcast! Looking for ways to tickle those funny bones? Tune-in now as Ryan Alford talks to the very extraordinary and funny host of The Leighton Show, Chip Leighton! As he brings the most amusing relationship and parenting humor on social media.

Step up your game! Learn the ropes on how to apologize smartly to going viral without a hitch – make an impact through humor and entertainment. So forget your worries and let Chip help – it's time to take off that chip from your shoulder! Listen, laugh, and learn!

🔘 Key notes from the episode:
▫️ Chip shares his inspiration for starting his TikTok journey (01:54)
▫️ What is his family’s take on his content (05:02)
▫️ Chip shares how his TikTok first got recognized and how he scaled to Instagram (08:49)
▫️ Ryan shares with Chip how to create more opportunities on social media (16:20)
▫️ Ryan and Ships talk about the possibilities of using other platforms such as podcasting, Netflix, book, and more (18:11)
▫️ Chip shares his strategy on how he keeps his consistency and motivation in content creation (23:35)

This episode is packed with energy, knowledge, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

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