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🔘 Episode Summary:
Put your music business knowledge on blast with The Radcast! We bring different episodes together for an exclusive look at what goes on behind-the-scenes and gain some valuable insights in the music industry with some of today's hottest Country and Pop stars.

Together with Coffey Anderson and Tyler Rich belting out their country hits, and Jaren Johnston bringing a fresh approach to Country Music - get your earbuds at the ready. Plus check out hit producer-songwriter Alina Smith who will be sure to inspire us all with her incredible musical talent. And don't miss Grammy nominated songwriter & producer Jenna Andrews as they dive deep into the secret world of successful musical superstars.

So don't just listen to this one - apply it directly to your own business! Music geeks rejoice - this is something you don't wanna miss!

🔘 Key notes from this episode:
▫️ When and how the music stars started their love for music (03:00)
▫️ How to keep up with the competition and challenges in the music industry (09:21)
▫️ The transition and keeping balance between writing and producing for own album and for others (18:28)
▫️ How consistency and building fans help with career growth (24:09)
▫️ The creative process between being an artist and a songwriter (27:44)

This episode is packed with energy, wisdom, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

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