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Heidi Cortez: Leverage On Looks And Likeability

Welcome to another episode of The Radcast! In this week’s episode, host Ryan Alford talks to Heidi Cortez, Entrepreneur, Branding Expert, Best-Selling Author, Coach and Founder.

Heidi talks about how she realized the value of self-branding and business at a young age. She discusses what her motivations were for becoming the sole proprietor of a tanning business at 22 years old and the challenges of ownership that came with it.

Heidi describes the time she released her book “Heidi's Bedtime Stories”, as well as the roadblocks she stumbled upon while writing and publishing it. She also shares how the series “Sunset Tan” changed her career. Heidi talks about the 3 Dollar Marketing Club and Posh Boss, and these companies’ mission and future plans. She also gives practical advice to younger people who look up and aspire to be like her.

To learn more about Heidi Cortez, visit her website: https://www.heidicortez.com/. Follow her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cortezheidi/ and Instagram: @heidicortez.

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