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Welcome to another episode of The Radcast! In this week's episode, host Ryan Alford speaks with Kosta Hantzis and Lisa Loveland. You may know them as the founders of the Billionaire Lynx Club and KOMEDIA. They also host The Becoming Podcast!

Lisa and Kosta's give us a brief overview of their professional backgrounds, and speak to the affect of the pandemic on their lives both personally and professionally. They discuss the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, as well as a practical application of NFT's. Kosta's defines the Lynx club as a digital playground, providing collaboration and creativity among like minded individuals.

If you want to learn more about Lisa Loveland and Kosta Hantzis be sure to check out http://billionairelynxclub.com/and https://propertyspark.com/the-1-mistake-first-time-homebuyers-make-in-todays-real-estate-market/

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Lisa's Instagram: @lisagloveland @lynxclubnft @thelovelandgroup

Kosta's Instagram: @kostahantzis @lynxclubnft @wearekomedia @wearekonft @luxurylistingboston @cudosmusic

Be sure to check out The Becoming Podcast!

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