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Michael Bayer - Life Coaching To Improve Marketing *MARKETING PODCAST*

Welcome to another episode on The Radcast! In this episode on The Radcast, host Ryan Alford talks with Transformational Life Coach, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Founder-CEO at CAST Centers, and Podcast Host, Coach Mike Bayer.

Mike discusses the characteristics that shaped who he is now and how he came to the decision to help others with their mental health and personal growth. He also talks about the obstacles he faced while constructing the CAST Centers and those he faces now that it is a well-established institution. Mike also shares how he manages his own mental health and what he does when he feels burned out, among other topics...

Tyler also has a quick take on RAD or FAD trending topics;

1. Online Coaching
2. Flaming Hot Mtn Dew
3. Instagram Reels
4. Tiktok
5. Kanye

Learn more about Mike Bayer: https://coachmikebayer.com/. Follow Coach Mike on Instagram and twitter: @coachmikebayer.

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