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Next Guest On The Radcast: Nielsen's Cara Kantrowitz and Imran Hirani

We are excited for the next episode of @the.rad.cast -
Did you hear of Nielsen? Yeah, the company that tracks TV ratings. But what you don’t know is they do WAY more than that.
And they just finished a study on a topic I have been preaching the last year.
Branding matters. Building awareness before you go asking for the order matters. And companies are about to start paying the price for ignoring that.
Get ready for Nielsen's VP for Solutions Consulting, Cara Kantrowitz, and VP for Strategic Accounts, Imran Hirani! 🤩

There’s a lot to unpack from this episode as these guest experts talk about what @lifeatnielsen does for specific brands and industries as a whole and this important study. 🤙

This Radical episode drops Tuesday, 4:30 am eastern time! Don’t miss it! 💪