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🔘 Episode Summary:
Welcome back to The Radcast! Join Ryan Alford as he rides shotgun with the one and only Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco – the mastermind behind Blooprinted – whose intentions will have your dreams soaring higher than ever before. This chill, badass mastermind is here to show us that if we put in enough intention there's no limit to what can be achieved! We're about to take this party up a notch - don't miss out as we rev up for an epic blast of confidence, flavor, and motivation – it’s gonna get radder than ever before on today's episode; so prepare yourselves because you ain't seen nothing yet...it's time let loose and ride high with Ryan & C-Rock now! Listen and learn.

🔘 Key notes from the episode:
✧ How Mike writes his own destiny and makes it happen (00:01)
✧ Being self-driven and confident are key ingredients for skyrocketing your growth (01:47)
✧ Holding oneself accountable and being an effective leader as core values (03:00)
✧ How journaling helps you get clarity, manifest and achieve the things you want (06:10)
✧ Mike’s definition of WOW (12:35)
✧ Mike shares what intentional experience he likes for people to have with him (16:59)
✧ There are no actual rules for people to become successful (22:40)

This episode is packed with energy, knowledge, and passion and we know you will get a ton of value from this.

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