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Ryan Alford: McDonald's Mocks Crypto Investors? *WEEKLY MARKETING NEWS*

Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, Host Ryan Alford and Co-Host Joe Hamric discuss the latest trends in the Metaverse, Social Holidays, Tom Brady’s retirement, next episode’s guest Dr. John Jaquish, and more...

Take a look at this week’s biggest marketing headlines:

1. M&M's celebrates iconic albums in packaging play following controversial rebrand
2. Miller Lite skirts Super Bowl ad block with metaverse bar
3. QR codes promise ad interactivity boost with growth of connected TV
4. Budweiser returns to the Super Bowl and new Bud Light 'Next' makes a metaverse play.
5. Gambling boom leads to NFL sponsorship sales surge.
6. TikTok and Instagram allow users to subscribe to influencers directly: what now for brands?
7. Little Debbie adds 7 new snack-inspired ice cream flavors

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