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Ryan Alford: Spotify Artists VS. Joe Rogan *WEEKLY MARKETING NEWS*

Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, Host Ryan Alford and Co-Host Joe Hamric discuss the latest trends in the Metaverse, Social Holidays, Jeff Bezos’ $500M superyacht, next episode’s guest Jaren Johnston, and more...

Take a look at this week’s biggest marketing headlines:

1. Frito-Lay Reimagines Salt-N-Pepa's 'push It' In Super Bowl Ad For Flamin' Hot Brands
2. Captain Morgan Unveils Smart Punch Bowl In Time For Super Bowl
3. Budweiser Is Bringing Clydesdales Back To The Super Bowl
4. Spotify Backlash Over Joe Rogan Did Little To Boost Its Streaming Rivals
5. Michelob Ultra Unveils Streetwear Line To Reflect Growing Wellness Strategy

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