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Ryan Alford: Super Bowl 56 Ads That Scored A Touchdown *WEEKLY MARKETING NEWS*

Welcome to this week's edition of The Radcast! In this special news episode Host Ryan Alford and Co-Host Joe Hamric discuss the Super Bowl ads, the latest trends in the Metaverse, and more…

These are the brands from Super Bowl ads that were discussed:

1. Coinbase
2. Stock X
3. Austin Powers Retro
4. Doritos Flamin' Hot
5. Pringles
6. Chevrolet
7. Toyota
8. Salesforce
9. Superior Bowl
10. Kia Dog
11. Kellogg's
12. Amazon’s Alexa
13. Avocados from Mexico
14. BMW
15. Google Pixel 6
16. Cheetos
17. Lay's
18. Planters
19. Uber Eats
20. Disney Plus
21. E-trade
22. Carvana
23. Greenlight
24. Hellmann's
25. Irish Spring
26. Budweiser

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