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Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, Host Ryan Alford and Co-Host Joe Hamric recaps guest James Merrill, Opolis Optics, upcoming episodes with Brad Lea and Bruce Buffer. Talks Social Holidays World Tourism Day #WTD2021, National Scarf Day #NationalScarfDay, and more...

These are the following topics we hit in today's episode:

1. Burger King's NFT strategy matures beyond stunts toward real engagement
2. Subway records strongest August sales in 8 years on tails of brand refresh
3. Busch takes remote work outdoors with TreeWork space
4. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee's bring Adult Swim toys to combo meals
5. How the U.S. Army built a modern-day marketing practice
6. Netflix makes its biggest acquisition ever — the Roald Dahl catalog
7. Rad Power Bikes’ new RadCity e-bike makes commuting (and hill climbing) much easier
8. This Miniature Robot Is Designed To Help You Carry Groceries and Run Errands

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