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The Return Of "Normal Shopping" *MARKETING NEWS*

Happy Friday and welcome to this week’s marketing and advertising news on The Radcast! In this radical episode on The Radcast, host Ryan Alford and guest co-host Sean, celebrate as The Radcast hit Top 25 on Spotify Business Podcast Chart! Recaps episode guest Forbes Mental Performance Expert, Andy Murphy, and upcoming episodes with Tyler Rich, Alina Smith. Talks social holidays #TalkLikeAPirateDay #PeaceDay #MiniGolfDay and more marketing news.

Take a look at this week’s biggest marketing headlines:

1. Fireball Whiskeys ‘Firekeg’ holds 115 shots of Red Hot Hooch
2. ​​Rolling Stone publishes new version of ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time list
3. Shoppers returning to their earlier pandemic behaviors, research finds
4. Companies are coworking in the metaverse to stave off Zoom burnout and spark new types of collaboration
5. Intuit’s $12B Mailchimp acquisition is about expanding its small business focus
6. Walmart to launch autonomous delivery service with Ford and Argo AI
7. Everyone will be able to clone their voice in the future
8. Polaroid's Now+ Instant Camera Is Its Most Creative Yet

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