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🔘 Episode Summary:
Welcome to The Radcast, where you can keep up with the trends and beat your competition! Ryan Alford, Christina Yasi & Nick Weaver have something special in store for all of our badass listeners. Whether it's business or marketing related - The Radcast is always one step ahead by bringing you what's hot right now. Get ready folks because this must hear update is gonna make sure that everyone has their finger on the pulse! Listen and learn.

🔘 Small Talk:
✧ Tom Brady announces retirement from NFL ‘for good’ after 23 seasons (01:00)
✧ Heinz says it’s time to ditch Roman numerals for Super Bowl 57 (03:35)
✧ Martha Stewart makes Metaverse debut with Oreo (07:23)

🔘 Radnews
✧ Last week - Biggest Badass Businesses - Howie P, Bruce Buffer, Sawyer Hemsley, Kyle Creek (11:50)
✧ Next week - Mike C-roc Part 2 (13:25)

🔘 Sponsor (13:47)
✧ VAYCAY - best 3rd party lab tested CBD in the country https://takeavaycay.com/
✧ Disposables - Delta 8 & THC
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🔘 Social Media Holidays
✧ February 5: National Weatherperson’s Day #NationalWeatherpersonsDay (17:06)
✧ February 7: National Send a Card to a Friend Day #SendACardToAFriendDay (17:56)
✧ February 8: Safer Internet Day and National Boy Scouts Day #BoyScoutsDay (19:00)
✧ February 9: National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay (19:56)

🔘 Social Media News
✧ How livestreamed e-commerce drives conversions and builds community (20:36)
✧ What TikTok’s shifting US presence means for social media (23:24) https://www.marketingdive.com/news/tiktok-data-privacy-concerns-social-media/641218/
✧ Spotify’s test of a Friends tab on mobile hints at expanded social ambitions (28:37)
✧ Instagram’s co-founders introduce a new social app…for news reading (32:05)

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