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🔘 Episode Summary:
Welcome to the latest edition of The Radcast! Get ready to take your business strategy to the next level. Ryan, Nick, and Christina are about to unleash their bold insights on social media marketing that could revolutionize how you do things. It's time for some radical solutions, so buckle up - it's gonna be quite a ride!

🔘 Small Talk:
▫️Happy birthday to Stephanie! (00:35)
▫️LeBron James breaks the NBA scoring record (02:46)
▫️Beyonce broke the record for most Grammy’s won - 32 Grammy’s (04:21)
▫️Michael Jackson Estate Nearing Music-Catalog Sale Worth $800-$900 Million (05:23)

🔘 Radnews
▫️Last week - Mike “C-roc” Cirriocco Part 2 (08:08)
▫️Next week - Best Women in Business (08:17)

🔘Sponsor (09:22)
▫️VAYCAY - best 3rd party lab tested CBD in the country https://takeavaycay.com/
▫️Disposables - Delta 8 & THC
▫️Delta 8 gummies

🔘Social Media Holidays
▫️February 11: National Guitar Day (11:25)
▫️February 11: National Inventors’ Day (12:00)
▫️February 12: Superbowl Sunday (12:52)
▫️February 12: Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday (13:00)
▫️February 13: Galentine’s Day (15:05)
▫️February 13: World Radio Day #WorldRadioDay (15:15)
▫️February 14: Valentine’s Day (15:30)

🔘Social Media News

▫️TikTok is crushing YouTube in annual study of kids’ and teens’ app usage (16:31)

▫️Pinterest reaches 450 million monthly users, will focus on making videos ‘shoppable’ (18:52)

▫️Microsoft’s Edge web browser gets ChatGPT-like features (20:53)

🔘Marketing News

▫️Old Spice reveals first brand mascot as Super Bowl anticipation heats up (22:23)

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