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🔘 Episode Summary:
Welcome to the latest edition of The Radcast! Have you been dying to hear the hot takes on Super Bowl LVII? Look no further; the Radcast team, led by Ryan Alford with Christina Yasi and Nick Weaver, is here to rock your world with their badass post-Super Bowl analysis and the latest trend for business and marketing. Tune in now for a truly exciting and informative experience!

🔘 Key notes from the news episode:

🔘 Small talk:
▫️ All about Super Bowl (01:35)
▫️ What is everyone’s favorite Superbowl commercial? (02:25)

🔘 Radnews
▫️ This week: First Class Women in Business with Heidi Montag, Tracy Duhs, Heidi Cortez, Cristina Ferrare, and Raquel Pennington (09:30)
▫️ Next week: Chip Leighton (11:10)

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▫️ Disposables - Delta 8 & THC
▫️ Delta 8 gummies
▫️ Good Ranchers

🔘 Social Media Holidays
▫️ February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day #RandomActsOfKindnessDay (15:30)
▫️ February 18: National Battery Day #NationalBatteryDay (16:16)
▫️ February 20: World Day of Social Justice #SocialJusticeDay (17:34)
▫️ February 20: Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay (18:05)
▫️ February 21: Presidents Day (Third Monday of February) #PresidentsDay (18:31)

🔘 Social Media News
▫️ Instagram is killing live shopping in March, will focus on ads instead (18:49)
▫️ Google rolls out new features to make in-app browsers better on Android (22:05)
▫️ TikTok is reportedly developing a paywall feature and testing a revamped creator fund (24:08)

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▫️ Branded Bills
▫️ Custom Hats
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🔘 Marketing News
▫️ Coca-Cola debuts ‘transformation-flavored’ soda in its latest limited-time offering
https://www.marketingdive.com/news/coca-cola-move-creations-rosalia-transformation-flavored/642618/ (29:30)

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