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🔘 Episode Summary:
Get ready for a wild ride with the Radcast crew! News like you've never heard it before - Ryan, Christina and Nick are here to bring their bold insights on social media marketing that'll have your business strategy soaring above competition. Hear what's happening right now in an exciting new way as they dish up radical solutions guaranteed to make waves wherever you turn. Tune into The Radcast where staying ahead of trends is so much more than just news – this time around expect success!

🔘 Small Talk
▫️ Jameson serves cardboard ‘desk decoys’ for St. Patrick’s Day to boost PTO (01:15)

🔘 Radnews
▫️ This week: Chip Leighton of the Leighton Show (03:15)
▫️ Next week: The Business of Pop Culture & Music (Behind the scenes of Pop and Culture Music Business, Backstage with the Best in the Pop and Culture Music Biz) (04:00)

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▫️ Good Ranchers
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🔘 Social Media Holidays:
▫️ February 24: World Bartender Day (09:27)
▫️ February 25: National Clam Chowder Day (11:07)
▫️ February 27: National Retro Day (12:20)

🔘 Social Media News
▫️ Meta Verified won’t let you change name, username or profile photo for now (13:40)
▫️ Instagram sunsets live shopping as commerce retreat continues (18:00)
▫️ YouTube Music’s latest feature lets users create custom radio stations (18:57)
▫️ Twitter will send a notification when a tweet you replied to or retweeted gets a Community Note (21:39)

🔘 Sponsor (23:27)
▫️ Vaycay - Best 3rd-party lab tested CBD
▫️ Disposables - Delta 8 & THC
▫️ Delta 8 gummies

🔘 Marketing News
▫️ Microsoft brings the new AI-powered Bing to mobile and Skype, gives it a voice (25:33) https://techcrunch.com/2023/02/22/microsoft-brings-the-new-ai-powered-bing-to-mobile-and-skype/
▫️ 7Up’s international rebrand seeks to uplift consumers (28:30)
▫️ Patrón Tequila serves AI-generated cocktails for National Margarita Day (31:29)

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