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🔘 Episode Summary:
Step into the future with The Radcast and join Ryan, Christina, and Nick as your hosts to share all of the latest news from March 3rd in today’s fascinating world. Get ready as they cover hot topics such as marketing & business trends, and how voice deepfakes taking over social media & more.

Don't miss out on the tips and tricks you can apply straight away to grow your own business- it could be a game changer!

🔘 Key notes for today's episode:

🔘 Small talk:
▫️Social house in Greenville (01:03)
▫️Voice Deepfakes Of Everyone From Joe Rogan To Joe Biden Are Taking Over Social Media (01:27)
▫️A new era for alcohol advertising gets a slow start (04:16)

🔘 Radnews:
▫️Last week: Country Stars and Pop Heroes with Coffey Anderson, Jaren Johnston, Tyler Rich, Alina Smith, and Jenna Andrews (05:50)
▫️Next week: Sean Michael Crane (09:40)

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▫️Good Ranchers (09:04)
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🔘 Social Media News
▫️Canva launches a new paid subscription for universities and colleges (11:40)
▫️TikTok launches ‘Sounds for Business’ to help marketers create engaging content (15:00)

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▫️Vaycay - Best 3rd-party lab tested CBD (16:42)
▫️Disposables - Delta 8 & THC
▫️Delta 8 gummies
▫️Branded Bill (23:00)

🔘 Marketing News
▫️Silk gives nepo babies milk mustaches to boost plant-based alternative (19:52)
▫️Chipotle embraces viral TikTok trend with new menu item (24:30)
▫️Mercedes soups up in-car experience with TikTok, Google partnerships (26:25)
▫️Coke joins AI hype train in search for next-gen creative capabilities (29:50)

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