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Weekly Marketing and Advertising News, July 9, 2021: Pushing Social Media To The Next Level

July 09, 2021

Weekly Marketing and Advertising News, July 9, 2021: Pushing Social Media To The Next Level
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Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, host Ryan Alford and co-host Josh Hill, discuss Google trends, TikTok Resume’s, Restock trend, and more...

Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, host Ryan Alford and co-host Josh Hill, discuss Google trends, TikTok Resume’s, Restock trend, and more...

These are the following topics we hit in today's episode:

  1. We're no longer a photo-sharing app,' says head of Instagram
  2. Tiktok Tests Cameo Rival That Pays Creators For Shoutouts
  3. Chipotle hides giveaway codes in NBA Finals ads for a 'game within the game'

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It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?” 

“You’re listening to The Radcast. If it’s Radical, we cover it. Here’s your host, Ryan Alford.” 

Ryan Alford [00:00:16] Guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of The Radcast. It's our weekly marketing and advertising news here on July 9th, 2021. I'm Ryan Alford 

Josh Hill [ ]  And I'm Josh Hill. 

Ryan Alford [ ] And we are here in the Radcast studio, the home of radical, the baddest, coolest, greatest if I dare say, a digital ad agency in the country. And we are excited to talk about this week's news post, July 4th. How many hot dogs… did you have any hot dog eating contests? 

Josh Hill [00:00:49]  Man, no contest, but got one down. 

Ryan Alford [00:00:51] I think I had a couple of wieners on a Sunday or Saturday. No buns though. 

Josh Hill [00:00:58]  Had more burgers, though. Yeah, more burgers. 

Ryan Alford [00:01:02] We did all kinds of cooking out the lake. It was a good weekend. Lots of sun, lots of beers, maybe too many beers. I don't know. 

Josh Hill [00:01:10] Just a thousand beers. Yeah. 

Ryan Alford [00:01:12] I think it may have had one hundred beers during the five days we were there from Friday to Monday night. We drove back Tuesday morning, an extended stay. Any memorable moments from the fourth. 

Josh Hill [00:01:28] I saw some fireworks at a party where there's a group of children and one of the spark streams from one of the fireworks came very close to those kids and a lot of them ran away screaming. That was memorable. 

Ryan Alford [00:01:45] Did you shoot any fireworks? 

Josh Hill [00:01:47] No, I just watched this year, did a couple of streamers there. 

Ryan Alford [00:01:50] There were like seventeen fireworks going on around us and, It was pretty spectacular and I was trying to add up how much money. And I'm not the most frugal person, but it was just how much money was spent? How do you compare costs? Is it how higher they go that they are more expensive or is it the wider the boom? 

Josh Hill [00:02:14] Great question.  I remember checking out some fireworks with friends and we were like, oh, these are way more expensive than we thought and we were not going to cut into our beer budget for this, so we left. 

Ryan Alford [00:02:23] That sounds like an Instagram channel. Fireworks for friends. Yea, F W F. We're starting a new channel. Perfect fireworks with friends. What could go wrong there? Nothing fails with friends. So it's been a good week. 

Josh Hill  [00:02:42] Yeah, I think so. 

Ryan Alford [00:02:43] Any hot or memorable client moments this week, so far? We're a little bit in the summer haze, there's work going on, its busy, we have clients and people on vacation schedules, you got in and out, it's not that we're any less busy or don’t have stuff going on, but I feel like some of the normal breeziness is down a bit. Is that fair to say? 

Josh Hill [00:03:09] I think so. We have some regular campaigns maintenance going on and had some great team meetings this week, coming up with some fun ideas. 

Ryan Alford [00:03:22] We had the brainstorming meetings and, let me just say this; I try to come into some, I try to stay out of some, because everybody doesn't know why, but dude it's most of my ideas anyway. Everybody gets in a room and I was having another call or doing something, but there was quite a ruckus going on in the old conference room. If you could share Josh or they all have to stay on the shelf. 

Josh Hill [00:03:46] They'll be revealed and in their time. But we're getting some funny bones in there. 

Ryan Alford [00:03:50] That's good. On our Google Trends of the Week; I did notice looking at this week's trending topics; it was number two and I looked it up, though, technically being a Friday episode and this was technically on Thursday, yesterday, the old Megan Fox was trending.  Megan Fox and machine gun kelly. Do they hit your radar? 

Josh Hill [00:04:14] Normally they pop up every couple of weeks

Ryan Alford [00:04:17] I mean, it was a big stink. Supposedly she came out the door between a man and woman. Submachine gun Kelly's four years younger than she is and everybody gives her shit for that, which I think is stupid. Nonetheless, someone's going to hear this, and not being Submachine gun Kelly's people I know I'm going to get blasted. But I'm just going to say this. I'm fine with the alternative look, I've got tattoos, the earrings, this is not a judgment at all of that. It's more that he just looks out of the pictures and I'm just like, dude you're with a hot chick, you be you. I'm not tall. You mean you. I'm not talking about pretty or ugly. I'm not making that comment. It's more the spaced-out look, is that perfected, or is that just by random? baby? 

Josh Hill [00:05:09]  Maybe, he's just worn out from trying to keep up with Megan Fox, the legendary Megan Fox.

Rayn Alford [00:05:14] Yes.  He looks spaced out. Homey looks tired, 

Josh Hill [00:05:16]  Yes homey looks tired. 

Ryan Alford [00:05:17] Oh, he does look tired, he always looks tired and out of it. And I’m not saying; “ oh he looks like he's on drugs”. I'm not judging like that, It's more I don't know why he's not excited to be anywhere. He should be happy, “Megan Fox is next to me and I’m a single guy.”  If I was a single guy and Megan Fox was next to me, I'm not in a bad mood. 

Josh Hill [00:05:36] They're just like smiling in her ear. I'm just crying. 

Ryan Alford [00:05:39] one or the other. So anything good; We always do our little segment with Tik Tok, with any of the trending hashtags or concepts or things that you're seeing over everything that may hit you. 

Josh Hill [00:05:58] There are some weird ones I want to bring up. One of the trending ones is Tik Tok resumes. I've seen this for specific internships that maybe a media agency's done where they're trying to be cool and do a resume. Also, I've been seeing some other people trying to give business advice and these are 19-year-olds. 

Ryan Alford [00:06:21] So it's not their TikTok resumé to say I'm a TikTok influencer and this is my Tok. This is my Tok resume for getting a real job somewhere else. 

Josh Hill [00:06:32] This is what it's becoming. I was trying to make it. And so I saw a couple where they're like trying to be personable and like, here's what I do. Here's my experience, what I like to do. And I did this for a very niche job market. 

Ryan Alford [00:06:50] I don't even know what jobs are applying for but how many managers are there that would hire them,  are they looking? 

Josh Hill [00:07:01] how do you get that to someone? Do you just send them the link and they open it? 

Ryan Alford [00:07:09] Open link in my bio. 

Josh Hill [00:07:10]  Reaction is; “Someone sent a Tik Tok Resume. Do what now?” 

Ryan Alford [00:07:14]. “ Can you check out my Tik Tok resume?”  That's you email a job application. See link here. Go watch this video. 

Josh Hill [00:07:27]. My advice for this is, if you're trying to do a social media job, I would maybe treat it like a portfolio and not a resume. 

Ryan Alford [00:07:35]  A job at an ad agency I got, if it was done creatively, I can be down with that, but if you're going to be an investment banker, I think more mainstream. It's going to have been, hopefully, managers can see the creativity. We'll see. 

Josh Hill [00:07:57] Yes. 

Ryan Alford [00:07:58]  What else? 

Josh Hill [00:08:01] Another one. This restock trend is massive. The whole trend is centered around watching people get home from the grocery store and they have all the plastic clear bins for refrigerators and cabinets. They very neatly organize the groceries inside of it. And so they'll take out a multi-bag of chips and then carefully place each one in there. They'll open up their ramen packets. But there they're soft. 

Ryan Alford [00:08:28] This is a home restocking? 

Ryan Alford [00:08:29] Yes. So they're taking things out of packages and putting them in different packages and people love watching it. They're getting millions of views and there are billions, actual billions of uses of the hashtag; restock or restock trend. I'm not into it. 

Josh Hill [00:08:47] My wife would enjoy this if she got to watch me doing it? This is what she would do. It's not that I'm not organized with certain things, but she comes home and organizes where the grocery goes, and she's a very rules person, very organized person. I think it was because she told me this morning she's been off this week and she said she gets the most satisfaction from making the bed up every morning. But sometimes we're both in such a hurry like we're running our kids everywhere, we're doing stuff and it's not that we're slobs but the bed sometimes gets left behind in the morning. A lot of times it is left behind mainly because I'm still in it when she's leaving and I don't make it up. I have the structure; I go to the gym, I do things in some ways. I am a very structured, organized person. But making up the bed, even though they say; “If you make your bed up in the morning, it starts on the right foot”. Every book you read, speaks of goal setting, and all these things, and I'm like; “bullshit, I got my stuff together and I don't make my fucking bed.” But with that said, my wife has enjoyed that. I think she can enjoy the restocking. 

Josh Hill [00:10:07] Yeah, a lot of people do. 

Ryan Alford [00:10:09] Do you make your bed every morning when you get up?  No. Daniel, you are pretty standard, do you make yours? Pretty good, one out of three. Not too bad. It's nice. Lastly, what else we got on Tik Tok 

Josh Hill [00:10:24] This is the fun one it's been around for a little bit, but it's gotten really big this week. The sound comes in and then all of a sudden it's just we do not care and a beat drops and pennies by a bunch of different people, oh, like someone's trying to tell you how to do something and oh, that's not how you do it. And people are cooking most ridiculously or wearing something weird. And they're just, we do not care! 

Ryan Alford [00:10:52] They showed them doing something for a little while and then they played; we didn't care? 

Josh Hill [00:10:58] There is a guy Maury, he did one where they're well we miss your old show, the way you do things and we do not care. And it's just him posing hard and stuff is cool. 

Ryan Alford [00:11:11] All right. Love to see it. We'll give that one a ding. We'll move straight to the news. Number one on the list; ( I like this one, we had to put a stake in the ground).  According to Instagram, they have put a stake in the ground and they are saying we are no longer a photo-sharing app. Wow. News of the week after how many products launch like we do not want to be considered a photo airing. We have seventeen other features. OK, did they feel like they needed to say that? With Tik Tok and anything else that is taking off, we need to come out and say this. We need to make sure people know it's not just photos anymore. 

Josh Hill [00:11:55] I've only seen one person say anything about this online and this is stupid, this makes me not want to use the app anymore. Which was a weird response, and mostly it's just a categorization in the App Store. 

Ryan Alford [00:12:10] I'd love to know the percentage, I know this is probably out there, story content versus photo post? I would think more stories when you post those and  I know there are pictures in stories, I put pictures in stories, but Seventy percent of story content is video or motion of some sort. Is that a fair estimate? OK, we got to come out and say they did say; and here are the four things they said, Josh. Number one; they are no longer photo sharing. They even have it in their top four for what they're for. Number one; we are for creators, We’ll come back to these as we get through. Number two; video, no shit. No. Three; shopping?OK, social commerce is number three. And number four; messaging. Do any of those surprise you? 

Josh Hill [00:13:06] I guess not, maybe the top of the shopping, I  don't know a lot of people who shop on Instagram, but apparently, people are doing it. 

Ryan Alford [00:13:13] I guess, and they're shopping, I know we're selling them things, so they're shopping inadvertently, right? We're disturbing them with ads that make them shop. That's what we do here at the agency. But intentional shopping, I know they have the shopping button. I do buy stuff through the ad. The ads work on me. Hey, they should work on you, too. This is commercial; they should work on you. ads, ads, ads, ads from the ad agency. In all seriousness, hitting the shopping button to just browse through has not become every week's behavior for me. 

Josh Hill [00:13:56]. It's not my Amazon. 

Ryan Alford [00:13:58] Maybe it will now because they say that it should be. 

Josh Hill [00:14:02] I could see them moving the Facebook marketplace there, with all these other features they're just making  Facebook with a different layout. 

Ryan Alford [00:14:12] I like that Josh, it's a double ding. There's an idea for your Instagram, they probably thought of it already, because I do use the hell out of some marketplace. I shop there even when I'm not shopping. I have keyboards, I'm always looking at things like the office, patio furniture. It's unique. It pops up. We want to throw it in here and some other random topics peruse it to make sure it's not giving away something that I want. 

Josh Hill [00:14:43] I've got plenty of things from there every 

Ryan Alford [00:14:45] Even on Instagram shopping still feels just another polished e-commerce store, which is fine. Not really used goods. That could be a detour. I'm going to give that one another ding. Messaging; It seems normal, even though I will say, having gotten way more into this recently and we do some D.M. campaigns for clients and  I get a lot of DMS, I think relatively people selling me stuff, people dm me to be on a podcast, whatever it is. The messaging app is not a great experience. You can't put stuff in folders, you can't save anything and you can't send an email and certain other things, know it's different in messaging. It's not the greatest experience for a mass message. 

Josh Hill  [00:15:39] It's still chat-centric. My personal use of it comes in its group messages. Recently friends have been sending invitations to parties and cookouts, much like the cookout I went to last weekend, and it all started on the Instagram group.  messages, which is interesting. It is a little more temporary and it is frustrating as you cant save anything it is temporary.  The frustrating part of it is you can't save anything. So the videos and the pictures that you send are dependent on who you send them to or it is temporary. 

Ryan Alford[00:16:11] They have this hodgepodge going on between trying to be like Snapchat, they tried disappearing content and all that and then trying to be like Facebook with messaging, then there's somewhere in the messy middle and it is not optimal. 

Josh Hill [00:16:23] It makes it difficult for advertising from messaging. 

Ryan Alford [00:16:29] Yes, it does. The second news of the week, Tik Tok is testing the Cameo feature. A cameo is an app where you can get creators, superstars, Celebrities, basketball players, to do shout-out videos for you. I did one of these for Nicole. I had Chris Harrison, who's been canceled, cultured, but made a lot of money in the process, did the shout-out for her. And he handed it up, but you can get videos, where they call you out and say things to me, I think we will give it a yes. Tik Tok testing a similar thing where creators and all get paid for custom shout-outs. What do you think of this? 

Josh Hill [00:17:21] I think it makes a lot of sense. Cameos are one of those things where it's a feature, not a platform, it is similar to the clubhouse. 

Ryan Alford [00:17:32] That's exactly right. 

Josh Hills [00:17:34] It makes a lot of sense in the tech talk world, especially with the way the user base interacts, they're always trying to get the shout-outs in the comments. They're always replying, hoping that they'll get a video response. 

Ryan Alford [00:17:45] I think it makes sense for Instagram, too. You have all these influencers and celebrities and all these people on there. And it's another way for everyone to monetize it and people will pay for it. I think it's fun.  But to your point, it's a feature. When you have a network built in, Cameo adds to their credit.  They've built up a network of celebrities. I get on now and then and there's always something fun,  like their friend. And the quality goes up and down for some that do it. If it's built into the platform where people already are naturally,  Including celebrities, then I think it could be a takeoff and be successful. And finally, I like this one to portly Hydes give-away codes. So they've had TV spots this week. They've been hiding giveaway codes where you can enter to win a bunch of money and lots of burritos. It's been embedded into the TV screen. It’s a game within a game. I think this is fun. I think it's a good way to interject online or offline, especially if you're watching at home, intermixing. It seems like a nice play. What do you think.? 

Josh Hill [00:19:00]. This is a real value offer.  We tell clients all the time and with our staff if you're going to make an ad then have a compelling offer. 

Ryan Alford [00:19:10] If you want to improve your response, improve your offer. Yes. So I think it's actually Yes. 

Josh Hill [00:19:18] I think they're really up to a million dollars worth of burritos. It could be so cool. 

Ryan Alford [00:19:27] It is like in the realm of venturing off the script. We got bar burritos from Tripoli to Moes or Asada, what's your favorite? Take out the local chains, just the national chains. 

Josh Hill [00:20:00] National ones? Oh boy! 

Ryan Alford [00:20:03] If it’s burrito's Bar burrito, a Moes, and a Tripoli. We're right next to each other. 

Josh Hill [00:20:12] I'm having a Tripoli. 

Ryan Alford [00:20:14]   It went up and down a little bit, it hit a snag and everyone got sick. It does taste fresher and bar burritos are also up on my list. They're more of a local. I think they get they seem to be splitting 

Josh Hill [00:20:31] They are splitting the difference between Moes and Chipolte for me.  The more I love it because it thirsted for the Taco Bell spectrum, which I love.  I don't think of it as fancy or disgusting. I think it's more horizontal of your fun Taco Bell, like junk food versus your classy, refreshing Chipotle. 

Ryan Alford [00:20:55] Going back to the marketing play here, the venture we made into food made you hungry? I do like the notion of building in the gate, like when you do content, whether it's a video or a post or something when you naturally build into the content, the action or the step for people to take interactivity,  this is the better way of gamification versus showing; for action visit here. When you get someone to truly engage where they have to engage with the content to something out t, which leads to another step, It says that you are thinking about your campaigns 

Josh Hill [00:21:40] Engaging beyond just a click and you're in and you have the tangible actual burrito put in your face. 

Ryan Alford [00:21:48] Exactly. That's our news for the week here ending our July 4th holiday week. It was on a Sunday, your day, your holiday.  Thank you, Josh. You know where to find us. We're at theradcast.com. I am Ryan Alford on all the platforms. Josh Hill on Instagram. We'll see you next time on the Radcast.