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Weekly Marketing and Advertising News, December 10, 2021: Job Opportunities In The Metaverse

December 10, 2021

Weekly Marketing and Advertising News, December 10, 2021: Job Opportunities In The Metaverse
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Weekly Marketing and Advertising News: Mtn Dew "outdoor enthusiasts' playground"; Tinder love affair w/Spotify; Amazon.com Inc. sued by deceiving consumers; Facebook’s new professional profiles; Coca Cola’s #ShareTheMagic TikTok challenge; Ralph Lauren in the metaverse; Twitter’s TikTok-like feed; Apple rolling out hotel keys; Tesla allows drivers to play video games in moving cars

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Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, Host Ryan Alford and Co-Host Joe Hamric of JoeyJoe&Sean recaps guest, International Sports/Entertainment Host, UFC Octagon Announcer, Motivational Speaker - Bruce Buffer. Upcoming guest Cody Byrns Best-Selling Author, Life Coach, and Founder of Cody Byrns' Foundation. Talks about 2022 Trends Special episode of The Radcast. Celebrates the 200th episode coming on Tuesday. Talks Social Holidays #NobelPrize, #SalespersonDay, #InternationalMountainDay, #NationalAppDay, potential Metaverse jobs and more...

Take a look at this week’s biggest marketing headlines:

  1. Mtn Dew will introduce an "outdoor enthusiasts' playground" called the Mtn Dew Outpost at the Doe Mountain Recreation Area outside of Mountain City, Tennessee - Rangers wanted
  2. Tinder has taken its love affair with Spotify to the next stage with a closer partnership designed to improve the mood music for lonely singletons this Christmas.
  3. Amazon.com Inc. is deceiving consumers by failing to clearly delineate between paid advertisements and organic search results on its online marketplace
  4. Facebook’s new professional profiles let creators unlock audience-growing tools
  5. Coca-Cola makes its official TikTok debut today in the United States with the launch of the #ShareTheMagic challenge, an invitation for creators to showcase their personal expressions of the brand’s new “Real Magic” platform
  6. Why Ralph Lauren — the man and the company — is already in the metaverse
  7. Twitter posted today that it’s testing a feature that would turn its in-app explore page into a TikTok-like video feed, complete with even a “For You” tab
  8. Apple and Hyatt begin rolling out hotel keys in Apple Wallet
  9. Tesla allows drivers to play video games in moving cars, raising safety concerns

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