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Weekly Marketing and Advertising News, July 23, 2021: Your Ads On Tiktok Trending Posts

July 23, 2021

Weekly Marketing and Advertising News, July 23, 2021: Your Ads On Tiktok Trending Posts
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Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, host Ryan Alford and co-host Josh Hill recaps quasi-celebrity guests, discuss Bezos Space Flight, NBA Finals, Olympics, Dr.Dre paying $300 alimony, and more...

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Welcome to this week's episode of The Radcast! In this week's news episode, host Ryan Alford and co-host Josh Hill recaps quasi-celebrity guests, discuss Bezos Space Flight, NBA Finals, Olympics, Dr.Dre paying $300 alimony, and more... 

These are the following topics we hit in today's episode:

  1. Tiktok Marketers Can Now Directly Sponsor Trending Creator Posts
  2. Infiniti taps celebrities on Cameo for online shopping Q&A - Marketing Dive
  3. TikTok integrates Vimeo's video-creation tools to attract more small business marketers

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It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?” 

“You’re listening to The Radcast. If it’s Radical, we cover it. Here’s your host, Ryan Alford.” 

Ryan Alford[00:00:40]Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast.  We are getting excited today!. Woo. I'm going on vacation Josh!.  I’m Ryan Alford 

Josh HillAnd I’m Josh Hill 

Ryan Alford  Welcome to our marketing and advertising news on Friday,  July 23rd, 2021. I am officially wherever you are and, whenever you are, if you're listening to it on the day of my vacation, I am probably on my third cocktail by now Josh.  

Josh Hill[00:01:17]Maybe I will be too. Just 11 am on a Friday. 

Ryan Alford[00:01:19]I like it. I like it, early Ding's here on the Radcast 

Josh Hill[00:01:23]Please do not reach out to Ryan. 

Ryan Alford[00:01:26]I'm channeling my own Ric Flair “Woo” We need to have a woo contest, just don't have a chopping contest. 

Josh Hill[00:01:36]Oh yeah. 

Ryan Alford[00:01:36]The bare-chested chop. They just beat up on each other, it's fake, but it's real. I don't need a chop in the chest. But how's it going, Josh? 

Josh Hill[00:01:52]Great week and busy. I'm great. I had a good week. Got a lot going on. Like I say this every week but it doesn't slow down. 

Ryan Alford[00:02:00]Hey it slows down if we can't say that we're all in trouble and all this goes away, our ability to get on the air and talk about crazy shit, it goes away. But it's been a good week. Its great broadcast is heating up and we had a great feature in HYPE magazine. You go check that out.  Guest on has been getting hot Josh. We've had some quasi celebrities, do you call them just celebrities? Marty Smith from ESPN was on,  really cool, talking about his story in college football and how he lives his life on lots of good stuff. And then for all you BACHELOR fans out there, Bachelor Nation, my wife and I do watch the show. I have to admit, I've had to admit that multiple times here lately. Ben Higgins for bachelor or bachelorette contestant. He was one of the guys before, a little-known fact if you don't follow too closely. He's a really cool dude,  doing a lot of good things. He has a book out called;   TopShop, which should have been an infomercial for him, but did not turn out that way, with all the stuff in it. But he's doing a lot of stuff. We're going to order some coffee. I know you are a coffee guy, he's got a nonprofit company that he runs, it is a day-to-day business and all proceeds go back. Supposedly it's a killer cup and we're going to order some. 

Josh Hill[00:03:25]That's awesome. Let's see how it is. I'm looking forward to it. 

Ryan Alford[00:03:28]Yes, yes, yes. And we talked about all the billionaires going to space. Jeff Bezos did make it back safely from his journey. 

Josh Hill[00:03:39]My favorite meme for sure was him stepping out with his cowboy hat and just laughing at some question, in the most robotic, alien way. And then someone commented and said, you're telling me this man's divorced. You say he's recently divorced. No, I couldn't tell. 

Ryan Alford[00:04:02]Yeah, I will say this from a marketing perspective he did have on a mega watch. It was specifically made for his space travel trip, it was a megamix of the James Bond watches. So Jeff Bezos needs a James bond  watch to go-to space for all of fifteen minutes, 

Josh Hill? 4[00:04:22]I saw his little Fantastic Four crew with his other uniforms, I had to watch. 

Ryan Alford[00:04:29]I've been adding that to the Rad or Fad segment on the podcast, I think I did it with Ben and a few other guests, then going into space, and everyone said Fad. I know it may be interesting for some, but I will say I think this is just an ego play. 

Josh Hill[00:04:53]It's such a hot topic. 

Ryan Alford[00:04:55]Yes, yes, yes. The NBA finals just concluded,  congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks for winning, they were down 02, came back, and won four games straight. So we'll see if they stick around. I think if some of these super teams can get their players healthy, there is going to be a challenge. But congrats to them. The Olympics start, I think tonight,  Friday night. And, you know,  I'm not like a 'rah rah' Olympics guy, but I'm hoping the athletes avoid covid. It hasn't been on my radar that much. Are you an Olympic guy? 

Josh Hill[00:05:40]I am. The Olympics and  Premier League soccer are the most sports I get into. And even then, I'm not even that into it. 

Ryan Alford[00:05:51]So are you as into it this year as before? No crowds at any of the events are going to be strange

Josh Hill[00:05:59] It's just really killed the hype around the whole thing except for the cardboard box things. Those are funny. 

Ryan Alford[00:06:09]Yes. What's your favorite summer Olympic sport? Is it soccer? Do you do a Joint? Any obscure ones, like the icing thing, curling? 

Josh Hill[00:06:29] One thathas completely mesmerized me one year is, I was just flipping through the channels and it came to the gymnastics, and it's either it may not even be the Olympics, but they were just doing the routines with the ball that they throw up and catch and do all these random things. And I found two hours later I was still watching. I was like, oh my God. I don't think they're just... 

Ryan Alford[00:06:55]Was that an Olympic sport?  Is boxing or jousting a summer sport?  I don't know. I think we have a team. 

Josh Hill[00:07:05]There's too much at this point. You got skateboarding now, which is great.  

Ryan Alford[00:07:09]. How do you feel about this little fact here, it hit my radar just as we were coming on the air and, it is sad, Dr. Dre getting divorced or is divorced and paying a little alimony? Oh, yeah. Dr. Dre, 300 k. a month or three hundred thousand dollars a month in alimony 

Josh Hill[00:07:33]That's the worst Netflix subscription ever.  How do I get on the receiving end of one of these deals?  I don't even know what I would do with 300 a month 

Ryan Alford[00:07:49]. Let me throw money for that. So how much is he making a year? He must be making like 50 million a year? With beats and everything else 

Josh Hill[00:07:59]Iwill say that's a pretty big motivator to be successful every month. 

Ryan Alford[00:08:06]Yeah, no kidding it might be permanent alimony, and I don't think they were married long enough or I don't know, maybe not be a year on it. That one stings, I don't care how much money you make, writing that check isn't easy. I like Dr. Drew, I think he's cool and I love his music and a lot of his projects, and  I have some Beats headphones. I'm not judging any of the details of the divorce, but man, that cheque is going to hurt. 

Josh Hill[00:08:39] I'm busy that day. Do not sign me up for that. 

Ryan Alford[00:08:43]The National Hot Dog Day was Wednesday, and there was a debate going on. This debate rises every few years about the hot dog.  Number One: did you have a hot dog on a hot dog day? 

Josh Hill[00:08:57]I did not. And I regret it. 

Ryan Alford[00:09:01]I'm good for a hot dog. I probably would have had a hot dog, but I kind of miss the day after the fact. I was looking at some of the headlines and I was like, bam! And I miss this?  I did not have a hot dog, but there's this debate raging of is it a sandwich? 

Speaker 4[00:09:21]  Yes. Maybe I saw the national hot dog Group or a conglomerate, even though they call themselves an institute and they are now saying it's not a sandwich. Previously they were saying it was a sandwich because when it was first coming to America, it was the Coney Island sandwich. 

Ryan Alford[00:09:41]It's bread and meat, and I don't understand why they want it to be in its own category. Who would want their own category because you are a hot dog creator? 

Josh Hill[00:09:51]But I think it's like a sandwich. It's like a miniature sub. 

Josh Hill[00:09:56]I like the  Italian sausage sub and switched to a hotdog because you don't have any spices now. It's processed meat right in between bread, so I'm eating it. 

Ryan Alford[00:10:09]The debate continues. 

Speaker 1[00:10:11]And down that same line yesterday being Thursday was national sweet tea day for McAllister's,  and I like this from a marketing perspective, you are going to do something because you want to get somewhere you use the awareness of your best product, the one you are most known for,  Sweet tea, it is pretty damn good, and I don't care for their food. Growing up I drank a gallon of sweet tea each day. And because of that, I was a little pudgy kid for a little while. I always had it and I couldn't figure out why it was that I was very active and I was still pudgy? When I was older, like eight, nine, 10 ish, and stopped drinking sweet tea and  I became ripped. I was consuming seven thousand calories of sweet teadaily, still,I do love some sweet tea. I still dip into the old tea jug now and then. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It's delicious. Anyone that's from the north likes the sweet tea, it's like a northern southern thing.  If you're out in New York for five years you can't find sweet tea unless you make that shit at home. 

Josh Hill[00:11:19]Yeah. I went around in 2011 and I remember all the people I was with asking for sweet tea at McDonald's and I was like what?  Wow. 

Ryan Alford[00:11:32]If you have a product, if you're a company or a marketer and you have a product that is your best-known product, your best, your most popular product and it is something that cost less( Announcement plays: Now Here is the Radcast news)than everything else. You try to charge them 20 pounds for all of it, maybe. Yeah, but volume is they make a sweet tea, give that shit away and market the hell out of it, because you know what they're going to do when they come to get that sweet tea? They're going to buy a sandwich. Brilliant. I like it. That was Thursday. If you miss it, eat your heart out, but go have some sweet tea at  McAllister's today's podcast brought to you byMCALLISTER'S. McAlister's Sweet tea, it is. Lastly, before we get to our Tik Tok highlights. This was not a surprising stat. The Crocs: Crocs released their second-quarter data, they crushed it, they beat all the estimates. Crocs shoes, for anyone not exactly following this, listening or watching, but Croc's is the most comfortable shoes that you slip on. And they've got sandals, they've got all kinds of variations now. Not surprised, Josh, everyone was doing Zoom calls and they don't have pants on, they have a fancy shirt on and no pants with their crocs. Their entire brand is getting more comfortable. And I think this is a sign of the times. 

Josh Hill[00:12:51] Forsure. I think sweatpants are in style. I see people in crocs just grabbing coffee or grabbing something from the grocery store. It makes sense. Why would you lace up some big boots or something to just run and grab something? They are comfy so get those crocs out. 

Ryan Alford [00:13:06]I have on the slip-on that is 'Hey Dudes’ and they're very comfortable. And, you know, casual Thursdays, I say I own an agency so I'll be as casual as I fucking want to. The formal dress is like I'm interviewing with an ad agency. Does it matter if we don't have a client meeting? But I like to slip stuff on, like back when you're a kid. I like to watch my kids, especially Nash, he's gotten into so many tennis shoes. But l when he's four or five, he's got the Velcro slip-on which was so easy to get on and I'm like, nice. 

Josh Hill[00:13:44] Ihave stopped untying my shoes so they are all slip-on. 

Ryan Alford[00:13:49] Yeah, that's what my older kids do. I can't do that thing. I don't know why.  My tennis shoes may be tight, I  may have big feet, so maybe that's what it is. But what is on your radar this week on Tik Tok download? 

Josh Hill[00:14:04]t I have been seeing the stuff about the Olympics and the Olympians have been posting a lot of videos about the beds, and they are pretty sturdy. The mattresses are plastic but you can customize the density and the modules have extenders for taller athletes. 

Ryan Alford[00:14:26]These are the beds at the Olympic Village.  

Josh Hill[00:14:29]After all that debate, that is one of the first things. I saw those this week and they were posted by the Olympians and I thought it was funny. Also, I had a guy who was ranting about it and saying it can support as much as four hundred pounds and the 400 pounds were 17  gymnasts stacked up. 

Ryan Alford[00:14:50]Yes, I agree. 

Josh Hill[00:14:53]  One that has been trendingfor almost two weeks, they're big in the last week, is the deep realization trend using Drake”s know yourself song

. You have people doing it as a self-affirmation quote. In the song; 'I was running through this with my clothes’ and then it gets harder the second time, so they're like, oh, I have a degree a big job and then realizing that they do, they are like; 'I do have a degree and the big job now, that is a great one. In other videos, you have people saying I have 17 client meetings today and then; 'Wow I do have 17 clients meetings today'.Another big social media post is from the social media queen herself, Dolly Parton, who is good at everything she does, she recreated her Playboy cover for her husband to celebrate their 50t wedding anniversary and he is looking  g-o-o-d 

Ryan Alford[00:16:07]Hey, Dolly Parton, I don't know how she does it. There's this thing going around the Internet and this is going to sound morbid; is she taking kids' blood or some injection that keeps these celebrities looking young? Have you ever seen those before and after pictures? I don't know how she does it and it doesn't matter how many surgeries she's had, she looks pretty damn good for an 80 years old or whatever she is.    I'm a brunette guy and I don't like heavy makeup, so she's not my style, but I can respect that she looks pretty damn good for her age. 

Josh Hill[00:16:49]She's got her looks. She's been killing it and again she's good at everything she does.

 Ryan Alford1[00:16:53]I like the D-O-L-L-Y world. It's fun, It's great and  I'm a huge fan. (Applause)Yes, I deserve a double dose of that. She just keeps it sizzling as she gets older. 

Josh Hill[00:17:10]I love that she won't post her husband on social media and She keeps him very low-keyed. But to be prancing around in her little Playboy outfit at her age; I love that! 

Ryan Alford[00:17:20]Nicole, if you're listening, I expect you to be prancing around when we're like 75 or 80 years old just for me. That's right. Anything else on the Tik Tok list, or is that it? 

Josh Hill[00:17:37]Those are my biggest highlights. 

Ryan Alford[00:17:39] OK,I like it. Drake is just always a cool dude, right? He’s a cool guy. He was in everything when it was all about the challenges before Tik Tok became mainstream and now he is on Tik Tok. 

Josh Hill[00:17:53]He doesn't leave and even if he doesn't have any new or recent outings, he just brings back one of the older ones. 

Ryan Alford[00:17:58]I know and I'm still liking him. Let's move to our NEWS topics of the week: the true marketing man( here on the Radcast news). F-i-r-s-t, we got a lot on Tik Tok.  It's going to be a Tik Tok episode here,sponsored byTik Tok. Number one; The Tok marketers can now post. So instead of having to go to make a video, you get one that is a trending post by a content creator and use it to sponsor certain brands. What do you think about this, Josh?. 

Josh Hill[00:18:35]I think it's great. I think it takes what people are already doing on Tik Tok and has made the platform and created a feature around that. And I think it's really smart. I think Instagram tried this, but they jumped on it too late and didn't do it well. But I think it's fantastic and also, it's a great opportunity. There are going to be plenty of times when a user will show a product just because they want to show a product and it gets millions of views. Why not jump on that and boost it some more? 

Ryan Alford[00:19:03]Exactly.  Do you know what is the mechanism for this? I've been scrolling and my Tik Tok behaviors are increasing, but I don't know if I've seen an exact example. Have you seen it in action yet? 

Josh Hill[00:19:16]I've seen a couple, yeah. Some, where it's just from a Raiders thing because usually, you can tell if it's directly sponsored where they're like, 'hey, make this video and post it because then it says ad but it won't say sponsored. 

Ryan Alford[00:19:32]  So it'sthe creator's content if it says either ad or sponsored by. 

Josh Hill[00:19:36] And it's not on the company channel, it's on their own, but it's still sponsored. 

Ryan Alford[00:19:43]Number two on our list, infinity cars, that is cars, SUVs, and the brand. They're tapping into celebrities on Cameo online. Q and As' on their new model. They have several new models and I like that they are doing this. Essentially what they are doing is, and if anyone doesn't know what a cameo is, it is when you pay celebrities to do shout-outs or record a video for you, it is pretty cool. I did one of these for Nicole once for a birthday.  I like this because it's tapping into a trend, but then if you have a question about one of Infinity's products they send back the answer in a video with the celebrity, pretty clever.  It makes me want to steal the idea for, some of our clients and it is affordable as long as you're not directly asking them to promote a product but you're getting them to respond to something or do something, how freaking cool would it be for, your client,  even obscure medium-sized client like you said, the celebrities are back? It just looks cool. 

Josh Hill[00:20:52]Yeah, it looks great and it is also a lot easier for both parties, you don't have to set up some big empty shoot, bring them on, like have a trailer for them and then shoot a commercial. You can just say, hey, send me an iPhone video. (Applause)

 Ryan Alford[00:21:03]Exactly.  I like this a lot. 

Josh Hill[00:21:04] And they can chill and wear their crocs while they do it. 

Ryan Alford[00:21:08]Exactly. Yeah. Sitting behind their computer camera, their iPhone camera, whatever, or just showing their

neck up or chest

up and hopefully not in the Dolly Parton outfit. Hey, there's good integration, Dolly on Cameo. You can get Dolly Parton to do something for us.  The third and final on our news, another Tik Tok; Tik Tok is integrating with Vimeos, video creation tools to attract more small businesses. I think this makes a lot of sense. Small brands to medium brands that don't have a huge budget and want to produce a lot of content can use Tik Tok. Vimeo does have some good tools for more consistent workflows and so it makes a lot of sense. 

Josh Hill[00:22:02]. I think  Vimeo has always been the leader in the video world, even against YouTube, although, I mean, all the video creators always pick them over YouTube all day long. Yeah, I think it makes a lot of sense. 

Ryan Alford [00:22:17]It's built into the ad tool. I don't know if you've seen it, picked up on it,or anything? 

Josh Hill [00:22:22]I haven't played around in it too much. 

Ryan Alford[00:22:24]We typically are creating the videos ourselves and our team, but it would be interesting to explore. But I do think it's a nice add-on and I also think that the struggle for most brands is how do I get started? how to produce more?  I think any of these guys can produce a video.

  I got to do another one, like creating some kind of workflow, different things, and having tools that make it easier to create content that works on the platform. And that's part of the challenge. A Tik Tok video is a unique low attention span medium, so you have to create the right content for it to work. 

Josh Hill[00:23:03] It's almost a challenge because it is so casual,   and you have to force yourself to not try so hard and then use the tools that they give you

 Ryan Alford[00:23:13]There you have it. S-o that's it for this week, any final words, Josh? 

Josh Hill[00:23:19]Go make some Tik Tok. 

Ryan Alford[00:23:20]Go make some Tik Tok. Go watch some Olympics if you care. Do you care about the Olympics? Let us know. Let's see if we get some comments on any of our posts here. 

Josh Hill[00:23:29]  Gowatch some skateboarding. 

Ryan Alford[00:23:31]Exactly. Well, we appreciate everyone. You know where to find us.  I'm at Ryan Alford on all the channels and Josh on Instagram at Joshchill we'll see you next time. 

For the full episodes or to contact us visit us on the web at Radcast.com or follow our host at Ryan Alford on Instagram. Thank you for tuning in.