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Weekly News Update 11.20.20: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Campaign; Truly Hard Seltzer Provides Private Plane for Essential Workers; Sneak Peek of 2022 Honda Civic; Opinion on Twitter Fleets

November 20, 2020

Weekly News Update 11.20.20: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Campaign; Truly Hard Seltzer Provides Private Plane for Essential Workers; Sneak Peek of 2022 Honda Civic; Opinion on Twitter Fleets
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In this episode, host Ryan Alford and news co-host Reiley Clark, break down this week's biggest marketing and social media news.

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Welcome to another news episode from The Radcast! In this episode, host Ryan Alford and news co-host Reiley Clark, chat about the following topics:

  1. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Campaign mocking release of gaming consoles. We  tell you why we think it's genius.
  2. Truly Hard Seltzer sends essential workers home on private planes. Did someone ask for more examples of empathy marketing strategies? We break it down for you here.
  3. Honda gave a sneak peek to Twitch streamers of the brand new Honda Civic 2022. Companies have been trying to enter the digital space and Honda successfully found a way to reach their target audience. Hint: You need to meet your audience where they are at.
  4. We break down our opinions on Twitter's new story format, Fleets.

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Ryan Alford[00:00:20]Hey, guys, welcome to the latest edition of The Radcast News. I hope everyone's having a wonderful "semi" almost holiday season. We're coming up on Thanksgiving a week from today. This will be released on a Friday. And you may listen to it four months from now. And if you are, you can just imagine being a week away from Turkey eating and boozing or doing whatever you do on Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, whatever there is now. Riley? 

Reiley Clarke[00:00:49]Exactly. Yeah. How's your week been? 

Reiley Clarke[00:00:51]It's been good. My wife had shoulder surgery and so we're two weeks into that. And she was in a lot of pain this morning. It's been interesting. My wife is very independent, she doesn't ever sit down. I don't sit down much. But at night or when I am chilling or on a Saturday watching football. But I can turn it off when I need to. But she never turns it off. It is in a sling and it is supposed to be stable. It has not been good for her. So it's been a challenging two weeks for the Alford family while we try to keep her from overdoing it. 

Reiley Clarke[00:01:34]Right. Now I get that. 

Ryan Alford[00:01:35]Business has been good. We got a couple of new clients this week in the textiles business, which is a niche that we've been growing in. And so it's exciting. Business is good - family is decent, family is awesome. Decent just because of extraneous circumstances with the shoulder surgery, but what about you? 

Reiley Clarke[00:02:00]It's been a great week. My mom is coming down today. My cousin's getting married actually and easily. So I know it's super random. So we're going to be there for the wedding. And then I feel like I've had so many weddings recently. Everyone's getting married even during Covid. It's really funny. 

Ryan Alford[00:02:19]Mike, our creative director, is going to New Jersey next week. Right. If they let him in in the state with the pandemic. But for one of his nieces or something is getting married. Never heard of so many Thanksgiving month weddings. 

Reiley Clarke[00:02:36] I'm excited, though. You're always down for a good time, but I'm just kind of still a little mindful about Covid and everything. But there we are. 

Ryan Alford[00:02:46]And so I'm excited. If you're listening to our news episode, I encourage you to check out the video option that we'll have on our Facebook page, our Instagram pages, as well as YouTube, where all our video episodes go. We are in active use of more high-quality production studio software. So our video has become a lot more dynamic and more truly like a TV show. And so Riley's been perfecting that this week. 

Reiley Clarke2[00:03:23]Yes. Doing it as we're speaking. But that's awesome. It's great to have. 

Ryan Alford[00:03:29] She islive to produce as we speak, changing camera angles, changing different things. We've got like five cameras in here and different things. So definitely go check out that. If you're listening to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or any of our lovely partners who push out our podcast, please check out the video version. It is pretty dynamic and adds a little more context and interest to the episodes when you do if you have some time visually. So check it out and you can stream it live on TV. I know there's a lot you've got Bachelorette on. You've had the crown, or watching old episodes of Game of Thrones. You can stream the Radcast on your TV. You can binge-watch every episode. 

Reiley Clarke[00:04:22]You really can. And our episodes are fun. And this is just going to add a whole other layer to it. So I'm excited about it. 

Ryan Alford[00:04:28] Anything else by way of news we should bring up just with the RAD cast or anything else with the agency? 

Reiley clake[00:04:38]The only other thing is we're bringing back Gvl Hussle. So anyone in the Greenville area that listens to the podcast, we encourage you to look up the Gvl Hustle event. It's December 3rd. And apart from that, there are tickets online through the Facebook event. It's twelve dollars ahead of time. Fifteen at the door. We have a food truck and beer and wine., 

Ryan Alford[00:05:03] Beer and wine. Andlots of good networking. And we're going to do some Q&A. We call it community collaboration, networking any adjective you want to throw in there. But the purpose of this is really to bring together our local business community, entrepreneur, community, just doers, shakers, movers that want to get together, we're going to be doing it safely inside and out. Masks will be provided. So, we're ready to get the community back together again. And we're excited to bring back Gvl Hussle for December 3rd. 

Reiley Clarke[00:05:38]I'm excited. It'll be good. And this will be my first Gvl Hussle event. So that's going to be exciting. 

Ryan Alford[00:05:52]So here's Reiley with the news. 

 Reiley Clarke[00:05:38] Ok guys. Ourweekly news update. Ts week we are covering four topics; the first one is Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and they are kind of mocking the way game consoles highlight their new .console last week. What was it for the PS 5, that just came out? 

Ryan Alford[00:06:11] The PS 5, the Xbox, the x5. There are so many numbers. I know because we are getting into the holidays. And my kids all want these things for Christmas. 

Reiley Clarke[00:06:21]It's funny because this campaign, I think, really proves the way that you could actually bring humour into marketing and how that can, I think, really resonate with your target audience. Because when you're bringing in something that even the way the ad looks, I'll pull it up here, the way it even looks. You're having a here, and there it is. You have the console and it looks like the cheesecake pan. Looks like the console. 

Ryan Alford[00:06:54]Yes, I love this. It is brilliant because it's what I call; for anyone listening, this is a term in marketing. I don't know if it's as aware as others, but I call this- borrowed interest. So you've got a time and place where you've got two companies. You've got Sony and Microsoft, who make Xbox spend millions of dollars promoting these new consoles. So you have the awareness level out there for obviously gamers, but even the general consumer mind, the averages were parents otherwise are aware of these consoles coming out. And then you've got Philadelphia cream cheese using a brilliant approach where they tap into the look and feel; the box looks like a gaming console. The pan like it all plays into almost like it is the playing off, the speeds and feeds. "It's got all the newest features and it's", 

Reiley Clarke[00:07:47]Like; "the three you have the 3D cookie crumble" and it's funny like that. It's just clever. It's clever the way they brought it all together. 

Ryan Alford[00:07:55]And so sometimes borrowed interest can be a bad thing, I think. But generally speaking, I love it because you have active attention around something. And if you can lean into that, I think you're seeing a lot of this with Tik Tok and other things. Some of these viral things are generally borrowing interest from something, making it funny, and making an interesting right. I think this is brilliant. I think it's really good marketing. I think it's much needed in a time of everything being serious and the things which we're going to talk about a couple of things that we like to that are more on the serious level. But at the same time, a great campaign here. And I love the work. 

ReileyClarke 2[00:08:33]Absolutely. So our next article is about Honda. It is interesting how they're targeting their audience and are trying to get into the digital live stream service field, whatever platform. And they're having, they're targeting the Twitch users, showing them a little sneak peek of their new Honda Civic. I like how they brought this in. Again they are targeting Twitch users and trying to get into that Digital space. 

Ryan Alford[00:09:00]E-sports is one of the fastest-growing segments. We've had a whole series on the Radast dedicated to e-sports. Slowed down a bit as far as the live sponsorship engagement just because of covid. But gaming as a whole and eSports competition online is growing immensely. And Twitch is the number one platform for watching the viewership of people playing games for anyone listening that doesn't know what Twitch is. So I'd call it the YouTube meets live stream for watching people play games. Someone listening to that watches Twitch all the time; "It's so much more than that". I know there's much more to it, but this is a 20-minute episode. And so tons of Gen Z, millennials, older women, and men that game all the time watch a ton of hours. I think the average daily viewership is like seventeen million people now. So it's legit and it makes a ton of sense. Honda looked at who had been buying the Civic. And their biggest audiences are the Gen Zs and millennials since 2011 that looked at that stat. And so they're going to where their audiences. And I don't want to call a nail in the coffin of TV, per se. I don't know that their civic will be all over TV and stuff like that. So, no, I don't need those guys either. Yes, it's not. But there are so many other channels, and there are other places in the eyeballs. Let me just tell you, the average millennial is not watching linear TV, so you have to go and meet your audience where they are. Honda's doing that with the release of their 2022 Civic, and I love it, 

Reiley Clarke[00:10:53]It's excellent. Our next article is something that I think ties into even the episode that we had come out earlier this week with Mike - what you guys talked about empathetic marketing and why it's important and why it's something that needs to be brought into more campaigns and just more efforts. You don't want to be not genuine when you're doing something like this. You want to have this genuine component to it and have it honestly. But, truly had this thing they had they flew all their essential workers home on private planes. And I think it's a really sweet way to just kind of give back to the community, especially when you're in an area and you're in a spot financially where you can do that and you can help other people that have been busting their butt all year. I think it's like they're doing that. 

Ryan Alford[00:11:47]They've got a hashtag on Twitter and it is #trulyhomeagain. And there's a landing page on Truly's site. Sidenote; My wife and I drink a lot of Truly. For any seltzer company listening, I'll tell you what Truly got right. So all the seltzer's are like fizzy water, for lack of a non-technical way of saying - carbonated water and they have flavor, but there's no sweetness. And I get that it's not meant to have sugar, but I drink a gallon of water a day. So I love water. Right. But if I'm going to have flavor, I need a little stevia, a little sucralose, some a little sweetness. I don't want sugar, but a little something, and I truly nailed this with their new lemonades because they have a little bit of sweetness with the seltzer flavor. So I'm a huge fan of your Selzer Company. I think the white space in a very crowded market adds a little bit of sweetness to that. So if anyone's listening, Gonella, there's your recommendation, nail it and send me the check later. Purely from what my family will buy. So that was a side note. So you go to the website there. I think they've given some away, and they're doing a contest for additional ones. So you can nominate essential workers on the site until the 27th, which I think is like a week away. Your next Black Friday potentially? 

Reiley Clarke[00:13:14]Could be. I feel like the days are blurring together. I  can't even keep track of everything. No one told me Thanksgiving was next week. 

Ryan Alford[00:13:23]It's practically cancelled because no one is supposed to get together. But again, a great campaign using empathy, a mindset, and the reality of the world.  You know that people want to give back to those essential workers. Everyone knows that they have helped keep things going during this pandemic. And a great campaign, really tapping into it. And I'll say this back to what I said. Seltzer's becoming highly competitive, growing like wildfire. But we're getting real scattered with the brands. So this is a way to Truly stand out in what's becoming a crowded category, using empathy and using that consumer sentiment that's already there. Such a great campaign. 

Reiley Clarke[00:14:07]And then our last little thing today is more just an opinion, how we feel about Twitter's fleets. 

Ryan Alford[00:14:18]Which may be truly fleeting. 

Reiley Clarke[00:14:21]I don't know how I feel about this. I remember even a few weeks ago when LinkedIn brought in stories, and part of me was like, Okay, I get it. And then for Twitter to have fleets, part of me is like, OK, now. Now Twenty four hour tweets. For the record, Snapchat I felt, had a platform for stories. Instagram made sense for stories. Facebook did it because of Instagram, then that bought Instagram or whatever. But Twitter, I don't think this is actually where another story should be going. But what do you think? 

Ryan Alford[00:15:00]I admire technological advancement. I have no issue with innovation. I encourage it. I love innovation. I don't know whether this will last or fizzle out yet. My only issue is; that I do a lot of I'm a consumer of Twitter more than an active participant. I know that's terrible. But look, there are only so many hours of the day. We post some things, but most of my content is on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. And so I consume a lot on Twitter. And what I see on Twitter is a lot of trolls and a lot of bad actors, bad behaviour.  They want to live behind the keyboard and troll on all kinds of stuff. And there's a lot of harassment and different things that happen on that platform that I feel like more so than the other platforms. And so I feel like this is just going to make for those trolls and the negative side of this, it's going to give them an avenue to do it more potentially and there will not be a record of it. And so that's the only issue that I have and that I don't know where it will go because of that. Does it have the potential to be great? It's cool to be at the top of your thing. It calls it out. It's in the vein of stories, in the vein of Snapchat, or something like that. It has the opportunity to thrive and be interesting as an evolution for the platform. There are so many people on there who take advantage of being behind the keyboard, more than just trolling on everything. So we'll see. 

Reiley Clarke[00:16:43]It's almost different from how you can do it on and on any other social media platform. I feel like to your point because I mean, the outlet of Twitter is just the word, right? There's like, I mean, yeah, you can post pictures or whatever, but that's not necessarily what it was intended for. It was more of just getting out like random little thoughts worth in like 140 characters or whatever it is. So to your point, I think it'll be interesting to see just where that goes and where it ends up. But I know if this will create more of a regulating issue on it. And I know that's been a thing. Now there is bigger regulation on more social media content. So I think that'll be interesting to see where it goes and how it affects Twitter as a platform. 

Ryan Alford[00:17:27]Yes, I agree. And so we'll see. And I have opinions on everything, but if I was more active posting on Twitter, I might have a stronger lean towards where this will go. To me, it's more just an observation of some of the challenges I think it's going to have. But we'll see; maybe they can dial it in. 

Reiley Clarke[00:17:52]Well, that is it for this week. As far as our news segment goes. If you want to follow us along, I would love for you guys to follow us at the Radcast. You can follow Ryan on Instagram and LinkedIn. You can follow me on LinkedIn or Instagram, and you can get all of our YouTube videos on the Radical company YouTube page. 

Ryan Alford[00:18:15]Yes, check it out. And again, we'll give you an official. Though we'll have some episodes and things next week, an official Happy Thanksgiving to everyone listening. Whenever you listen to this, everyone travels safely if you are travelling. And we appreciate it. Thanks so much, Reiley. 

Ryan Alford 2[00:18:35]  Thank you. We'll see you next week. All right. Sounds good.