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Weekly News Update 12.25.20: Holiday News

December 25, 2020

Weekly News Update 12.25.20: Holiday News
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Happy holiday's and welcome to another episode on The Radcast!

In this episode of The Radcast, host Ryan Alford and news co-host Reiley Clark, talk about holiday advertising, the Christmas Star, and wishing you all a happy holiday!



Ryan [00:00:20] Hey guys, what's up? It’s Ryan Alford and Reiley Clark. Welcome to the latest holiday edition of the Radcast News. What's up, Reiley? 

Reiley [00:00:29] Nothing much. Just hanging out. Christmas week, all the fun stuff. I mean, what can you say?

Ryan [00:00:34] It’s podcast recording day. So we record these in bunches. So we've been getting through our different segments and stuff. So it's good. I'm rocking out my, i f you're watching the video, my newest Radcast T-shirt. We got a lot more merchandise coming. So, yes, we’ll have our little store set up and if you're lucky enough to be a guest, will be sending out stuff, even some baskets if you're listening,  

Reiley [00:01:02] You'll get stuff too, don’t worry.

Reiley [00:01:04] And also exciting news. We are on Pandora! On Pandora podcasts. 

Ryan [00:01:10] We're just expanding here into all the platforms. I think Apple's probably our most listened [platform], then Spotify and then there's a tie between like the other ten platforms. But Pandora is big. A lot of people listen to Pandora. And there's a process for getting there. So I guess we're semi-important enough. I'll tell myself that even though. Don’t tell me otherwise, if anyone can be on there, just let me believe that. 

Reiley [00:01:39] Yeah, right!Let me just have this moment.”

Ryan [00:01:41] So wherever you get your podcast on, you can now find the Radcast. 

Reiley [00:01:47] Absolutely. Yeah, we are now everywhere. But I feel like there's not, again, we kind of did all these episodes kind of together just with the timing of the week. and so, as far as just the news for this episode, I feel like it's going to be pretty, probably straightforward.

Ryan [00:02:04] Yeah, the holiday news, and, you know, we're getting ready. We're going to do, kind of a New Year's recap. We'll do a little bit of reviewing the year, previewing 2021, next week. So, look back and look forward. You are just kind of reminiscing a little bit about some holiday classics and just a few things in the news that we picked up on that were interesting, but definitely low-key and gearing up for a little break. We're closed Thursday and Friday at the agency. So, give everybody a little time to unwind. We got several people out this week as well. So, it's been fun, it's been a quiet, busy week. It's been quiet because there are fewer people in the office. We are fortunate enough to be working in an office. “You’re in an office?” Yeah we are. We've got a large office space that's never crowded. But a lot of people that would normally be here on our team and others are traveling or doing things. So it's been quiet around here, but we've had a lot going on. So it's good. We've had a lot of new business stuff, which is good-- several website projects. And, anything major for you holiday-wise that we haven't already covered? All the other things? When do you leave officially for Atlanta, like Christmas Eve or you? 

Reiley [00:03:31] I'll probably leave either Christmas Eve or Thursday. Well, that's Christmas. So either tomorrow night or Thursday morning, it just kind of depends on when I finish up some stuff because I just don't like driving.

Ryan [00:03:42] Just Atlanta this year only?

Reiley [00:03:44] Yeah, because my mom's going to Houston to see her sister for Christmas. So, and then my sister and her husband, they're going to Virginia to see his family, because his family has a farm there. So, and then, my brother, I think might be coming down to Atlanta too. So we'll, you know, kind of be spread out, but kinda together. So, yeah.

Ryan [00:04:08] But we did our – my mom’s thing last week. But the old family sleigh won't be going far this year. Cool, I guess we'll get into it. Here's Reiley with the news.

Announcer 3 [00:04:19] Here is the Radcast news. 

Reiley [00:04:24] Our news topics for today are -- there's two really big ones that I think are super exciting. But the first one is if you're a Burger King fan, you're really going to want to pay attention because Burger King has created a way for you to even load from Burger King, which is so funny to think about.

Ryan [00:04:47] Is it the actual king himself, like his -- the person or the brand? How to automate it, like the actual Burger King, the guy. But, you know, hey, we’ll see how to play it. But, yeah, no matter what, you're getting one from the company. 

Reiley [00:05:01] You're getting a dollar and it's promoting the new value menu. They're trying to like, get out there. So that's exciting. 

Ryan [00:05:08] It is exciting, it’s a value play. And let me just say this: Food for us, for the kids and stuff, we don't eat fast food every day, but we’d probably at least once every 10 days. I guess it's a convenience thing. And there's a Burger King near your house and so closer than anything else. And Burger King, I think, they have always had a great burger. I think some of their other items got better, I always liked their chicken sandwiches, too, but I will say this, the value you get at Burger King right now is pretty ridiculous as a family. We can feed our whole family there for like fifteen bucks and we got four boys. It's crazy. Because they have ten nuggets, chicken nuggets, what my kids eat. And they'll never eat more than like five or six. Ten nuggets are a dollar ninety nine right now. So you can get literally like thirty or forty nuggets for like five or six bucks, doing my math there, since it’s a dollar ninety nine for ten, or like one fifty — it's something ridiculous. Whatever it was, it was like sixty nuggets for like five dollars because we got it. And my kids ate those for two days. It was like we had, you know, four boys and myself. I may have doubled some nuggets since it’s the holidays, I'm not afraid to say. So, the value meal play there is incredible. And the fact that – I did think to myself, I was like I didn't realize how great of a value they were until we had that meal. And then when I saw this and you brought this up it’s bringing in new signals, like this is smart, and doing the Venmo thing. All the kids are doing it. Even the adults, we've been using it with every other personnel, for how we pay them, like some of our services in the family. We do it for the lady that helps clean our house, and do things like that — it's all Venmo, all the time. And so, everyone's used to use the service. And so it's pretty brilliant with kind of activating people's thought process, and that we're getting a dollar and the value there. So, I like the play and definitely want those surprise and delight plays by a brand. That'll be interesting. I do think they should have made it come from the Burger King himself. 

Reiley [00:07:25] I know that would have been cool if they had done a video. 

Ryan [00:07:27] He looks pretty scary. Is he kind of scary?

Reiley [00:07:31] Like if you think about it, I was thinking I saw a really good commercial of him a couple months ago, and I was like, how is this not terrifying to children? Like, I get that people are scared of clowns or whatever, but I'm low key like, no, it's the Burger King for me. I love Burger King, but that dude's scary. 

Ryan [00:07:53] I like their food and I like their values as a family of six and like feeding a family of six. But he’s a little scary.

Reiley [00:08:05] Why am I thinking of moral values and everything? …Like the moral values of the company.

Ryan [00:08:08] True value.

Reiley [00:08:09] Yeah.

Ryan [00:08:10] The value meals that include the Ten Commandments. Ten Commandments, chicken nuggets, and large fries, all on the value meal. Hey, that would be a good play for them. Yeah you get – those come free. Nuggets and a fortune cookie. That's a value meal.

Reiley [00:08:33] That's funny. No, but I know what you mean. I definitely like the budget of it. 

Ryan [00:08:38] I'm telling you, if you like chicken nuggets, you need to go sign up for that. Those spicy nuggets are good. I'm telling you, you get like fifty nuggets for five bucks. I mean, don't eat them all at once. You'll be tempted to. I think I ate forty in a sitting once and that was a while ago.

Reiley [00:08:58] Wow! That’s impressive.

Ryan [00:08:59] I'm not a fast food guy but, when I do I'm going to eat. It’s five bucks for fifty nuggets. Anyway, Venmo-play by Burger King, smart play at the value meal. It's using technology the way people are using it, everyone's on Venmo, and so, will they use that dollar for a value — that’s what we’ll have to see, see the results of that campaign.

Reiley [00:09:26] But if you think about it, it was smart that they didn't give them more than a dollar, because then I'd really be like, you really need to remember you’re a king.

Ryan [00:09:33] And maybe they did, but when we do these new segments, we can only go surface level deeper. We could talk for 30 minutes on each one. But the follow up with that would be like they need some kind of trigger, like you post to social, or make a TikTok on how you spent that dollar, trying to get some social organic content out of it, or some UGI, or UGC(user generated content), sorry. We’re not going to the doctor. UGI! User generated index, that’s a new term. User generated content.

Reiley [00:10:10] We just, you know – broadcast is known for creating new terms.

Ryan [00:10:14] Every acronym in advertisement.

Reiley [00:10:17] Okay. Our next topic, this is a good one too. I liked this one too, I liked how the article was written. It's Mountain Dew trying to really target the gamer audience. And I liked how they phrased it direct to a gamer. And you mean, you know, D2C, B2B…whatever…

Ryan [00:10:36] D2G — Direct to gamer.

Reiley [00:10:39] Yeah! So, I like that this is a really cool play. And if you enter-in, the date to enter-in by is January 31st. You get a PS, the new PS5, and Call of Duty: Cold War.

Ryan [00:10:56] So, Mountain Dew – is it a new product?

Reiley [00:10:58] Yeah, it’s for Mountain Dew Fuel. It’s like a fuel drink.

Ryan [00:11:04] Probably for all those gamers that stay up all night playing Call of Duty and every other thing. Get your Mountain Dew on, and hey, get your game on, literally. 

Reiley [00:11:16] Literally. And I think this will be a good way for you to do it. And, I like the coloring of the Mountain Dew Fuel. It looks like it's good coloring. It's basically primary colors. But I feel like that's coming back right now -- minimal but catching enough. Just keeping it nice, clean and simple and all that good stuff. But yeah, make sure you enter-in if you're a gamer.

Ryan [00:11:44] It plays into the, I’ll say this D2G -- plays into one of the, probably the lasting trends, if I think about the Trends episode which you'll hear next week, which is this notion that mass marketing, mass media is dead. This plays right into it. D2 — Direct to Gamers, Direct to Moms, Direct to Dads — it's all about microtargeting and being hyper specific to your target, speaking to them and going to the mediums where they're at. And yes, it's splintered, but you've got to fish where the fish are and try to be all things to all people on linear TV or radio, or whatever. I’m not calling the mediums themselves dead,  it's more that mass marketing is dead. And so, this plays right into it. Absolutely smart by Mountain Dew, and get your fuel on. 

Reiley [00:12:39] And then, the other topic, if you saw it last night, which for the record, we are filming this on a Tuesday. So, this would have been Monday night, you would have seen Christmas. And this was a very cool phenomenon that has not happened for, depending on what you really want to read, it hasn't happened for either 800 years or 600 years. It was one of the two, but it was because there was one that happened in 1666, and 1627, something like that. One was in the 1200s. The 1600s one apparently happened at sunset, so it wasn't really seen but the one in 1226 was the one that was most similar to…

Ryan [00:13:23] What was it like? Pluto and Saturn overlapping? 

Reiley [00:13:26] Jupiter and Saturn overlapping. Yeah, Jupiter and Saturn overlapped, and essentially gave us a really cool little period here. If you're watching the video, I have a little diagram up here. Because I have a diagram here so you can understand exactly what the positioning was and why it was such a phenomenon. But anyway, if you saw it was a super bright star looking thing, it looked like a really bright star… 

Ryan [00:13:55] Anything that happens once every 600-1200 years has to be sort of interesting, right? You know, like, I mean it’s as rare as this Radcast T-shirt that I have. There are 600 million podcasts and there’s only one T-shirt like this.

Reiley [00:14:09] There’s only one Radcast. 

Ryan [00:14:10] This is true. And there's only one Christmas star. It happens every 1200 years. I did watch a lot of videos, but I admittedly did not see it in the live sky, partially because I'm putting kids to bed and probably halfway sleep by the time it is out. But I did have an interest in it and did watch — probably a better view than I would have gotten. 

Reiley [00:14:31] I genuinely tried to look at it from my apartment, but I think my apartment was perfectly blocking where I needed to have been looking. If I could have been, I would have just made myself like an animated character and just craned my neck over to look that way. But that obviously wasn't happening. So, I missed it, admittedly, But, you know, I would have liked to see it.

Ryan [00:14:54] That's still cool. Still newsworthy, for sure. I wish to give you authority that anything that only happens every six hundred years probably should make the news in some way. I don't know what else that will be. We might have a tough threshold if that becomes what’s newsworthy — only if it happens once every 600 years. So we talked about it on the Radcast. 

Reiley [00:15:15] That will be an interesting spin…

Ryan [00:15:20] That’s how rare we’re going to make our designs for the Radcast T-shirts. That’s how much demand we’re going to drive for it.

Reiley [00:15:25] Yes! Are you ready for a Radcast Tshirt now? You better be!

Ryan [00:15:28] I know. I’m selling hard here…

Reiley [00:15:31] I know, I know! But, we’ll get it together. That’s kind of it from us today. We have some fun little things. If you remember some of our favorite holiday little commercials, we were talking about this pre-show. I always love the Hershey kisses…

Ryan [00:15:57] I am interested to see what comes on here. I remember when that first came on, I was like, that's a clever spot. For playing off the exact design of the Hershey Kisses, playing the perfect holiday anthemic jingle. And so, there's a lot of classic spots, very interesting. We talked about this one on the Open Mike before a new spot with an occasion great with Chevy Chase on the back side. I think that airs either Christmas Eve. Everything is shown on YouTube, I think now before it actually truly airs on Linear Television. But yeah, there's a lot of classics. Coke in the Polar Bear Classic.  Melting the snowman and he couldn't wait anymore. He was willing to melt for that suit. And then Folger's, the son coming home and smell the coffee when he comes in. And sort of nostalgic, but yeah, we'll see if there's any other home runs over the holidays here as we'll all be watching maybe a little more TV, for the holiday maybe. If there’s any memorable moments as we reflect over the holidays and this year. But hey, wish you a Merry Christmas.

Reiley [00:17:17] Wish you a Merry Christmas too!

Ryan [00:17:19] And we wish everyone else out there. I think this will be the last Radast you hear from us before Christmas comes and goes. We'll definitely have a signing off. We may have some champagne in the studio for our New Year's edition. We'll see.

Reiley [00:17:33] We are!

Ryan [00:17:34] Streamers, everything --  but we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday or whatever you celebrate. I hope you celebrate it safe and sound. Keep listening to Radcast. You know where to find us — theradcast.com. You can follow me @RyanAlford. And you’ve got Reiley… you’re on Instagram…

Reiley [00:17:59] It’s Rosy Rei…

Ryan [00:18:01] I know, but you don’t immediately know how to spell Rei…

Reiley [00:18:04] Trust me, I know! I cannot tell you how many emails I gave with my name all messed up. I mean, I guess I have a unique spelling, R E I L E Y. But no, it’s just Rosy Rei. R E I.

Ryan [00:18:15] Follow on. You know where to find us. Merry Christmas. We'll see you soon.

Reiley [00:18:19] Merry Christmas.

Ryan [00:18:20] Yo guys, what's up? Ryan Alford here. Thanks so much for listening. Really appreciate it. But do us a favor. If you've been enjoying the RADcast, you need to share the word with a friend or anyone else. We really appreciate it. And go leave us a review at Apple or Spotify. Leave us a solid. Tell more people, leave us some reviews. And hey, here's the best news of all. If you want to work with me directly, to get your business kicking ass and you want Radical or myself involved, you can text me directly at 8647293680. Don't wait another minute. Let's get your business going. Eight six four seven two nine thirty six eighty. We'll see you next time.