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Weekly News Update 1.29.21: Reddit and GameStop Rock Stock Market; Coca-Cola Delivering Coffee with Drones; TikTok Live Stream Tailgate; Budweiser Covid Initiative

January 29, 2021

Weekly News Update 1.29.21: Reddit and GameStop Rock Stock Market; Coca-Cola Delivering Coffee with Drones; TikTok Live Stream Tailgate; Budweiser Covid Initiative
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Welcome to this week's news episode! We have a lot of topics for you today. Host Ryan Alford and co-host Reiley Clark break down some of the week's biggest marketing headlines. Links to The Radcast merchandise is in the episode notes below.

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Welcome to this week's news episode! In this episode, host Ryan Alford and co-host Reiley Clark break down some of the week's biggest marketing headlines. 

  1. The Stock Market and what happened with GameStop.
  2. Walmart working towards being a top 10 ad seller.
  3. Walmart and Coca Cola partner to deliver coffee to  single family homes via drones.
  4. TikTok Tailgate.
  5. Budweiser isn't making their traditional commercial debut.

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Recorded Voice[00:00:04]You're listening to the latest Rad Cast news update. Here's Ryan and Reiley.

 Ryan Alford[00:00:10]Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Rad cast. It's Friday, January 29th, 2021. And I hope you are doing well listening to us on Apple, Spotify, Pandora. Wherever you are in the world, whatever platform you're on, we're glad to have you here on a Friday. And as always, I'm joined by Miss Reiley Clark. 

Reiley Clark[00:00:32]Hello. How are you today? 

Ryan Alford[00:00:34]Doing well, Reiley. Good to be on here. Well, these are both our producer and my cohort here on Friday News Edition. So it's good to have you, Reiley. And hopefully, you've purchased GameStop stock on Monday and not today on Friday, hoping you cashed in. You sold and cashed in. 

Reiley Clark[00:00:55]Now, I was the smart one that did it months ago when I had the insider trading scheme and I went ahead and did all of this already. So I was just that person that was way ahead of the game. No, this is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. This is happening. But super cool that it's happening, too. I love the names that are coming from this. They're absolutely making my heart filled with joy. It's quite funny. 

Ryan Alford[00:01:15]You know, we're living in times where the suits are. And if you've got something to hide or something is coming out, you know, usually, it's not. So it's a little bit of cancel culture, but more just ‘we're going to beat the man’, you know, like slightly. 

Reiley Clark[00:01:36]And it's more of people just being upset and frustrated that higher-level people can do this. So why can't anyone else do this? You know, and that's a whole different dynamic that's come into play. And here we are. 

Ryan Alford[00:01:48]Exactly. I'm just a little mad that my Robinhood account isn't looking better than it is because I didn't, you know, get on this early. I don't know. I am just doing my day job and it's not stock trading. 

Reiley Clark[00:02:00]But I know I feel like we get cheat codes, though, because one of the guys that work in the office with us, he's into stock trading. So sometimes I feel like, especially this week, everyone's been at his desk. Have you noticed that? Everyone's, like asking him what's going on? So what should I do?  

Ryan Alford[00:02:14]I did notice before we started this. It seems to be headed the other way. So it seems to be catching back up. But I'm sure there it made a few millionaires if anyone, you know, bought and sold quickly or I don't know how it all works other than the big guys being pissed because the way they normally manipulate the market didn't seem to be working out. So we'll see how it goes. But it's been a good week. We had a great guest on Tuesday, Will Ahmed of Woop Fitness Trackers, the most advanced fitness tracker in the world. I dare say, it was really great. And as I sit here and stare at mine and every time I look down at mine, it's like an accountability tool. It's like I look at it and I go, all right, what's my resting heart rate, my HRB? I get to get my app out and track my sleep. But, you know, Will was awesome. And if you have to set it up, definitely go check it out. 

Reiley Clark[00:03:09]Yeah, that was a really cool episode. There's a lot that Woop is doing as a brand and then just what it's doing from a health perspective, especially with the whole covid piece. I know we talked about this last week, but if you haven't gotten a chance to listen to the episode, he really goes into that and how it's supposed to help track your respiratory rates and all that kind of stuff and great stuff. So we're excited about that episode. And then Tuesday's episode, we have a release with just talking about Clubhouse, which is a super timely conversation, and that will be a great episode and that will come out on Tuesday of next week. 

Ryan Alford[00:03:42]Yeah. So my Kam came on. He was the guy that we've started following on Clubhouse Active. He's into title insurance, which I learned more about than I ever have. But he's really dynamic. Good fun. We talked it up about the opportunity of Clubhouse and I am on the fence about where this is going long term. I feel like in the short term you should be there. You should be on it. We're on it. We're learning from it. There's a lot of networking to be done, but I think it might be a fad. I'm not sure. My crystal ball thinks that. And maybe people won't be doing seven hours of Clubhouse in a year, but maybe it is very time-consuming. 

Reiley Clark[00:04:21]. It's a great point because it is a very time-consuming thing, but it's super cool, the networking capabilities and obviously who you are, there are so many real people in there now and the quality is still good. 

Ryan Alford[00:04:29]I think it might get watered down as more people get on. But when you get on any forum and not know Grant Cardone or Gary V or whoever, like guys that you're normally going to have direct talking access to, you know, and especially if you've got a startup or an idea or something that you can soundboard. I see the validity of the channel, but it just seems like quite the investment of time that maybe it might be waning just as the quality goes down, which I think it is. And so we'll see, and that's less maybe I'm more of a take advantage while you can. I would get on it now and see where it goes, but it's going to be interesting. They start monetizing and you have to pay to get into rooms. That's going to be like wonderings, pay wonderings, not like no one's going to want to pay. So to give it away. I don't know. I think it might have the opportunity to be huge. Absolutely. But I think it has the opportunity to be a fad too and I don't know. We'll see where it goes, but it's fun. And a great episode on Tuesday with my Hamm. 

Reiley Clark[00:05:38]Absolutely. And then as far as other things going on around the company, we have merchandise for the broadcast and we'll link those in the show notes. So if you want some really cool Rad gear, we have a bunch of stuff. 

Ryan Alford[00:05:52]If you're watching the video, you see a T-shirt now, ‘game-changing content’. Yes, a lot of fun stuff, you know, playing off the notion of, you know, we are a marketing and advertising podcast, so we've got some fun stuff related to that. So if you're in the ad game or in the marketing business, you should relate to it. And if not, it just looks cool. So, you know, we'll keep linking to some of that as we get it out on Ryan, off for Dotcom and theRadcast.com, which we are updating right now. The broadcast website’s getting a revamp, which is going to really bring together all of the content so that when you go into an episode, you get to see the video, the clips, everything is kind of tied together. The audio, the video, the clips, dare I say, maybe even blogged from it, written content from the piece, which will be part of a secondary phase of that. But, well, all the merchandise. There is lots of stuff going on with it. And, you know, we've had some exciting things going on at Radical. We've got a new capability to date digital marketing, you know, doing targeting things like that's been audience-based that you do for interest or behaviors when you're targeting people online. Especially when you're doing acquisition growth, not first-party or CRM-type growth. But you were kind of limited. If you're on Facebook or programmatic or any of these platforms, you get to go after them based on interests or things like that. But you don't really know where they are in the purchase cycle. If they're ready to make a purchase or not. You might be interested in shoes like I'm interested in boots, and you can find those people that are interested in fashion. But that doesn't mean that they're necessarily interested today because you don't know where they are. And historically, search marketing, pay per click, where you enter keyword boots for sale near me or fashion boots or Ralph Lauren Boots or Louis Vuitton boots, whatever that might be. That was really the only way to get that intent data. Someone that's actively in the market was pretty much relegated to search or pay per click, highly competitive. It's expensive. But we now have the capability to do with a data source that we now have is to retarget people that do searches so that we can actually hit them anywhere on the Internet. Facebook, connected TV, in the feed of a website they're streaming through. So if they've just if they've done a search for Louis Vuitton boots, we can retarget them across the Internet. And so that has really democratized that search data, really up and coming advanced feature. And so that's been exciting. We're rolling it out for a few clients and we're excited for the opportunities to really increase sales and purchase behavior for a lot of our clients. That's super cool. Yeah, it's funny, Ticky. It's kind of bang stuff, but I like that stuff and we're having fun with it, so it'd be cool if we rolled it out for more and more clients. 

Reiley Clark[00:08:50]Yeah, no. Super cool. Yeah. 

Ryan Alford[00:08:51]So I think that's everything. But here's Reiley with the news. Here is the Radcast news. 

Reiley Clark[00:08:59]So today's first topic is Wal-Mart is trying to get in the game as the top 10 ad sellers. I should say you totally saw this article. I'd love for you to take it away and share kind of where this came from. 

Ryan Alford[00:09:14]Well, no different than if you think about Amazon now, many some people may know this, don't know this. But you think of Amazon as the place where you buy a ton of stuff. They aggregate all these things. They've made it super easy. But Amazon is actually one of the largest ad platforms in the country now because people that are selling on Amazon are buying ads to be placed when you do searches. So, like when you do those searches, let’s stick with the boots analogy. Since I bet on the, you know, the boots thing, it's appropriate. It's meant to be. So you do a boot search to get high up in those listings is an algorithm of sorts, but it's also with ad placement. So you buy part of that. You run ads across the Amazon network. There's a lot of different monetization they do with ad selling. Well, Wal-Mart's getting into that game with all the data that they have between e-commerce, in-store shopper data, and they're creating their own platform called Wal-Mart Connect so that you can run ads across their in-store screens. Because if you go into a store now, there are actually screens throughout the store. You've got little kiosks, screens. You go to the product, you add in the in cap screen. There are screens throughout the door and at the shopping mall. When you get to check out, there'll be little videos playing on different things. And so you can buy ads if you're selling products within the store, you can run the ads. I guess you can run ads whether you're in the store or not. But throughout all that ad network and then it's a data source. They have so much data, so many customers, they're going to use that in an ad in a consumer-friendly way. A lot of the privacy rules will be intact. I'm sure they're in touch with all of those guidelines, especially with cookies going away, different things. But they're going to be a huge player in the ad space, just based on their scale volume. And they're partnering up with one of the largest DSP aggregators. So it's going to be big news for the digital world. And yet another place and the big get bigger now, right? 

Reiley Clark[00:11:14]Well, I mean, we're going to continue talking about Wal-Mart here because Coca-Cola is starting an initiative as well, where they're partnering with Wal-Mart and they're sending drones out. And they did this in Coffee County, Georgia, which I think is very funny, very appropriate for what Coca-Cola was the product they're promoting anyway. They're sending drones from this Wal-Mart and then taking the new product to, you know, places in the home, single-family homes in this county in Georgia, and it's a great initiative. I kind of liked the way the guy was making this sound. It's like a dairy-free product. And so a lot of the ready-to-drink coffees are dairy-based or they have too much sugar or whatever it is. So this is a really cool thing that I am kind of excited to try, although I just don't know how I really feel about that coffee combination. 

Ryan Alford[00:12:09]I know that that's kind of odd, but odd, like between the gimmick of the drone and coffee and coke. I like Coke. I mean, I'm a Coke Zero guy when I drink it just because I don't want the calories. But I love, I mean, a few things I like more than a good Coke Zero. And if I'm splurging a good Coca-Cola classic, it's hard to beat a Coke. But coffee and Coke don't necessarily match in my brain of taste. But, you know, we'll see. Hopefully, it does better than Coke energy and the whole drone thing. How long have they been talking about drones delivering goods to you? Oh, it's been several years. So this feels, you know, like a PR gimmick, which time? You know, we're all good for a good PR gimmick that drives advertising and marketing. Not going to slap the hand that feeds us here. We're also known for a good awareness gimmick. So not knocking it, but it's like, OK, all right. The drone and coffee Coke, if it's going to be a no for me dog on coffee, coke, but maybe they know something I don't. They have a product to develop the teams. 

Reiley Clark[00:13:13]How about smarter than us. How about this? I'll let you know how it tastes and then we can go from there because I know I'm going to have to try this, especially if there's no dairy in this because it's just going to be something. I'm such a big coffee drinker. I'm going to have to get on this. 

Ryan Alford[00:13:25]Nobody’s drinking the Coke energy either. Like I talked about it. There was on Super Bowl last year. How much now? It's like I've known. Here's how I've known. I'm an energy drink guy and I go to the gas station and I've got my normal players in line and I go to the safe. I go to the same gas station and I'm getting mine. And I've noticed the diminishing role of Coke energy on the energy drink aisle. It was last year, about this time. Oh, man. They must have paid for his placement. It was right there. The center where. I didn't buy it, I tasted it once and it was like, no thanks dog, but it was right there when it supposedly went down the rack. And now it's positioned above the chocolate milk. Like, it's kind of it's on the, you know, the land of misfit toys, of energy drinks. Like that's insane. And I've noticed that. Well, we all know the story of this toy, though. They came back. Yeah, well, and it's officially for sale at $1 at the Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree, which is where products go to die. And their Coggs Energy is for sale at Dollar Tree. You're in trouble. So that means they're already closing it out. I think it's going bye-bye. So we'll see if coffee can stick around longer.

 Reiley Clark[00:14:47]Well, yeah, I hope it can, because 

Ryan Alford[00:14:49]if it's in the Super Bowl, it might be a kiss of death. 

Reiley Clark[00:14:55]Well, speaking of the Super Bowl, so TikTok, the NFL recruited Miley Cyrus to be a part of a TikTok tailgate, which, you know, just sounds awesome. And I would love to make that a New York theater lineup. But you have to say before you start your theater classes, but TikTok tailgate. Miley Cyrus is going to be delivering exclusive video content. It's going to be streamed live for a two-hour event on TikTok. So it's going to obviously go through CBS as well since that's where the game will be broadcast from. But the content that's coming on TikTok is just exclusive to TikTok. Other creators will be involved and it'll be a super cool initiative. And obviously, she's promoting Plastic Hearts, which came out in November. So that's sort of doing all that. 

Ryan Alford[00:15:45]Exactly. Is it? Maybe, I don't know. We skimmed some of these things. We catch the headlines. We want to share it. Right, right, right. We know what exactly she's doing in the tailgate. We know. 

Reiley Clark[00:15:54]I think it's something that we'll find out when it happens. 

Ryan Alford[00:15:59]They're keeping some of it secret. Exactly what the TikTok tailgate Miley Cyrus, because that could go a lot of different directions with Miley Cyrus. That's why she's got a lot of an exclusive wild child. Like I remember when I heard that album came out, like just the artwork of her, like a wrecking ball. And like, I mean, she can come hard or comes off like she's got a lot of depth to her, I would dare say. Seeing that actress first and foremost. Right on what's it, Hannah Montana. I mean, you know what I mean? Let's say she won the Emmys or anything, but, you know, someone's going up. But she did win the child guild world, whatever. 

Reiley Clark[00:16:36]Yeah, actually, I'll be honest, I will be that person this time. I actually do think she's won a couple like that, kids awards. You know that. 

Ryan Alford[00:16:44]I remember the show a little bit from the very beginning. I think she was kind of going off like when my very youngest was in, not totally in that. So it's really brief, although she was OK. Like, some of these guys are not good, you know, but she's pretty well-rounded in her acting and she's a good singer. I mean, I like her pop stuff. I like Wrecking Ball. It came out that I like poppy stuff.  

Reiley Clark[00:17:07]Oh for sure. And I liked her rendition of Zombie that came out a couple of months ago and she did the live performance to help musicians. That was incredible. And if you have not heard her sing that song. Oh my gosh. I mean, her voice is perfect for that song. She's got such a great singer. 

Ryan Alford[00:17:23]Billy Ray Cyrus is her dad. I mean, you know, Achy Breaky. 

Reiley Clark[00:17:27]Heart knows Cyrus is her sister, Noah. Cyrus does incredible work, too. They're both very musical and sanely. 

Ryan Alford[00:17:34]I was a little surprised like she was off my radar. And I'm you know, I'm a 43-year-old dude with four boys, you know, like, I don't. Does it mean she's not pop culture anymore? She's probably always going to be pop culture, but like, she was off my radar. So I was like, is she still I guess she will always be a thing. But I said, no, you know, I saw this and like her, what's her relevance now? And I guess according to you, she still bangs. 

Reiley Clark[00:18:02]She's still out there and kicking and just being her badder self. So I'm just here for that. And then our last topic for today, Budweiser is skipping their ad portion of the game. They're not doing like the traditional ad, but they do have an initiative called The Bigger Picture. And it's a short documentary basically about the front-line workers who have received the vaccine and just their effort. Great. Obviously, for a lot of reasons. It's a great spot because you're obviously addressing the seriousness of covid and you're also giving a big thank you from Budweiser to all the heroes. 

Ryan Alford[00:18:41]Yeah, if they probably had at least two spots going. So that's probably ten, fifteen million dollars at least, and that's no small donation. And it's a brilliant brand play from my standpoint. Budweiser has been a mainstay in the Super Bowl since forever. 

Reiley Clark[00:18:57]Thirty-seven. In years, 

Ryan Alford[00:18:58]Yeah, and so it's and if there's ever a year, you know, it's again, I think viewership will be where it normally is. So it's like but to get this PR play and it's the right time, the right place, it feels really smart for them. And I'm sure, you know, they don't need anyone else kind of validating that. But I think it just feels right. And it's both. Yeah. It's self-serving from a standpoint of recognition. But at the same time, this isn't like it's a, you know, ten thousand dollars. I mean, this is ten, fifteen million dollars at least, you know, they're giving and for the impressions that they get. So I know there's a PR expert, someone on their team is doing this math. What are the impressions they're getting from the PR play versus what they get with the Super Bowl? And look, the Super Bowl's ridiculous, the amount of volume you get and impressions and scale and reach and all that and all those media things. So I think, well played. Well played by Budweiser. 

Reiley Clark[00:20:04]Oh yeah. For sure. For sure. Now, those are our topics for this week. And again, we just want to definitely say thank you to everyone who's listening. It means a lot to have you listeners and just everything you all are doing for us. So we'll definitely get some merch out to you guys. And look, it'll be in the episode notes. So definitely make sure to check it out there. 

Ryan Alford[00:20:23]Yeah, we'll do some giveaways as well. We've got some samples in and we're making sure we're happy with everything that we put together. So we'll get him giveaways on the Social channels. Resources. Yeah. All the all those places. 

Reiley Clark[00:20:40]Right. It's Friday. Come on. 

Ryan Alford[00:20:42]Just get us a break at the end of the week now. But we do appreciate everyone wherever you're listening. And do us a favor, leave us a review on Apple. Tell one of your friends about us. Tell you to know someone that you know we're the greatest. And I mean, let's keep whatever you want to do. But, yeah, sure. Share the love. And, you know, we do appreciate everyone and we hope everyone has a great weekend. No matter when you listen. This might be two years from now. It might be 2023. When you hear this episode. 

Reiley Clark[00:21:13]Futuristic 

Ryan Alford[00:21:14]And oh, it does feel like a January duty night 2021 hike. Oh, God. Will Rogers in deep space here like. Nope, just normal. Cars are not flying yet. If you're in a flying car listening to this in 2027 or 2031 because it's possible, think about this going on to live forever. That's technically true. You know, so you might be listening to it in a flying car. But no, no matter what, we'll digress. We really appreciate you and you know where to find us. TheRadcast.com and @the.rad.cast on Instagram. And Miss Clark, we'll see you next time. 

Reiley Clark[00:21:52]Yeah, see you guys. Have a great weekend. 

Ryan Alford “Yo guys, what's up? Ryan Alford here. Thanks so much for listening. Really appreciate it. But do us a favor. If you've been enjoying the Radcast, you need to share the word with a friend or anyone else. We really appreciate it. And give us a review at Apple or Spotify. Do us a solid, tell more people, leave us some reviews. And hey, here's the best news of all. If you want to work with me to check with you, to get your business kicking ass and you want Radical or myself involved, you can text me directly at 8647293680. Don't wait another minute. Let's get your business going. 8647293680. We'll see you next time.”