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Weekly News Update 2.26.21: Spotify HiFi, Bacardi Snapcode, Avocados from Mexico partners with Mission Foods, $57 Billion Valuation for Lucid

February 26, 2021

Weekly News Update 2.26.21: Spotify HiFi, Bacardi Snapcode, Avocados from Mexico partners with Mission Foods, $57 Billion Valuation for Lucid
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Welcome to this week's news update on The Radcast! In this episode, host Ryan Alford and news co-host Reiley Clark, address this weeks top marketing and pop culture highlights.

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In this episode, host Ryan Alford and news co-host Reiley Clark, address this weeks top marketing and pop culture highlights. This episode dissects what's going on in the marketing industry and what should be on your radar for the weeks ahead.

The topics they cover today are:

  • Spotify HiFi
  • Bacardi Snapcode
  • Avocados from Mexico partners with Mission Foods
  • $57 Billion Valuation for Lucid

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Recorded Voice[00:00:04] “You're listening to the latest Radcast news update. Here's Ryan and Reiley.”

 Ryan Alford[00:00:10]Hey, guys, what's up? Welcome to the latest edition of the Radcast. It is Friday, February 26th, and it is the year 2021. We are now in the future. We are now. We are here and we are with the lovely Riley Clark, our producer and co-host. 

Reiley Clark[00:00:28]Yes, hi. How are you? I am good. It's been a really good week. I'm just excited. It's Friday, you know, not like a bad way, just like that good feeling when you get a lot accomplished in the week and you feel like you can look back at the week and go, ‘I did that’. 

Ryan Alford[00:00:41]Yep. And I feel like, ah, it's funny. I think we did the same thing talking pre episode or earlier. We both were like, it's the end of the week. Whoa. Where do we go? 

Reiley Clark[00:00:51]I know, I know. It's really weird because we were talking about the schedule and then I was like, oh yeah, that's on Friday. And I was like, wait, that's like today.  

Ryan Alford[00:01:02]Today. Welcome to Friday. We made it. 

Reiley Clark[00:01:04]Yeah, exactly. Exactly. How's your week been? 

Ryan Alford[00:01:06]It's been good. Yeah, it's been productive. We have a big shoot today. We're recording today, but we have a big shoot with a client doing a lot of video production work, photography work. We got some new equipment this week. That's the sound my hands would make. They were rubbing together because I'm so excited. I kind of when I get excited, I rub my hands together like I'm getting warm or something. You know, it's a, you know, personal tweak. I don't know what it is, probably some deficiency in my brain. But we did get some new camera equipment. Yeah, I geek out over that stuff. 

Reiley Clark[00:01:41]No it's the best when you get, like, new equipment and stuff, it's just like ‘wooo! I’m so excited!’ 

Ryan Alford[00:01:47] Yeah.We're shooting like some high and gym stuff. All these athletes and sweat and smoke and it’s just going to be great. Yeah, I'm excited about that. And, you know, onboarding some clients and you know, it's been good. We've been this kind of rocking and rolling. 

Reiley Clark[00:02:05]And same with the broadcast. I mean, the broadcast is obviously just so you know, taken off. If you missed the episode this week, it was with Arjan Ray and he's the CEO and founder of HelloWoofy. It's actually a service we're going to be signing up for and using a little bit, too. So that's kind of exciting and it was a really exciting episode. Very fun, engaging guy. So that was a super cool episode. And then our episode that will come out on Tuesday is with Colin McIntosh, and he is the CEO and founder of Sheets and Giggles and just a great episode. That was super funny. Yours all's conversation. He's just a really brilliant guy and eucalyptus sheets. I mean, you know, sign me up for them. 

Ryan Alford[00:02:46]One million dollars in sheets. And I've been telling people this story in, and watching their eyes light up like mine did when Colin said, ‘yeah, we're doing a million dollars in sheet sales in D2C right now. I'm doing the math and I'm like, man, a million dollars in sheets. Holy sheet. 

Reiley Clark[00:03:01]Yeah, exactly. Exactly. 

Ryan Alford[00:03:04]But Sheets and Giggles. Hilarious name, tons of puns, which are my favorite. 

Reiley Clark[00:03:09]And so their marketing school. 

Ryan Alford[00:03:11]Marketing school. College. Super cool. Hope that we can continue to collaborate. And Will Achmad, if you're listening, I'm coming for you. You, me and Colin, we got to plan and strategize how to take over the recovery world. You guys are already doing it, but I'm in on this. And speaking of Will Achmad, I got to diverge. We'll come back to Colin. But Will, they did this partnership with the army where they're going to outfit all the you know, like all the armed forces and stuff like that to track their performance and try to up their performance so they can see it. So that's incredible. You haven't checked Woop, the fitness tracker. Awesome. But Colin. Oh, my God. Hilarious. Amazing. Sheets and Giggles. So funny. Can't wait for that episode to come out. I know people are going to enjoy it. Colin is so engaging and just so transparent with stuff but then hilarious at the same time. I mean I joked as we were getting to the episode, you know, I was kind of hoping you'd be in the bed and the sheets and sure enough, he got into bed. He was going to be working from home that day. And he just totally gets in his bed and he's got eyewear, sleeping-eye-thing next to it. And they have purple, which is a big part of their brand colors. And it was just hilarious and super fun. It was fun. And a million dollars in D2C sheets. I mean, guys, if you're an entrepreneur and you're trying to, you're dreaming big. If Collin is selling and looking, he's smart and he's doing it the right way. Success is not easy. But if you do these things and you get out there and do e-commerce and get it out there, a million dollars a month is feasible and they're just getting started. So they're about self mattresses and everything else.  

Reiley Clark[00:04:54]Oh, yeah, yeah. But definitely listen to the episode because there's just so much more that, you know, is just a lot, just a lot and that episode is really great. 

Ryan Alford[00:05:01]And I did. If you haven't listened to Arjun with HelloWoofy.com, if you are a small business, you need to be using this social platform. There's a lot of different ones that are expensive. His super cheap pretty much offsetting the cost because he's trying to grow the platform. It does some amazing things with populating content, sharing it. So this is like a social media scheduler, emoji strategy, blog assistance, copywriting, like it's all in one and it has amazing value. So HelloWoofy.com, plug for that, but also a plug to go listen to that episode because Arjun's great. And if you're a small business, there's a lot to learn. 

Reiley Clark[00:05:41]Absolutely. And just a note on that episode, too, if you know, we're really trying to promote, like our video episodes that we do and, you know, obviously that we're producing. And in that episode, the video version, he can even walk you through a little bit of what you can expect from the software. And so I just felt like that's noteworthy in case, like, you want to see, like, a little bit of a visual or whatever. Definitely check out the video version of the episode with Arjun because it has that information. 

Ryan Alford[00:06:07]Yeah, definitely. Get on our YouTube channel or IGTV and check those out. Riley does great with adding the interactive content. We spent a lot of time on that and it's really dynamic, adding another layer to the episode. So, you know, we'd love it and give us some feedback on any of our channels. 

Reiley Clark[00:06:25]Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. OK, so let's do another wine tip for this week. So let's set the stage here a little bit. Okay, let's do warm weather.  

Ryan Alford[00:06:42]Yeah the weather's warm. We’re at 72 here. Well in the lovely Grimlock.

 Reiley Clark[00:06:46]Yeah. I mean I wasn't complaining today. 

Ryan Alford[00:06:48]I'm good if you're listening and you're in the Northeast or otherwise. Eat your heart out baby. It's nice here. 

 Reiley Clark[00:06:58]But so we have warm weather. Your fruit, a little bit of chicken. Like what kind of what, what wine are we going for? 

Ryan Alford[00:07:08]Well I'm going to go white here. We're going to keep this, you know, white red rosé. We're going to keep them all in the family. But even though I'm probably definitely a heavy, heavy, red drinker, I do know my whites. And this is made by one of the most well-known red makers of wine in the world, in California,Napa, a little place called Aspen. I'm joking. That was from Dumb and Dumber. I like where the wine flows like the women of Capistrano, a little place called Aspen. Anyway, I digress. Anyway, Napa Cabernet, one of the biggest, best in the world, Kamus Chuck Wagner, one of the most well-known winemakers. Little known fact, probably to most people, they do make a white and it's delicious, just like red it's much more approachable on the value. It got pretty expensive. It's like eighty five dollars a bottle now, which is pretty steep, but this is around twenty bucks. You can find it for less. Sometimes it's price fluctuates a lot. 

Reiley Clark:What's the name again? 

Ryan Alford:I'm getting to it. 

Reiley Clark:Oh ok. OK, ok, ok. 

Ryan Alford[00:08:24]It's not the conundrum that it sounds like. That's the name of it. It's called Conundrum. OK, so Conundrum white. It's a blend. It's like chardonnay, muscadet, about three other wines, names that, you know, that don't really matter. I got to say, I'm not a huge schmoozy on all the names. This is about flavor. This is about being delicious. And Conundrum White from Chuck Wagner and the makers at Kamus make a delicious white. It goes well with chicken. It goes well with warm weather coming. It's a great summer wine, too, but it's definitely, you know, for a good backyard, you know, you can have it. It's like 15 to 25. It fluctuates a lot. I've walked into stores and seen it for 15 and bought like six bottles. And then I've been in stores that are selling it for like 25 and I'm like, yeah, you know, 25. It's still worth it. It tastes like a $25 wine. But it gets to that point when you're mentally like ‘twenty five bucks?’ I don't know. Fifteen. Yeah. OK. And yeah I can justify it for a white. Especially for white, for me. For red, this is a whole other thing.

Reiley Clark[00:09:35]But no, I'm there with you because I'm a red drinker too. So like whites I'm like it has to be really good for me. 

Ryan Alford[00:09:39]It's slightly fruity but not overly fruity. If you're wanting a fruit bomb like sweet, sweet, sweet, which my whites love, she loves sweeter white wines. I'm not a fan. She loves them and she likes this. But it's not overly sweet. But it's sweet enough. Like me, I enjoy it. And so it's not like syrupy sweet, but it's a good in between. It tastes kind of like a chardonnay mixed with a muscadet on wine or something. If I was going to describe it, which is not a terrible new Chardonnay. Super dry. Super not sweet you know, for the most part. And then the muscadet is like super sweet. So it's kind of in between but I would say it leans more towards the chardonnay than the muscadet because it's just not, not overly sweet but very tasty. A little apricot. I'm joking. I don’t know the flavor profile. I just know it tastes good and what does it right. 

Reiley Clark[00:10:33]Right. 

Ryan Alford[00:10:34]And, you know, it's a party favorite. If I'm having wine, white is getting warm. You can count on there being no conundrum at our party, but definitely Conundrum on the table.

 Reiley Clark[00:10:47]That was good. Colin’s inspired us. Yes, I know.  

Ryan Alford[00:10:53]Today's podcast brought to you by Kamus and Conundrum. 

Ryan Alford[00:10:57]Gosh, I wish we were there. We’re almost there. Here's Reiley with the news. Here is the Radcast News. 

Reiley Clark[00:11:07]OK, so our news topic for this week, first up on the list, Spotify. We love Spotify because that's also where we put our podcasts. You know, this is obviously well received news. They are coming out with a new high quality subscription based platform. It's basically a little level up from your premium. But what's interesting about this is this is considered a lossless audio experience. So essentially, you're not hearing the compressed audio that you hear postproduction. It would sound more rich and deep. And just like this, you would hear all the notes and everything just a much deeper way. And anyway, it's twenty dollars if you're not already a part of it. Otherwise, if you're already a premium member, it's ten dollars added on to your premium membership. Interesting kind of concept. Some people are saying it's not going to come out till later this year. There hasn't been a set date except for the fact it's late 2021.  

Ryan Alford[00:12:09]Yeah, this is going to be interesting. I like the notion of this and obviously I've wondered for a while like there was this promise like 10 years ago of like high def audio that's never really come to fruition. I don't feel like I have yet to bid on it. You know, like the difference between there's definitely been improvement in, like, quality and, like, sound and certain things like on cell phones. But it's never come to fruition, like the way it has on TV. If you look at a TV, this goes where I'm going with this, like are the headphones going to support it? Like, are you going to hear the difference on your Stanier headphones or do you need better headphones to hear this difference? And how many people are going to be able to tell the difference and pay for the difference? I don't know the answer to any of that, but I do know that this is coming because of the proliferation of 5G networks and the bandwidth that's needed. I think it's all in alignment. Because audio files like this, there is a lot of data and the amount of throughput that you could have, like either with 4G or other, which is a lot, but the 5G network becoming ubiquitous, Wi-Fi becoming ubiquitous, especially in developed countries like the U.S. It's not surprising that this has come out. But I just don't know. It's going to be one of those like you got to hear to believe it. Right. As long as you can sample it or do something, I'd like to see the difference, you know, like back when TV came out. Yeah, you go to the store and you see the difference or whatever. You could see that very clearly. It will be interesting to see how they sample this and how you can tell it, like, OK, you listen to it like this, are your headphones able to do that? Kind of tell the difference to pay the difference. I think 

Reiley Clark[00:14:01]I think you'll be able to hear a little bit more of a difference than I think might be anticipated. I was kind of reading through a couple of different things and some people were saying, you know, this is basically going to be like a waste of an extra added on to your subscription. But to your point, about 5G like will you really be able to understand the quality if you don't already have 5G? Is that kind of what you're saying? 

Ryan Alford[00:14:26]Well, I'm just saying that way won't eat up your bandwidth or it has the bandwidth to deliver it. Like, you know, I don't know if it's completely in relation because you think audio, you think, well, that's not much data compared to video, but when you get into this lossless stuff, these files get pretty big. Literally downloading and everything. So yes. So it could take forever. If you're on a slow 4G or even 3G network downloading a hundred meg lossless, one song could take like thirty minutes, no one's going to wait for that. So. Right. So 5G will allow for the distribution but I just don't know. I see this be more of like the play for people that listen to more classical music or more historic rock like stuff that had a different sound quality and tone. I'm just not sure if Post Malone's music is going to sound much different with lossless or not. Not because there's no nuances in that music. I'm not offending Post Malone here. I like Post Malone, it’s part of my workout playlist. But I don't know if the loudest level when I'm working out if that's going to sound different, but I could see a classic Clapton song, you know, lossless you know, or you know, just some heavy music, where every instrument is like, you know, really pronounced or something. 

Reiley Clark[00:15:50]I'm also wondering what this is going to do for podcasting, because as far as how you're coming across and podcasting the audio, I feel like it might become a much more crisp sound. Yeah, like, you know, I think it might just really expand kind of how you're hearing everything and it might just flow better. 

Ryan Alford[00:16:07]So you're thinking like I thought ten years ago. That was my expectation, but I never saw that leap, you know? So it'll be interesting. 

Ryan Alford[00:16:16]Maybe that's what this will do. I will follow it. Well, you just wait and see and maybe we'll do a test here on, like, the Rad Cast. 

Reiley Clark[00:16:25]Oh, speaking of tests, I'm going to go off tangent a little bit. You remember a couple of weeks ago when we talked about coke coffee? Yes. I just remembered this. I meant to say this earlier. I had one the other day at the airport, OK? And I'm thinking about all right, it's like, OK, you know, we follow things up on the Rad Cast and, you know, sometimes we got to do the actual follow up. But anyway, guys, it's good. It's actually good. Call me crazy, but you probably will, but that's OK. But just to be fair, if you try the caramel one or the other one, I didn't have the other two. I only had the dark roast coffee coke and I would recommend it. I don't really know how to explain it except for the fact it tastes like co-fee. Co-fee. Oh my God. 

Ryan Alford[00:17:13]Co-fee. That's what they should have called it. 

Ryan Alford[00:17:17]It's co-fee. Coffee. Oh my gosh. Coke and coffee. Anyway, you know what I mean. But really co-fee. Yeah, exactly. But I would recommend it. It was really good and yeah. A little bit of a tangent. But we always follow up here.We do follow up on. 

Reiley Clark[00:17:36]Yes, we'll see it once it gets out in the mainstream like here in Greenville, South Carolina. Let's watch it, go down to the coffee shop. I just don't know all these kinds of gimmicky drinks like this. It's not like your core drink. It just seems like it never sticks like Coke, New Coke, like it didn't, you know, I don't know, like these energy drinks, the flavors changing is one thing. You still have your core product as an energy drink with the same ingredients. Right. Different flavors. Get it. Yeah, but coke, energy. You know, like this. Yeah. 

But this is like kind of competing with your Starbucks stuff. And for those of us lactose free people, this is going to be awesome and it should be awesome. So I want to know if you have tried it. I want to know now if you liked it. 

Ryan Alford[00:18:28]I give it twelve months. 

Reiley Clark[00:18:31]We love the optimism. 

Ryan Alford[00:18:32]I guess it's just being real. I watch these products my whole life, like, come and go. 

Reiley Clark[00:18:38]No, I mean, I hear you. I hear you. OK, I'm back on track. Back on track. I'm ready. I'm ready. So our next topic is- this startup vehicle company, Lucid, that had a fifty seven billion dollar valuation in merger with Churchill Capital. For CCIV. But anyway, this company is, some people are speculating it's going to be a new Tesla. Some people are saying that this actually really hurt CCIV because actually two days after they announced this merger, apparently their stocks went down over 50 percent, which is not ever fun. This just proves the sustainability factor that Lucid's really trying to push. They are very on their website. If you go to it. First of all, the car looks beautiful. And second of all, apparently, they're really focused on sustainability and the environment. And so all of their materials that they're using are very focused on using the Earth's resources as efficiently as possible. 

Ryan Alford[00:19:54]I love the name. You know, there's something about like certain names that like, you know, stand out or like words that I like and ‘lucid’ like a word that I like. I don't know why I like it. Even though I did think when I first saw lucid and cars, I was thinking it was autonomous, like self-driving cars, so that maybe you could sleep like, you know, I thought that's what it was like. Maybe it's like letting you sleep while it drives itself. 

Reiley Clark[00:20:21]Doesn’t that seem dangerous though? 

Ryan Alford[00:20:22] ‘Lucid’ would make much more sense if, like, you could fall asleep while the car drove you somewhere? 

Reiley Clark[00:20:27]I'd technically think you're right. I think like lucid dreaming I get it. 

Ryan Alford[00:20:33]Yeah, but that's where my head was. Anyway, I think electric vehicles are all the rage. It's all you're going to see. You're going to see more and more. Every manufacturer is going all in on it. It took forever for Detroit and all the main, you know, U.S. automakers to get behind it because all their facilities were built for developing gasoline cars. It takes a lot of investment, a lot of money. They're finally on board and are moving in this direction. Obviously, the D2C model and everything that's happened with Tesla being electric car service direct without dealerships, that's going to be a big stink, by the way, with where dealerships fall in all of this. It's not going to be pretty for them over the next 15 years. It'll be pretty for the ones that figure out the best way. But there just is not going to be the volume of dealerships in the future. Just you heard it here first, but nonetheless, Lucid. I don't know enough about the company that they merged with, but I do like the look of the cars. Beautiful. It looks cool. I do think it's a little bit of a curse, getting that valuation, I think, truth be told, it's like a proud moment. Maybe you've truly, you know, like you're a week away or something. Like they still seem a little far from that. And so it's great. It's a good marker. But what happens when you come in at ten billion? I mean, that’s a lot of money, it seems like just asking for quite a lot. But it's not a surprise with where the business is going, where the industry is going and when anyone's kind of got their ducks in a row and pulls together this kind of merger, you know, big things are going to happen. But it's just the electric cars are here and it’s only going to get bigger. I just hope they keep getting more chargers in places. 

Reiley Clark[00:22:27]Hey, well, I mean, they'll have to, they'll eventually have to. I mean, thankfully, like I mean, even when you go to like a Publix or something, I mean, know we're in the south and we have Publix, but like, you know, even in Kroger's or, you know, wherever else there are stations now where you can just plug in your car.  

Ryan Alford[00:22:43]They're actually going to have Tesla chargers outside in our parking lot. It's being worked on. It's not completely final. 

Reiley Clark[00:22:52]So that's actually really crazy. I did not know that. 

Ryan Alford[00:22:54]Yes. I mean, quite the scene, I mean like a little branding place. So we'll see. Secret’s out, here on the Rad Cast. But it's not completely final yet. In discussions. 

Reiley Clark[00:23:06]OK, well next on our list is, my favorite, Avocados From Mexico. I love avocados so much. I've already had two today.

 Ryan Alford[00:23:16]Really literally. OK, you really, really built up for this episode supporting all these brands. All these brands should start paying us because we're supporting them, we're eating them. We have at least 17 companies. Coke wanted to hire us. But that's OK. 

Reiley Clark[00:23:33]Coke can hire me. Coke can hire me to sponsor because you know, I love coffee. So it's, you know, just keep it out of 

Ryan Alford[00:23:38] Yeah. Thesingular voice of coke coffee or co-fee. 

Reiley Clark[00:23:43]Oh, gosh. Yeah, that's OK. It was embarrassing, but we'll move on from it. That's totally fine. I accept it. So avocados from Mexico is teaming up with Mission Foods, which is a tortilla kind of company. They're doing this for March Madness, which I think plays into the fact that you didn't see Avocados From Mexico in the Super Bowl, but you are seeing them in this March Madness, tip off, tip off taco or tip of the taco, tip off Taco. That makes more sense. I think it's Tip off Taco. And yeah, this just shows the continuation of the sports themed marketing situation that's happening, even though the Super Bowl wasn't the play for them. It's in March Madness. 

Ryan Alford[00:24:22]Yeah, I mean, a good play. You know, it's interesting because these are, you know, foods you get at the grocery store. And you're used to I don't know about you, but I remember going to the grocery store and when you see these kind of co promotions, be like an incap or maybe the woman or man, whoever is cooking, like at the little things, sometimes it's like, you know, some woman, high end chef or some dude like flipping things, like making stuff like with ingredients together. Yeah. But now in a digital world that we live in, they're bringing this kind of co-marketing partnership together. It's something that you eat together digitally, you know, through all the social channels and all those things. So it's a great promotion. Makes sense. Be interesting how the execution I mean, they don't have all that out yet. I'll be kind of following along to see how they execute it. But it's cool and it's kind of the modern co-promotion of what you typically see in a grocery store. Yeah, I mean, think about it like ten years ago. Like, the only way these kinds of co-promotions come to life is in the physical retail store. Huh. And now these brands through digital channels and other layers of experience and other things like they can bring these things to life. So it's pretty interesting. And, you know, March Madness, God willing, you know, it goes off. It seems to be no matter what, they're not going to cancel it again. Should be huge because I think you got all this pent up desire from people that didn't watch it last year. A lot of stuff. So the ratings should be humongous with people kind of tuned in to it. So, you know, Avocados From Mexico making their run, staying in the sports realm. And, yes, you know, I like some avocados, man. I make some killer guacamole. 

Reiley Clark[00:26:02]Me too. We should put our guacamole to the test. 

Ryan Alford[00:26:04]Blind taste test. Yeah, I'm always here. 

Reiley Clark[00:26:07]Yeah. Wait, but do you put onions in your guacamole? 

Ryan Alford[00:26:10]Just a little. 

Reiley Clark[00:26:11]You actually put onions?

Ryan Alford[00:26:14]Yeah, it's OK, but I like it. 

Reiley Clark[00:26:18]I don't like that. I'm not a big onion person. I hate onion.  

Ryan Alford[00:26:20]I do, too. But you have to have a little bit of red onion in your guacamole. I am much like you, I do not like onion like crunchy onion but when it’s blended in with like 12 other ingredients it’s fine. I mean sometimes you need it for the flavor. 

Reiley Clark[00:26:41]Well so you blend it, you don't just chop it? 

Ryan Alford[00:26:43]It's chopped up real fine. OK, I'm not a huge chunky red onion. 

Reiley Clark[00:26:47]OK, I was going to say I can't stand when that's in guacamole. 

Ryan Alford[00:26:51]No, it's cut up pretty fine. That's good. But you got to it's kind of a necessary evil, unfortunately, for good guacamole and salsa. I actually make salsa with a little bit of onion. 

Reiley Clark[00:27:06] Salsa is different.I get you there. I pick it up and I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You can have all the onions you want as long as you have a good amount of tomatoes. But anyway, our last topic for today is Bacardi and Snapchat are teaming up together and this is such a cool thing because they are using the play on Snapchat codes, barcodes basically. And you have your Bacardi bottle. I'll put it here on the video as well. You'll have your little Bacardi bottle and you can scan the Snap code. It kind of reminded me of TikTok a little bit. But it will give you a prompt dance, so to speak, and reading your body off of, you know, AR, the 3D animation. It'll read what you're doing. It'll tell you what kind of poses and you know, you'll follow the prompt. Basically when you finish it, you get to put it on your Snapchat story and all this kind of fun stuff. But it's like one of the first times you've seen this kind of company team up with something like Snapchat, like. So that's kind of really cool. 

Ryan Alford[00:28:09]Yeah, I think Snapchat is going to have a big year. Actually, this is pretty cool. They’re still huge with, you know, GenZ and younger. You know, people still use Snapchat. I think they're still getting some cool integrations. You know, Bacardi is interesting, you know, because I feel like most people they're one step ahead aren't twenty one. But yeah, some are. But smart play, they will become twenty one at some point or they might be drinking anyway, which would not be legal, but it would be smart from the brand perspective. But I will say this about this. I want to see the bloopers from this because I want to see people like me, like me, like trying to do the dance. And if you're watching the video, you're seeing me in my four joints and not my eighteen. So there's eighteen joints, they show that. It's reading it. I'm reading about it. I'm like, I guess I think I only have four, I have two elbows and two knees. But you know, I want to see the videos from this. I could be more of a spoof then I think how good it'll be. But this is kind of what I would need to know how to do one of these dances, though. I mean, I am also part of the dance challenge thing. I mean, there's a lot of borrowed interest here that makes sense. 

Reiley Clark[00:29:25]I think it's fine. It's fun. I'll probably do it.You know, why not? And then I'll see the final product and then I'll be like, actually that was the whole blooper, because I understand it was a bad video.  

Ryan Alford[00:29:46] Thisreminds me of, you know, that Jason Derulo song from last summer. My niece was teaching my wife on the boat how to do it. And I was, like, trying to follow along. It was like the arm one, you know, like bump, bump, uh, done. And on and on and on, you know. You know what I’m talking about. 

Reiley Clark[00:30:04]OK, I played it.  

Ryan Alford[00:30:08] You'd hear some people cheering. Definitely knew from my wonderful noises from the song anyway.Yeah, I like that.

Reiley Clark[00:30:20]And it's fun. This all brings together just like making use of the situation we're still in, but having a good time while you're doing it and obviously having a little bit of Bacardi and you're fine. 

Ryan Alford[00:30:31]Exactly. 

Reiley Clark[00:30:32]Yeah. That's probably why they do it so complex. You have to be drinking. 

Ryan Alford[00:30:38]You've got to have four Bacardis before you start. One to loosen yourself up and then two, to just not care what you look like, exactly how you're doing it. Like anything else, it'll be like the three percent that are really good at it and make it like, wow, this is how this was supposed to work. And then the other ninety seven percent right there, like hitting themselves in the face like me, trying to do an arm dance or something. 

Reiley Clark[00:31:01]Exactly. Exactly. No, but that's it from us this week. I hope you have a great weekend. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing.  

Ryan Alford[00:31:09]Follow us along. You know where to find us. TheRedCast.com. On YouTube, on Instagram, on Facebook, anywhere and everywhere I'm @RyanAlford on Instagram and we'll see you next time. 

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