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Why Advertisers Should Be Leveraging Digital Out-Of-Home Ads: Weekly News 11.18.22

November 18, 2022

Why Advertisers Should Be Leveraging Digital Out-Of-Home Ads: Weekly News 11.18.22
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Welcome back to The Radcast! This week Ryan and Nick give you the latest news in marketing, including how advertisers can maximize their Digital OOH ads. They also share their thoughts on Thanksgiving plans this weekend as they approach 300 episodes of the show together - it's been an amazing journey so far...

Key notes from this news episode:

  • Small talk:
    • Ryan and Nick’s Thanksgiving plans (0:40)
    • Think Billions episode releases (01:55)
    • Ryan’s team is working on a special guest for Episode 300 and continues bringing great value to you - let’s celebrate! (02:30)
    • They talk about inflation and its drawback - is being more known helps or hurts you in time of inflation and Ryan’s coaching program www.ryanalford.com (03:50)
    • Odell Ceckham Jr. Sues Nike, Alleging it owes him more than $20 Million bit.ly/3V2coPO (06:25) 
    • Steve Jobs’ Owned and Worn Birkenstock Sandals has Auctioned for Over $200,000 bit.ly/3OoHLCk USD (07:43) 
  • Rad News:
    • Last week - Chris Hansen - Co founder and partner for several companies, including Genesis reference labs, Vacay, The Refinery Med Spa, Boss Blood Kennels 
    • Next week - Christopher Lochhead - Retired entrepreneur and three time, Silicon Valley public company CMO. Co-creator for Category Pirates (Category Pirates Newsletter) or Thinking Billions Experience Guest 
  • Sponsors:
    • Branded Bills: Fall essentials and a holiday gift guide
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  • Social Media Holidays:
    • Friday Nov 18: International Men’s Day #InternationalMensDay (11:50)
    • Saturday Nov 19: World Toilet Day #worldtoiletday (12:36)
    • Sunday Nov 20: Universal Children’s Day #UNChildrensDay (13:08)
    • Monday Nov 21: World Hello Day #WorldHelloDay; World Television Day #televisionday (13:33)
  • Social Media News:
    • Amazon Fashion tries on Snapchat’s Shopping Lenses for an AR-fueled experience. This is the first virtual try-on experience and a big opportunity for e-commerce. bit.ly/3EIQjAE (13:58)
    • The Future of Access in Twitter Is in Jeopardy. But Ryan and Nick support Elon through and through. bit.ly/3UM0w4J (16:00)
  • Marketing News:
    • Why Advertisers Should be Leveraging Digital Out-Of-Home Ads. A key benefit of DOOH advertising is that it enables advertisers to reach audiences when they are outside of their home and it’s booming! Ryan would love to try this too for Radcast as this has a lot of potential. bit.ly/3hXAkpe (17:30)