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Will Ahmed - Creator of Fitness Wearable Whoop

September 06, 2022

Will Ahmed - Creator of Fitness Wearable Whoop
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Welcome to a special release of The Radcast! We hope you enjoy this episode with Will Ahmed, creater of Whoop!

Welcome to another episode on The Radcast! In this episode, host Ryan Alford chats with CEO and Founder of Whoop, Will Ahmed.

Whoop's mission is to help everyone learn about their body, so they can perform at their best.  Whoop tracks your sleep, recovery, respiratory rates, and more.

Will discusses what lead him to start Whoop, and the impact Whoop is having in the health, fitness, and sports industries. Will also shares encouragement and tips for those pursuing their own entrepreneur journey.

Ryan and Will have a great conversation from start to finish. They discuss the growth of the Whoop brand, marketing strategies, and what's next for both Will and Whoop.

You can find Will on Instagram @Willahmed | You can find Whoop on Instagram @Whoop | Visit their website at https://www.whoop.com/


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